The Sims Freeplay- House Guide (Part Two)

There are lots of premade houses to buy on The Sims Freeplay, in this guide I will rate each house and give my opinion so you can see if it is worth buying!

The price and time it takes to build a house increases with every house you build
In this part I will be covering the following houses, click the links below to head straight to that part of this post:

s= can be built on a standard plot
p= can be built on a premium plot

Standard or Premium?

Once you complete the ocean view estate quest you can build houses on premium plots which are bigger.

  • Standard= 18×18
  • Premium= 36×18

NOTE: Some of the houses may have been slightly modified

Japanese Retreat- 3/5

This Japanese themed house is 1 story, I don’t really like the layout of this house and the kitchen is very thin and narrow but I like the decor as almost everything matches and the garden feature is unusual.

Cost: Simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Garden decorations

Sci Fi Shuttle- 3.5/5

The Sci-Fi Shuttle is a one story house and if you love the whole futuristic, floating chairs thing you will love this! For a property that costs LP I think it is definitely worth it because most of the items in this house cost LP so it would cost you a lot more if you were to buy them separately. But I would have liked to have seen more from this house, it’s a boring shape and only consists of 3 rooms so if you were to build this you might want to add a few more rooms.

Cost: Standard 35LP, Premium 40LP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Trees

Neo Tokyo- 4/5

This is the perfect 1 story house for manga/anime fans! I love the cute touches in the house such as the counters with eyes and the unusual sofa, it is definitely worth spending simoleons on this house just for some of the cool stuff that is in it! I like the unusual shape to the house but I don’t like where the front door is, I would prefer it to be coming in through the kitchen but that is my opinion.

Cost: Simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Trees

Geek Heaven- 1/5

I was disappointed with this house seeing as it costs LP I was really expecting more, all the beds are the cheap ones and some of the computers are only 1 star! It’s definitely not a heaven! I’m not really sure what the point of this house is, if you want to use a computer you might as well just buy one to put into your own house. I will at least give it one star because there is potential to turn this into a nice little 1 story house.

Cost: Standard 18LP, Premium 28LP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Trees

Sim Cinema- 2/5

This is a small 1 story cinema to get all your sims together at! It is a good size but I don’t think it needs to take up a house spot. You could turn this one into a multi screen/ floored cinema! Or you could always spend less money and just build a mini cinema into one of your houses like my one below instead of spending LP for this building!


Cost: Standard 20LP, Premium 27LP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Trees

Hallway House- 3/5

Despite the name there is only one hallway in this house but saying that, it is a nice house for the update (making rooms smaller than 3×3) with a small bathroom and walk in wardrobes- as I am going to call them. I really like the open plan living room and kitchen too.
Not much effort has gone into the garden on the premium residence though, it’s just garden decorations.
I personally would either extend the house a bit and add a patio and maybe a swimming pool to make use of the space.

Cost: Simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Garden decorations

Two Story Mansion- 4/5

I really like this 2 story mansion, my favourite part is the open living room area that leads out to the pool, it’s a good sized house, perfect for a family. It can only be built on a premium residence so you have space for the pool. This house definitely feels more like a mansion, compared to the 1 story mansion! You also get a Pee Cleaner in this house (it would cost you S777,777 if you were to buy it in the store) not only does it clean up when your sims pee but it also cleans up vomit.

Cost: Simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Floors: Two
Car: No

Note: can only be built once the multi story renovations quest has been completed

Scandinavian House- 3/5

Seeing as this house costs hundreds of SP I was really expecting more from it, I thought it would be at least a 2 story house but it’s only one, however saying that I really do like the whole layout and design of the house. I like the wooden style furniture that is throughout the house but I think they should have created some kitchen counters to match the wood colour from the rest of the house because it doesn’t go but that can be changed to something lighter. I don’t think it is worth the 250SP, I think 50-100SP would be a better price, but I would pay more if it had a second floor.

Cost: Standard 225SP, Premium 250SP
Floors: One
Car: No
Premium Residence: Comes with a long narrow pool with nice paving. A few long chairs and trees.

Teen Mansion- 4.5/5

To build the teen mansion you firstly need to complete the sim sign to level 3 and your first one is free, this house can only be built on a premium residence. To build the sign you need to complete the road to fame quest and if you keep doing the collection you will find the pieces you need for the sign.

