The Sims Freeplay- House Guide (Part One)

There are lots of premade houses to buy on The Sims Freeplay, in this guide I will rate each house and give my opinion so you can see if it is worth buying!

The price and time it takes to build a house increases with every house you build
In this part I will be covering the following houses, click the links below to head straight to that part of this post:

s= can be built on a standard plot
p= can be built on a premium plot

Standard or Premium?

Once you complete the ocean view estate quest you can build houses on premium plots which are bigger.

  • Standard= 18×18
  • Premium= 36×18

NOTE: Some of the houses may have been slightly modified

When I first started playing this game I got the house below free- I don’t know whether they have changed the house since then, but it’s a really nice sized house with some 2 star items included (this is a one story house but you could add another floor, mine is a 3 story house now)


Floors: One
Car: No

Unfurnished Studio- 1/5

This is the first house you can purchase, it is a lot cheaper than the others and is very basic. It’s fine for when you first start the game and have no money but I have demolished all of mine and built bigger and better homes since. There is no wallpaper or flooring so you are going to have to pay extra for that. (I didn’t think you needed to see a picture of this one as I’m sure this was the first house that everyone built!) (this is a one story house but you could add another floor)

Cost: Simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Empty space

Furnished Townhouse- 1/5


Slightly more expensive, still quite basic but at least it has wallpaper and flooring! Again it’s okay when you first start the game and it’s a nice sized house- apart from the kitchen which is really small! (this is a one story house but you could add another floor)

Cost: Simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Empty space

One Bedroom Home- 3/5

This is a really nice sized house, perfect for 2 people, you could even expand it to add another bedroom at the back of the house. I like that the décor is quite traditional and looks like it would be a house for an older couple. There are mostly 2 star items in this house which means you can accomplish tasks quicker than the previous 2 houses. (this is a one story house but you could add another floor)

Cost: Simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Floors: One
Car: Yes, Red Sedan (1 Star Car)
Premium Residence: Empty space

Mansion- 4/5

This is a 2 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and an office- you also get a car with this house! Most of the items in this house are 3 stars so you can complete tasks really quickly! (this is a one story house)

I have edited this one making the spare room smaller and putting in 2 single beds and a room for the fashion studio.

Cost: Simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Floors: One
Car: Yes, Luxury (3 Star Car)
Premium Residence: Empty space

Empty Lot- 5/5

Make of it what you will- you have a blank canvas to create an amazing house, this plot is cheaper than the other houses because you are going to spend a lot of money making your own house!  I really like empty plots- I buy a lot of them as I like creating my own houses but for this you do have to save up your money!

Cost: Simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Car: No

The Sanctuary- 2.5/5

This house consists of two tiny rooms that aren’t connected, you have a bedroom/living room area and a bathroom. For a house that costs LP I don’t think you get a lot for your money because it is filled with the cheapest 1 star items. It doesn’t even have some essential items! (this is a one story house, it would be difficult to add another floor)

My Edited Sanctuary
My Edited Sanctuary

I edited my sanctuary to make it much better, it had 4 separate rooms: a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room- so now the owner has everything they need. With mostly 2 or 3 star items and a really nice garden it feels more like a home!

Cost: Standard 13LP, Premium 24LP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Lots of trees, work really well for this house

Dark Secret-1/5

This is probably the worst house you can buy, it’s very white, plain, creepy and looks like some sort of prison! It really isn’t worth spending your LP on this! (this is a one story house, you could add a second floor maybe with a different colour scheme)

Cost: Standard 14LP, Premium 26LP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Trees

Skater’s Dream Pad- 4/5

One of my favourite houses, I really like this house- mainly because there is a skateboard ramp in the garden! I think you get what you pay for with this house, it also costs LP but you can tell that by looking at it- there are a lot of expensive items in this house (3 star items) and if you are on the lower levels you get some items that haven’t been unlocked in buy mode yet! (this is a one story house but you could add another floor)

