The Sims Freeplay- What Do You Want To See In Future Updates?

I was wondering what would you like to see included in future updates?

For example, longer hairstyles, more workplaces etc

All suggestions so far can be found on this post

The Sims Freeplay team are really good at listening to suggestions and as you can see from that post they have added a lot of what you have asked for already!

Please click on the link above if you have a suggestion and add the comment to that post


Thanks for reading!


99 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- What Do You Want To See In Future Updates?

  1. There are jobs I really want my sims to take but they don´t fit my schedule 😥
    More ways to earn money because just planting and baking seem… unrealistic. I mean in real life we usually do part-time jobs such as working at the library, restaurant, babysitting… or writing novel, newspaper,…
    Maybe magic, alien or supernatural? ♡.♡
    And of course, please stop the automatic aging! @.@
    That´s all for now~

  2. There are jobs I really want my sims to take but they don’t fit my schedule 😥
    More ways to earn money because just planting and cooking seem… unrealistic. I mean in real life, we usually do part-time jobs such as working at a library/restaurant/salon… or babysitting, writing novel…
    Maybe magic, alien, or supernatural?
    And of course, stop the automatic aging, please!!! @.@
    That’s all for now~ 😀

    • teens should have tattoos and teens and preteens should get different face options for example, maybe just lipstick and Chinese faces for everyone not just adult men

  3. Would like to see:
    tasks within the careers, more things for teens and preteens to do .
    More pets and more breeds of existing ( how about equestrian ?)
    Let more than one sim play instruments.
    I have several that have life dream catch fish at the park .. Only one can do at a time tho !!!
    Add # of sims you can have !!!
    Increase fashion choices , hairstyles,
    HATE the Orbs and HATE the Grim Reaper following my guy around

  4. More levels, more decorating items, ability for Sims to talk with others while sitting down, eating with forks, higher Sim limit, more building lots, more activities to generate lp, no dead zone buildings like schools work etc. all buildings can be visited. A store that works. Icons on town map for player generated public spaces. Items so players can create museums. Horseback riding surfing real swimming. Thanks for this chance to list ideas!

  5. I want to be able to queue actions. By that I mean some things have to be done at certain times. Mainly sims job start times. That conflict with real life schedules. I want to be able to tell it to send my sim to work at that time when I am able to play the night before or what not. But this can also be a do this now and then this after. Like how the PC game we could queue 5 or 6 tasks. That would be beneficial for short tasks such as needs maintenance.

    I think after I reach the point where sims can die I may change my view on this next point. However currently I feel like the game is designed to put the player in a sit and wait mode all the time. By this I mean do some short stuff for 5 minutes give or take then this big long wait for 24hr give or take. And with all those other sims left there is basically just farming to do. Which makes me feel like there is no more to the game than that. Seeing as this is a quest/goal oriented game perhaps the solution to this area is more simultaneous quests/goals (without more simultaneous time limits).

    Currently we have the main quest line, the regular tasks line (aka weekly mystery box), an the social tasks line. Here are some possible examples of new quest/goal lines. Hobby tasks, this should be like social tasks line no time limit to finish a variety of tasks associated with hobbies and mixed up such that it doesn’t feel too repetitive. Also during the tutorial stage of the game there are some aspects of the game that go untouched after it is over. I can’t quite put my finger on what is missing other than inter-sim relationship building.

    I’m at level 15 and just started multi-story renovations quest. If that has any bearing on why I am feeling this lack. But as it stands right now I feel like I’m in a farming cycle or get to next long task and put all my sims to work farming until that long task is done. So that I’m only popping in game for 1 minute give or take to set sims on 2-9 hours at a time farming until long task is complete. Rinse an repeat.