I think this house looks great, it is three floors and has a large swimming pool in the back garden and it’s all gated with a fountain at the front! It is even better because the first one is free!

Cost: First is free then it cost simoleons, depends on how many other houses you have built so far
Floors: Three
Car: Yes, Luxury (3 Star Car)

Note: can only be built once the sim sign has been completed

This post shows the Teen Mansion in more detail


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125 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- House Guide (Part Two)

  1. Is there a level requirement for the two story mansion? I think I don’t have it in my app. I’m currently level 11. Please help. Thanks in advance.

  2. I really want to get the two story mansion! but for some reason it doesn’t give me the option, I unlocked the beach side view houses and everything but in the house gallery the two story mansion doesn’t exist? can you help me?

  3. Hi!

    I unlocked multi story quest. But I don’t have the two story mansion. Could it be that I need to wait to be above level 20? Or maybe I need to build a one story mansion first?

    • Have you completed the quest? You need to do that first, if you have then you may need to wait until you level up, you wouldnt need to build a one story mansion first

      • Yeah I should have completed the quest…It’s the one where you get stairs and elevators right? Got those but not the house yet. Am trying to lvl up ASAP so I’ll know if I get the house or if it’s a glitch. Thank you again and loved your review on the houses! 🙂

      • Yep it is, so have you looked on the houses list to see if the houses are avaliable or greyed out to be accessed on a later level? Yeah it could be a glitch. No problem, glad you liked it 🙂

  4. I have upgraded my sim town sign to level 3 and I was doing hard to earn the simoleons to build the three storey mansion that I saw in the building menu. But today when I opened the menu again I saw the original three storey mansion has became two storey mansion. May I know why?

    • Are you looking at the right one? its the teen mansion you are looking for not the two story mansion and when you complete the sim sign to level 3 you will get the first teen mansion free

  5. When can i unlock the two storey mansion and how much does it cost to build one on a regular lot or a premium lot??

  6. Hi! Great reviews of the houses. I have a question maybe you can help me out with. I did the quest line to unlock the beach properties, however I didnt finish in time to get the beachside house so I purchased the house via the store. I can’t seem to find it to place. It’s not in the houses. Any ideas? Thanks for the help.

  7. One thing about the Teen Idol Mansion is that the third floor has two sets of musical instruments, one set consisting of one-star instruments; the second, two-star ones. But I guess that is expected. After all, the Teen Idol Mansion is free.

  8. Hi 🙂 I have a question.. I haven’t finished the multi story quest yet but the two storey mansion is already availabale on my option.. How is that possible?

  9. OMG thanks! I love your blog.. I think the 2 story mansion would be good for the kids, infants, teens, And adults, the pool is amazing. Even the zebra couch it’s so cute!! Aww the teen story mansion. Idk it’s alright. But OMG!! I love it I’m moving into a 2 story mansion.

  10. hi! youre reviews are awesome and really helpful. i just want to ask how i can possibly change the view of the house? i want to view it completely with roof and walls and set it as default.

    • Thank you 🙂
      You can’t view your house like that all the time, the only time you can see the roof view is when you are in house mode on the roof and exterior walls sections, in the game you can only see the half up half down view

  11. Hey! I’m really confused about the two storey mansion :/

    A lot of people have been saying that it’s a really expensive house to buy and I watched a video where they said than it was 5 million simoleons.

    However I just finished the Multi Story Renovations Quest and when I clicked on one of the premium lots, the Two Story Mansion was 229,500 simoleons.

    I’m amazed that it is so cheap?!

    Also thank you for taking the time out to do this amazing blog! It is so helpful!

    • The price of the mansion depends on how many other houses you have, if you have lots of houses it will be expensive, if you have a few houses it will be a lot cheaper, I hope this helps!
      You’re welcome! I’m glad it helps 🙂

  12. I built the one story mansion… and I’m not that happy with it. 😛 I think that it would for sure have been a better choice to wait until I unlocked the second story mansion. .-. Oh, and do you know how much it costs to purchase a second floor? I want to save up, and I know it used to be 1,000,000. Is it still that expensive?

  13. How did you get enough social points to pay for the Scandinavian home?! Is there a quick way to get SPs? Or did you purchase them?

