The Sims Freeplay- 10..9..8.. (New Year Fireworks) Quest

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! And most of you got your reindeer. Now it’s time to have a great New Year- with Sims Freeplay fireworks! Complete all the goals within the time limit- you only have 2 days!To unlock the fireworks and start your new year off in style!

The goals:

  • Invite friends on the phone- 11 minutes
  • Send email invitations on a computer- 4 minutes
  • Call fireworks r us on a phone- 20 minutes
  • Use a fridge to make tomato punch- 7 hours
  • Deep sleep in a bed- 6 hours
  • Check fireworks shipping on a computer- 45seconds
  • Make a sim try not to panic in a lounge chair- 9 hours
  • Call courier on phone- 1 minute
  • Be nice to a sim- 1 minute
  • Have a sim sift through garbage-8 hours (firstly kick over garbage-2 seconds to get this option)
  • Have a sim sift through another sims garbage- 8 hours
  • Email delivery slip on computer- 13 minutes
  • Spend  S8000 in home store
  • Invite 6 sims over
  • Make 6 sims dance to stereo (completes as soon as they are all dancing)
  • Check voicemail on phone- 4 minutes
  • Send sim to park
  • Send second sim to park (preferable ones you want to kiss each other)
  • Activate fireworks (click turn on on fireworks on pier)
  • Make 2 sims kiss- 2 seconds

And that is all the goals! If you complete within time then your fireworks can be found in the outdoor decorations section!

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The Sims Freeplay- The Missing Xmas Elves Quest

Yay Santa is back in Simtown! And he needs your help, everyday there are a new set of goals to complete to unlock great prizes! You have until Christmas Day to complete all the quests to unlock your very own reindeer! YOU CAN ONLY GET THE REINDEER AFTER COMPLETING ALL THE GOALS!

There are 12 days of goals to complete, you need to complete each day before you can do the next day.

If you finish the day on time, the goals will disappear and you will have to wait for the next day to start the next goals! If you don’t finish the day in time you will be able to go straight on to the goals for the next day once you complete the previous days goals!

Day 1– If you complete all these goals you unlock the xmas wishing well!

  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute
  • Sing Carols with Santa- 4 minutes
  • Get a Toddler to Sit on Santa’s Lap- 2 minutes
  • Talk to Santa about Reindeers- 5 minutes
  • Grow Carrots- 5 minutes
  • Feed Rudolph Carrots in the Park- 8 seconds
  • Examine Footprints in Park- 15 seconds
  • Examine Mysterious Footprints (again)- 15 seconds
  • Talk to Santa about Elves- 6 minutes

And they are all the goals for Day 1! The Xmas wishing well can be found in the garden decoration section of the garden tab.

Day 2- if you complete these goals you unlock windows with lights!

  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute
  • Call a friend- 3 minutes
  • Formulate plan with Santa- 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Do an Xmas dance with Santa- 4 minutes

Day 3– if you complete these goals you unlock a sleigh!

  • Talk to Santa about sleighs- 4 minutes
  • Learn to fly with a computer- 4 minutes
  • Watch a safety demonstration on tv- 8 minutes
  • Read ‘nitwits guide to advanced aerodynamics’ from a bookshelf- 2hrs 25minutes
  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute

You can find the sleigh in outdoor decorations. (don’t place until you get to the goal on day 4 purchase a sleigh)

Day 4– completing these goals unlocks the first expect gift making elf!

  • Last minute sleigh flying advice- 6hrs 15mins
  • Purchase a sleigh (if you haven’t already placed your sleigh from yesterday place that one now for free! If not you have to buy a new sleigh for 25LPs!)
  • Visit Santas workshop (click on the sleigh and click fly to workshop) 1 second
  • Admire the else Christmas tree- 4 seconds
  • Read the note on the Xmas tree -4seconds
  • Fly a sleigh to Plankton Island (fly home from workshop, then click on sleigh again to getit his option) 3hrs 12minutes

That is day 4 complete! Go to santas workshop to find the elf you unlocked!

Day 5– complete today to unlock Xmas dollhouse

  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute
  • Make Xmas presents (go to workshop and click on workbench) -4hours 12minutes
  • Admire the Xmas tree -4 seconds
  • Say “excuse me, hello?” to an elf (click on the elf in the workshop, I found the best place to stand is next to the tree) – 7 minutes
  • Make Xmas presents again- 4 hours 12 minutes

The dollhouse can be found in the toddler section of the home store.

Day 6– complete today’s goals to unlock the second elf!