  6. I would like the ability for more than one sim to visit another’s world especially while trying to do quests/tasks at the same time.
    I would love a horse riding studio for the pre teens to work and take part in as a hobby as after school is 100% you start looking for other things for them to do, it would be great for them to earn money elsewhere.
    Timings to be more realistic, not take so long to do things forcing you to use LP’s.
    Have a restaurant as we have a nightclub but no other social establishments.
    The building times and prices go up far too steeply between levels, change this as I feel it would keep people more interested in the game.
    A nursery for toddlers to go to like school they earn the town money, for the pre teens/teenagers to be able to babysit the babies for money allowing the adult sims to go to work.
    Teenagers given the ability to have a job.
    Tasks more realistic in timings as sometimes it feels like you are waiting too long or stopping and starting too often which doesn’t fit the sim real life mix.
    More job roles, even if we were to add a new business to the island?? Restaurant /cafe maybe??
    Driving instructor quest?
    Take the limit off when going to one place as I can only get 10 sims in one place.
    Letting the toddlers play together with toys, at the sandpit in the community centre.
    Sim limits should be per level as you get higher up the game.
    Pets should be less money and more variety, also should be more active, could also have a life bar do you can see what they need.
    Making your house a 2/3 storey should not be so expensive, building pools also should not be so expensive.
    Specials, half price sales on simoleon/LP packs.
    Houses or items as goals to work towards when doing quests/tasks certain way through.
    The supermarket should be given the ability to give you the items straight away, instead of waiting for instance 1 day for a birthday cake, this would help with tasks and growing up.
    A sim zoo, where you can work and pay to visit!! That could be a whole task in itself to put on the island!
    The ability for sims to go on holiday to another sims world and for the other person to be able to interact with you, maybe even some sort of message centre for everyone who plays sims?? Where people can list hints and tips or quest lists??
    Think that’s all I can think of but it covers a lot of areas that everyone else has written about.

    • i liked some of your ideas too… things i forgot to mention like ability to have more than one sim visit other neighborhoods. another issue i have is a few of my people have to fish in the park but only one can do it at a time… no way can several adults make this quest in time to fill life dreams ..

      like the being able to leave a message if you were in another neighborhood…
      i have actually texted friends at 2 am to ask where in their town i could find certain items i needed to complete tasks.
      the GIVEN neighborhood ought to be set up with most if not all things in case a person playing didnt know others or didnt want to connect with strangers.

  7. More clothes for all ages, better hair styles like long hair and Katniss hair. Longer aging time. A horse stable would b cool and also a zoo. Faster way to complete the life orbs cause it takes forever. More things for preteens and teenagers to do.
    That’s all I can think about for now.

  8. I want to be able to decide myself when my sims should age/die.
    More hairstyles, clothes and furnitures.
    Be able to have more than 4 sims living in one house.

  9. Teenagers and pree teens should be able to babysit, teenagers should be able to have jobs maybe at the grocery store, more outfits because it seems like everytime I get more outfits from completing a quest in the time limit or something it’s just outfits that they deleted from the game in the past, I think they should either get rid of social points or make them easier to earn because at this rate I’m never gonna get the 3 story mansion, I like the whole automatic aging thing, maybe make sims be able to be like attracted to other people like when they see someone they like they have a heart bubble over their head or something like that, and you should be able to make sims different sizes like thin, or big, or average. Oh and we also need all of the different personalities back not just the two.

  10. More customization options for everything (clothes, hair, furniture, etc).
    A wider variety of faces! All the men look alike except the one with the goatee, and while there are a couple facial structures for women, they get overwritten if you buy makeup. So all my sims look like the same person with different makeup on.
    Option to stop a sim’s aging indefinitely for a reasonable # of LPs (5 or 10? Even 20 would be ok, just not an orb that requires killing off several sims to get.)
    The survey they did mentioned a Harry Potter-like area with magical careers and hobbies. I’m all for that!
    More special content unlocked through hobbies (a way to add that extra customization). I do like getting LPs, obviously, but maybe if it alternated every collection, one earns LPs then the next gets a new set of furniture or clothes.
    More things for preteens to do. Toys for them to play with, etc. Why does the spaceship just sit there, why can’t my preteen play with it? Why can’t they play with some of the toddler toys the way they can use the swimming pool?
    Make the later-unlocked veggies and baked goods make sense. It’s been a while since I unlocked anything that’s actually a better deal than the ones I already had.