I have edited this house and turned it into a teenage dream skater pad as two of my teenage sims live here. You can see more pictures of my edited house and a house plan on my house designs page

Cost: Standard 28LP, Premium 32LP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Trees

Medieval Castle- 3.5/5

This is a one bedroom castle styled house- I think it works really well. It is an interesting shape and it does look like an castle, apart from lighting, the kitchen and bathroom appliances it is a traditional house, there is no TV but a chess set for entertainment. I think they should have created a fridge and oven that fits the theme. (this is a one story house but stairs could easily be added)

And your sims that live in this house can wear costumes to match!

Cost: Standard 21LP, Premium 25LP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Trees

Designer Home- 3/5

This is a one story house but you could easily add a second floor, I don’t think it’s the most exciting house available in the game, and okay there are plenty of 3 star items in the house but does that really make it designer?
I will definitely be changing the wallpaper and flooring in the kitchen and living room to make it look more what I would consider designer. I really like the entrance way into the house, although I think the front door should come through into the living room, not the kitchen.

Cost: Standard 32LP, Premium 43LP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Seating area and garden decorations

Player Designed House- 4/5

Another really nice house! This is a 2 bedroom house, the girls bedroom is my favourite room in this house because it is so pretty 🙂 It’s definitely worth the money! There is an entertainment room and a study with 3 star computers. The only thing I don’t like is the placing of the bathroom at the front of the house, this means there is no door at the front- you have to go around the side to the kitchen. This is a one story house.

I have turned this into a 2 story house though because I can’t stop changing things I wanted more garden space and a bigger nursery/play area, so I have moved the nursery and girls bedroom upstairs, the living room is now where the girls bedroom was and I made the room which was the living room smaller and turned that into a dining room with a seating area outside. You can see more pictures of my edited house and a house plan on my house designs page

Cost: Standard 44LP, Premium 49LP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Trees


Part Two: Japanese Retreat, Sci Fi Shuttle, Neo Tokyo, Geek Heaven, Sim Cinema, Hallway House, Two Story Mansion, Scandinavian House and Teen Mansion

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201 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- House Guide (Part One)

  1. Thank you for making this! I was nervous to buy the more expensive homes with only the small pictures in the game for reference, so your guide is very helpful!

  2. One thing I observed. The 1 story Mansion costs Simoleons, and comes with a 3 star computer that normally costs 3 LP’s.
    Are there any other LP items you can be acquired through houses like this?

    Is there a way to remove houses so that their build times and costs go down?
    I bought a bunch of unfurnished houses early on to get more sims to complete goals and quests on time, but now houses take a long time to build, and cost a lot more. I might try for an LP house if I could get them at a lower price.

    • Yep most of them (not the first few though) have at least one 3 star item in, obviously LP houses have more 3 star items in them
      The LP house prices don’t reduce but you can demolish an empty house, click on it and it will come up with all the options and find the demolish one!

  3. My daughter and I both have sims free play on our iPads. My buildings are so much more expensive then hers, eg her pet store cost 18,000 to build and took 24 hours, mine is 200,000 and takes 44 hours! Does anyone know why????

  4. I have a question, it’s a teddy in “Player Designed House”? I need to “Play Super Bear with a teddy”. Teddy cost 20 LP, house 38 LP so better buy house 😉 but I don’t know if I find teddy in this house… Can you help me?

  5. Can we still access the beach without having the beach house escape? I have a house by the beach but its just a normal townhouse not the beachhouse escape

  6. Hi Charlotte, I want to build the player designed house on a premium plot but I was wondering if I would get the pool seeing as I haven’t completed the swimming quest.

