The Sims Freeplay- In App Purchases

This is a post showing you the items you can buy using real money in sims freeplay- obviously you shouldn’t buy anything without the bill payers permission! I have not brought most of these packs so I don’t know exactly what they are all like but these are pictures I found online to explain them as someone requested this post. If you have any information about any of these packs then please comment!

To access the menu click on the purple shopping cart- more information on how to access the online store can be found here.

Once opened you will see three tabs:

Simoleons and LPs– the amount of simoleons you get in each pack varies depending on what level you are on (these pictures are from my level 39 game)

Social– where you can buy social points

And specials– other items you can add to your game which we will be focusing on in this post

UPDATE: you can no longer buy prizes that you would have unlocked by completing quests in time from the online store, the only way to get those prizes is by completing the quest in time.


Automatic Pool Cleaner

The first one you buy is free, then after that they cost S600 (you can find it in the pool items section after purchasing) I love the pool cleaner, I am a bit lazy and really don’t like cleaning the pools manually so with this you just put them in the pool and you will have sparkling clean pools! This is the only thing I have purchased so far in the game but I definitely recommend it if you want to buy something.

Adidas Originals Males/Females ADIDASSIMS You can purchase these new clothes in the store, you have to buy the female pack and the male pack separately which is quite annoying!

Dolphin Pool Pack dolphinSIMS

(sorry I couldn’t find any other pictures of this pack!)

Once brought the dolphin slide and inflatable dolphin toy can be found in the pool items tab and you also unlock 3 different dolphin towels.


The swimsuit bundle contains swimming costumes for preteen girls, teen females and adults, I think its quite disappointing that there is nothing for toddlers, preteen boys and teen males! You can find these in the costume and swim store.

Premium Home Pack- NO LONGER AVAILABLE premiumpackSIMS

(sorry I couldn’t find any other pictures of this pack!) From the look of the picture there are no LP items in this pack so I’m not sure why you would spend real money buying this. The pack comes with everything you see here and a 5LP bonus.

Tropical Fish Bundle (Big fish tank)

Golden Aquarium (small fish tank)FISHTANKSSIMSThese packs come with an infinite number of the large and small tanks (these are free once you have brought them!) they are a nice thing to have because they are different, when they first came out I got the small one for free and really like them!

The large tank includes two Large Aquariums, one with Discus and the other with Angel Fish
Also adults can interact with the fish.

There are three options:
Feed fish- 8 seconds 16 XP
Watch Fish- 4 minutes 12 XP
Be Hypnotized By Fish- 4 hours 189 XP

The two tanks are sold separately!

Currency Bundle

This comes with a piggy banks of simoleons and a box of lifestyle points- the amount of simoleons you get again depends on what level you are on so on level 39 I would get:

2,440,000 simoleons and 100LPs

It is usually better value buying the currency bundle than the items separately.


An adult sim can adopt via a phone

You can adopt a toddler, preteen or teen for real money, I would select this option from the house you want them to live, with the sim you want them to live with.


You can create the sim by changing the first name, gender and all other features and choosing clothes like you do in the create a sim. Their last name will be the same as the family who has adopted them.


Each time you buy something with real money you earn VIP Points to unlock VIP Perks, these are explained in this post

If anyone wants to share their opinion about any of these packs then comment below and I will try and include it into this post!

Thanks for reading!


126 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- In App Purchases

  1. I am in level 13 and in the need for steed on its last thing. I am planning that after I finish a quest for toddlers I adopt a toddler since I never even had 10 LPs for a birthday cake. Is it worth it? Please not that since its 2.99£ in your country it would be 34.99 EGP.

  2. Do you know if adopted children count within your sim count option or if they are then ‘extra’ (seeing as they are bought? – Thank you x

    • Hi. I can’t purchase any simoleons or LP. It takes my money but I don’t get any of what I purchased. I get the receipt. I’ve contacted Apple and they said to take it to EA. Please help. By the way thank you so much for everything you’ve done. I use this so much when I need questions answered. You do amazing work.

      • You may need to restore purchases in the settings, to do this click on the settings button (the 3 dots) and then click on the i button, this will take you to the info tab and from here you can click restore purchases which should add any packs you have brought to the game if they aren’t already there.
        You’re welcome and thank you!

  3. Thank you for your help your post are more helpful then the game post but I think its ridiculous to pay real money to adopt a toddler,I can understand paying to get ahead in the game or the really nice items like the good clothing not a kid .also I think the upgrading the work places should give you a minute off time for every upgrade not 20 seconds

  4. If there is a bundle that was in the store to purchase with real money and its no longer showing in the store-that means there is NO WAY to purchase the bundle anymore? Right?

  5. Hello, i really meed to ask, like if i buy the currency bundle will both of the things have the extra from the vip level? Or will they just be…

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