  • Say excuse me, hello to an elf- 7 minutes
  • Talk about elves with an elf- 2hrs 5minutes
  • Fly a sleigh to Peru-3hrs 12minutes
  • Talk to Santa-1 minute

Day 7- complete today to unlock a nutcracker solider

  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute
  • Make Xmas presents-4 hours 12 minutes
  • Admire the Xmas tree- 4 seconds
  • Sayexcuse me hello to an elf- 7 minutes
  • Make Xmas presents- 4 hours 12 minutes

Day 8-completing this will unlock santas chair!

  • Admire a nutcracker solider- 4 seconds
  • Watch nutcracker solider closely- 8hrs 30 minutes
  • Use nutcracker solideclot communicate-5 minutes
  • Fly to egypt- 7 hours 12 minutes
  • Talk to Santa about elves- 6 minutes
  • Daydreaman a park bench -1 minute 30 seconds
  • Examine footprints in park-15 seconds
  • Ask thinking man statue about elves-3 hours 30 seconds
  • Admire… Whatever is in the park-4 seconds
  • Ask thinking man statue about vacuum-6 minutes
  • Examine the licence plate in the park-4 minutes
  • Talk to Santa about the grouch-6 minutes

Day 9- if you complete today you will unlock Xmas stairs!

  • Talk to Santa-1 minute
  • Ask thinking man statue about elves-3 hours 30 minutes
  • Admire the machine in the park- 4 seconds
  • Look closer at the machine- 7hours 7 minutes
  • Be on hold to the tech support on the phone- 3 hours
  • Ask Santa about vacuum- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Get a sim to sing carols with Santa-4 minutes

The length of time these goals take is getting more and more ridiculous! -.-

Day 10- unlocks the north pole decoration! (you are going to want to start this one early in the morning!)

  • Be nice to the grouch-4 minutes (the grouch is the green creature that is wandering around your houses)
  • Celebrate Xmas on a sleigh- 12 hours 30 minutes
  • Sing carols with a sim- 4 minutes
  • Take a closer look at the machine in the park- 7 hrs 7 minutes

Day 11- complete today to unlock a snow globe!

  • Sing carols using nutcracker solider- 6hrs 30minutes
  • Have a toddler sit on santas lap-2 minutes (if you don’t have a toddler apparently this goal is skipped!)
  • Make presents at workshop-4hrs 30 minutes
  • Sing carols with the grouch-4 minutes
  • Be funny to the grouch- 10 seconds
  • Take acloser look at the vacuum -7 hrs 7 minutes

Day 12- complete the final day to unlock the pet reindeer!

  • Get 4 sims in the park (make sure they aren’t busy, go to the park and click the whistle to bring them there)
  • Get your sims to sing carols-4 minutes
  • Dance with Santa- 4 minutes
  • Listen to santas xmas story-5 hours 22 minutes
  • Sing carols to the Xmas spirit vacuum- 1hour 30 minutes
  • Sing carols to the grouch- 4 minutes
  • Have 4 sims sing carols to the Xmas vacuum (completes straight away once all sims are doing this task)

It clearly says when you finish the goals that the reindeer will arrive on Christmas day!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Who got their free reindeer this morning?! To find it go to the pet store, click on reindeer, click on the arrow to go across to the reindeer because the first one isn’t free! The brown one is free so click to buy then choose a house for it to go in!

I think you need the pet store to get a reindeer and if you didn’t complete the goals I think you can still get reindeers for 75LPs!

As it took soo long to complete these goals, I was hoping that all the reindeers would be free but oh well!

Note: I live in England, due to the time difference I may not be able to reply to your questions the day you ask them!

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Restaurant Story- Beginners Guide

If you have just started playing restaurant story then this is the guide for you, with tips and help for the game you can learn how to make the most amazing restaurant!


Make sure you think of a good name when you first start, otherwise it will cost you 10 gems to change it at a later date. You can create your name by going to main (at the bottom left) messages then profile and click change to change the name.


You will need to create a storm8 ID to play this game, this is how you add neighbours who can send you items you request, tip you and gift you. You have to provide players with your ID to add you, there is no add me button and they can’t add you using your restaurant name!

To create the ID go to main, social then click invite friends and click the sign up button, it is best if it is short and easy to remember as other players will have to type it in to add you.

You can also connect to facebook to add your facebook friends!

And if you play another teamlava game, for example, bakery story you can use the same ID to make it easier!