    • Does the player designed house have a pool in it? I didn’t think it did
      but if you build a house with a pool in it you will get the pool before completing this quest you just won’t have the accessories for it

  7. Hi! Really love your blog and it has helped me a lot. Does it make any difference whether if you build the “pre-made” houses on a standard or premium residence? I really want the Skater’s Dream Pad and I was just wondering if anything will be different. Thanks 🙂

    • Thanks, I’m glad I could help 🙂 the only differences I have noticed is that when you build it on a premium plot the garden will be massive, it doesn’t change the size of the house you will just have an empty space at the back

  8. Well I didn’t know it didn’t come with a pool cuz in one of the comments you said the swing set and pool were already there! That’s why I asked in the first place. Of course I assumed a pool pool not a kiddie pool. Yes you’re being confusing!

    • They were asking a question about the pool and swing that can be seen in the picture so there was no need to say it was the kids pool as they knew that.
      I’m not sure why you are getting annoyed with me, you asked a question i answered it as best I could.

  9. That’s fine. I’m not annoyed. I just felt you were being a bit sarcastic when you asked me if the house came with a pool. How am I supposed to know that when I just started playing?

    • I wasnt being sarcastic, I promise! I was trying to work out if the house had a pool in it, I wasn’t asking you that question, I was asking myself.
      But all the pictures show what each house has in them so no it doesn’t have a swimming pool, it has a paddling pool.

  10. Thanks I already built one and I love it. I should have built the pro skaters pad on a regular lot cuz the premium plot has so much empty space in the back which I don’t find useful.

  11. I unlocked pools but their so expensive. Have to save up a lot. I’m currently building the school so I’m not sure if I should move to my new device now or wait for the building to be completed. Any ideas? I uploaded to the cloud already.

  12. Ok I’m having trouble, I can’t find the pool blocks to make a pool in my shop anywhere and it’s really confusing me because I unlocked them when I hit level 12 and I can’t find them

  13. I am debating whether to purchase the designer home vs. the player designed house… I THINK I want the player designed house more.

    Besides, spacing and cost would it be worth it to purchase these houses on a premium lot? Does anything change at all?

  14. Do you know the difference between standard versus the premium versions of pre-made homes? Are the layouts any different or are they the same only just with an ocean view?

    (I’m trying to decide between a premium neo Tokyo or premium one-story mansion.)

    Your blog is great! Thanks!!!

  15. Hi! I bought an unfurnished house last week and decorated it with wallpapers and floors. I want to change them this time, but I can’t because I don’t know how to remove the current floors and wallpapers? Can you please tell me what to do? Or Is it already permanent once you bought them that you cannot change it anytime you want? And I’m also wondering how make it as a 2 story, can you please tell me? I really apologize for demanding or asking a lot, hehe, sorry. By the way, you’re blog helps me a lot, I always search for your advices whenever I’m having a quest to do. Thank you very much! I’m up for your next article. 🙂

    • You can’t store the floors or walls but they aren’t permanent, just click on the wallpaper you want and click on the room you want it in to change it
      You need to complete the multi story renovations quest to unlock 2 story houses
      Thank you 🙂 glad I could help!

    • Click on the picture in the bottom centre of your screen of the buildings/town and you can see all the houses or from the simtracker if you have other sims living in different houses just click on that sims picture

  16. Is the girls room for player designed home for a toddler or does at least the bed work for a toddler? I really need to know because I’ll have to pay real money for all the lp. And is it worth $5.99?

  17. If not is there another 4 sim family home with a toddler room? [other than beachside escape, it’s too expensive to buy the house and lp!] I know this is a late comment and I don’t want to be annoying by posting so much comments, but I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to know before I buy the lp!