  14. When I bought neo tokyo on premium lot , why does the beachside doesn’t appear in the side of the house ? It appears to be a road .

  15. And another question.. why I didn’t received any free pet (i think its dog) in my starter house?

    • If you are playing on an android device it seems that the tutorial has completely changed and you don’t start off with a dog, but on an apple device you should as the tutorial appears to be mostly the same as it was.

  16. Hey do you by chance find the wall paper and floor for Sci-fi shuttle? I’m trying the expand some room for this house but can’t find the same decoration for my expanded rooms! This is driving me crazy now! Thanks.

  17. This was so helpful! Thanks! 🙂 I just have a couple questions. Would you prefer the teen idol mansion or the two story mansion? Both look amazing. And also, how much is the two story mansion and what level do you unlock it? 🙂

    • You’re welcome! Definitely teen mansion! (the first one is free then they cost simoleons after that) but it takes a long time to unlock it without using lots of LPs
      The two story mansion costs simoleons too, the amount varies depending on how many houses you already have and it unlocks once you complete the multi story renovations quest

  18. Which houses come with a free pool when you build them on a premium lot, and which ones don’t? I’m trying to decide which styles I want to use for my last three island plots, and I don’t want to miss out on an amazing, FREE POOL! Lol

    • two story mansion definitely does and so does the teen mansion and haunted house (I can’t remember if any others do!) most of the ones you can also build on a standard just have an empty space in the garden

  19. What about the Latin Villa? Does it come with a free pool when you build it on a premium lot? For an extra 50 SPs, it certainly should! I’m guessing the Scandinavian doesn’t, since the difference is only 25 SPs. Those were the two I was most specifically curious about.

  20. Hi! I can’t find the two story mansion in my list, I’m level 28 and on the all going swimmingly quest. Is it because I need to do the multistory renovations quest? Thanks, and btw love your posts!

  21. I definitely recommend building the Latin Villa on a premium lot! I really like mine. The back garden room and decorations are really nice. I now have my first houseboat going over on the island that I’ll be using as a vacation spot. I do have a question…why are there so many house plots when I’ve read that EA limits the amount of sims in your town and that level ups go away at 54? Maybe that’s old, but what I’ve seen on other sites.

  22. Hi! I think you mentioned in this post before that selling everything in the teen mansion gives you more money than what you pay to get it, but I don’t see that comment anymore. Does that seem familiar? Is that still true?

  23. Hi I have a question about the neo Tokyo house, I recently brought it, then I got the latest update (I think it’s the royal update) and now my neo Tokyo house isn’t there and even my two sims that were married and moved in with one another are no longer together now and I’m doing that quest now! And I was up to the baby quest but now that has disappeared aswell?! Please help!!

  24. Did there used to be a house that was like for roommates thats no longer available? I think it was three bedroom? Did that ever actually exist or am I remembering wrong?

  25. Hi, I checked all the house templates, and I have a question: didn’t there used to be a really dark, dismal, vampire kinda house? Because one of my neighbors has made all her houses 2/3 stories, and most of them start from a house template. There is a dark, gothic style house that would be prefect for a ‘vampire’ family. The bathrooms consists of the bloodtubs, the black sink, and Dracula’s shower and the counter tops are the gothic ones. However, you haven’t mentioned this house in any of the templates, and I really want to build it later on so that I can have some vampires living on the island 😄
    Was the house some time limited prize?

  26. The Latin Villa is no longer available on a standard lot after the DIY update, only on premium, but the preview feature is pretty cool!

    Btw, the Social Point Plant is an awesome addition to the game. For 5 LPs, you get at least 5 SPs, or as many as 400. I planted it 9 times (45 LPs), and got more than 80 SPs. That makes all the difference for me – I’ll probably build the Scandinavian eventually, now, and maybe even the three story unfurnished! 🙂

  27. Hi,
    I built the Latin Villa on an ocean view lot. I cannot get the sims I moved in there or any other visiting sim to compete tasks there though. The just shake their heads. They can swim only. Cannot use furniture or move about in the house. Not sure what to do. Took me forever to save up the 175 so to build it and it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  28. Do you plan on reviewing the hallway house? It’s a little over twice as expensive than the other houses on the standard lots and about four times as expensive as the houses on the premium lots, however there are 2 and 3 star items (some that would normally cost SPs) already in the house.

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