To be able to add neighbours you need to know their storm8 ID, the easiest way to find this out is from the visitors that write on your wall, they may leave a message saying ‘hey add me….’ or if you view someone’s wall they may have left a message saying ‘thanks for visiting, please add me….’ but you can get players to add you by writing your ID on their walls or your own wall too.

How do I write on my wall?

Go to main, then messages and the first tab is wall, there you can leave a message for other players to see when they visit!

How do I visit a player?

Go to main, then social and you have the choice of community (people who you aren’t friends with yet) and neighbours (players who you are friends with) click visit to visit someone

How do I write on a players wall?

When you visit a player, next to their name at the top is the wall button, click that to post a message!

How do I get to the top of the community list?

You may have noticed the stars next to the players name, the amount of stars is about how sociable you are in the game, when you visit and tip players your star level increases. The more stars you have the more likely you will make it to the top of the list and more people will add you!


You can gift your neighbours once a day, but there is a max on the amount of gifts you can recieve in a day!


You can tip players by clicking on the tables in their restaurant, you can tip 3 tables a day in a community players restaurant and 6 in a neighbours


In this you will find the tabs for: tables, chairs, wall decor, floor decor, wallpaper, tiles, ovens, counters, chests/expansions


There are loads of different tables and chairs to choose from, when you first start the game you should stick to the cheapest so you can get as many places to sit as possible. You need a table and a chair together to make a suitable place for a customer to sit. You may have noticed the heart at the top of your screen, that is about the happiness of the customers- you are trying to achieve 100 but this can decrease if there aren’t enough places to sit or any food avaliable to eat.


These are items that are hung on the wall of your restaurant, they aren’t the most important thing to spend money on when you first start the game but as you increase the items will get better and more expensive.


These are items that stand on the floor, they again aren’t the most important thing to buy during the early stages of the game. Most of the items you get as prizes for completing goals are floor displays so can be found towards the end of the floor decor tab.


Wallpaper comes as individual strips so you can mix and match colours and the wall doesn’t have to be all the same colour!


These again come as individual tiles!


With every level increase in the game you get the chance to add more ovens to your restaurant, with different recipes to create.

How do I create a recipe?

Click on the oven, click on the recipe you want to make- they all have times when the recipe will be done by so pay attention to that and a price it will cost to make the recipe. For most of the ovens you need to prepare the ingredients, to do this you will see a picture of an ingredient in a circle you tap on it twice then another ingredient will appear and you do the same again. Now the recipe will be cooking.

How do I cancel a recipe?

After you have done the steps above if you no longer want the recipe to cook then click on the oven twice and a menu will come up, click start a new recipe to cancel it.

What happens if I leave an item cooking for too long?

It depends how long the item has been cooking, if it is an hour item and you have left it for 3 hours then it will be ruined and you will have to throw it away, you will lose the money it costs to make the recipe and will have to start again, but if an items cooking time is 5 hours and you leave it 9 hours it should be find! But try not to leave it too much longer, it will be ruined after 10 hours.

There are loads of  different ovens that are unlocked as you level up, some require you to build them so you have to collect parts (there is a symbol of a hammer in the corner of these items pictures)

How do I build an oven?

Once you have brought the oven it will appear as a box, click on this and it will open up the menu to show you what items you need, you can either buy for gems or ask neighbours for items- you can only request from a neighbour once a day so if it needs many different things and you have lots of neighbours you can spread out the requests to cover all of the items.

Once you have all the pieces click the build it button and it will turn into the oven!


You need counters to place your food on so that customers can buy it, if you don’t have another counters then a pop up message will tell you that you can’t place the item, you really should have a counter per oven.

If you have 2 or more of the same food on different counters and you need a counter to place something, all of the same item will usually be placed on one counter.


Chests cost gems to buy and contain special items that otherwise wouldn’t be avaliable, they come in many different themes- browse this tab to see them all.

Expansions are how you increase the size of your restaurant, you can buy them with coins or gems and you can find them in this tab or by clicking on the arrows on the floor outside your restaurant. They increase dramatically in price each time so it can take a long time to get a massive place!


Coins are what you use to buy most products and what customers will pay you in.


Gems are what you use to buy premium items, you can get them from levelling up, making a recipe a certain number of times or you can buy them for real money.

Both coins and gems can be purchased for real money, but if you play the game well it is possible to not spend a penny of real money on it!

I think that is most of the game covered, if I think of anything else I will update this post 🙂

If you have any questions- feel free to post them in the comment section below

My storm8 ID is charlyisgr8, please add me

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

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