    • I wouldn’t waste money buying LPs if I were you. You could just add a toddler room to any house, or if a house has 2 bedrooms (1 story mansion) turn one of them into a toddlers room as they can sleep in any bed. All of the houses are in these guides so you can make your own decision about what is best for you

      • I’ve decided to buy the lp for the PDH anyways because just 2 toddler beds would be 30 LPs to 50, plus
        the bed is a preteen bed so it would last me to lvl 18. But thank you for your help. ( I’m posting this comment. Mainly to help others with this problem. )

  18. I am having a problem rebuilding my house. I added a pool but I need to move the house forward a little. when I tried to rebuild, I get the red blocks that won’t let me have the same layout. is there a reason why the layout won’t work now? I’m trying to have two bedrooms at the front with a foyer in between the two rooms but I can’t add the foyer now.

  19. Are the houses that can be built on all lot types the same, even though the price is cheaper on a regular lot?

  20. I want to buy the 1 story mansion, but i have a question. Because the house looks pretty big, is there enough garden space? I don’t want to buy a mansion by the beach just to be able to put more things in the garden. :/

  21. Hi there. I plan to get the pro skater’s pad. If my sim goes on the half pipe can he still be a ghost hunter? I’m in the middle of the ghost hunting quest so I can’t test it. Just working out housing issues & hobby issues. 🙂

    Thanks so much. Your blog has been so helpful!

  22. On the picture of the garden on the beachside escape house
    On the far right there is a small fence (not the fence but its surrounding the garden I was wondering if those where availible to buy or if they only came with the house
    Btw great post it was very helpfull

  23. Just a comment.(or 2 lol) On the beachside escape home, regarding that ‘cabin style thing’ at end of garden: when I first saw it on a neighbor visit, I thought it was a pool house. Then I saw there was a bedroom & so figured it was a guest house. What is a odd about it, is that there is no bathroom in it. In fact there is only 1 bathroom for that whole home. 😳 😏
    BTW Besides loving your blogs, I really enjoy & love reading all of people’s questions & comments. (Also checking them to make sure that I don’t ask any of the same) I have learned (& am still learning) stuff from them (& your answers) that I hadn’t even thought about! 😃😁😆

  24. Hello – it may seem obvious, and I read through all of the questions and answers before asking, but the different fences around houses, is that tied to the house or where it’s located? (regular plot vs standard, mysterious island vs..non-mysterious town hehe). And secondly does putting a house on a premium lot automatically give a beach view, or is that only with a beach house?? Thank you so much!!!

  25. Hi, I read on another website that the 1 story mansion comes with a free car, is that true? If so, does it matter if I build it on a regular lot or a premium lot (to get the car)?
    Thanks 🙂

  26. I added a room to my sims house but it has no door and my sim cant go in it.. how to get a door??

  27. I have this problem with a building I’m currently building but the problem is it’s not building it stays it will take 200,000 hours to build I have no patience please help

  28. I’m wondering if u have a Game Center because maybe that will show how much my snow park was building I’m just wondering 😀 LOVE YOUR BLOG BTW!!!

  29. If you buy an empty lot but do not move a sim in, can other sims still visit it? For example, i would like to make an ultimate LP factory with wood working, fashion, and diving available, and a bunkhouse for need fulfillment. Do i need a sim that lives in this house for others to use this facillity?

  30. Hi. There seems to be a problem when resizing the “2 story mansion”. The doormat doesn’t fit the double doors which come with the layout. Any suggestions, besides changing the door too a single one and resizing again?

    • Whenever you use the double door on any house the doormat will only go under one side of the door, there isn’t really you can do to make it go under both sides sorry!

  31. Hi. I was curious about how to get a beach view on my property. I built an empty lot on the island but there was no beach view 😦 Do I have to purchase the beachside escape? Also I was curious if there was difference in the home properties to get a beach view on the island vs. the town. Thanks.

    • The beach view is on the premium plots in the town, it is definitely on the empty plot, go to the end of the garden and you should see the sea and a small strip of sand

      • Thanks for the info. I did some more research and found that the house properties on the island do not come with a beach view! No matter what home/lot you purchase on the island they all have the same fence/background. Doesn’t really seem worth building on the island to me.
        Thanks again for looking into this. I think I will just build in the town for now.

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