  11. Longer hair styles, easier ways to earn money and specially LP!!, and jobs more on schedule

  12. -queue actions, not one at a time
    -either let my Sims live longer or give me higher percentage in the life goals because the current percentages earned per dream are ridiculous
    -Have life dreams achieved by doing a variety of things. For example, all sporty actions should advance a sporty Sims orb, not just one particular action.
    -Stop with the bombardment of pop ups when you open the game. List everyone who needs to work or just got home together, and I know there’s always a bingo game and competition going on- quit telling me these things.
    -More things for toddlers to do.
    -Stopthe preteen skipping!! I don’t know any preteens who skip everywhere and it’s driving me insane.

    • Omg I so agree with everything you said, especially the skipping when I first seen that I thought something was wrong then I laughed with my friends about it cause it’s so dumb that they walk like that

  13. Definitely needs more clothes… for example to toddlers you can only choose from outfits and I want to be able to choose my own top and trousers etc But basically more clothes in general for the adults, babies, toddlers, preteens 🙂

  14. Other than the annoying autoage feature (should be destroyed), I think that adding in people with disabilities would make it a tad more realistic without having to kill off all of the Sims.

  15. I want the ability to select which types of flooring go in certain squares in a room. For example: wood flooring but a rug in the middle of the room created with any carpet type you want. And the ability to put patio flooring on the outside.

    Also, I want the bathtub ends to go up against the stinkin’ wall.

  16. I would as you said like to see some longer hairstyles and I think it would be cool if they could add a library and a gym

  17. I think that they should make it so you can have more sims on one lot and more than just 4 sims per household

  18. I would enjoy if there is – like others wrote – more for kids.
    Eg a kindergarten, more actions (i love the idea of playing in the community centre or splashing in the pool at the swimming centre)
    Moreover, i lost interest in the game because of playing it online. My internet has proxy and so i can’t play it all the time. The effect: i do only the weekly quest at the weekend and all other quest not, i do not want to lose the prices but in 3 days i cant complete the whole other quest.
    In addition, the killing mode is horrible – i have to create so often the same persons again. Its annoying.

    Finally, i would like to say, sims freeplay is good, i like the updates, but the truth is: Killing mode and the expensive (time, Money and LPs) things are really annoying. Please EA, if you want more players, change this. After these changes, you can add some more action for the sims – like others wrote, my sims do only gardening and try to get money. They look the same, they do the same – where is the fun of playing sims?

    Putting all into a nutshell, Sims was good but more and more it gets boring. If it would not change anything, i am not going to play it till the end – the only reason to play is for me to discuss with my friends about it… But since the new updates we have all the same opinion…

    Thanks to create this cool blog, enjoy your day,

  19. One thing that I think is annoying is the fact that you pay LPs to buy a wedding ring, then u have to pay 3 LPs to have a baby, then u have to pay 5 LPs and wait a full 24 hours every time u want your sim to have a birthday. I would like EA to change all this so it’s not so pricey

    • Well future in the game when you complete the life dreams update you no longer need to age using birthday cake, they will age automatically and babies are free but still take a day to arrive, the only thing that will cost you LPs then is getting married 🙂

  20. I think in the SimTracker, you should be able to move the Sims around to group families and households together.

  21. in my opinion I think that the sims freeplay should have a zoo instead of going to the park or swim center, sims should at least see some amazing extraordinary animals and become a zoo tourist or a zookeeper! and find out what its like out in the real world being as an animal. I also would like to say that every place that is built in your sims town should be allowed to go inside and see what it looks like. so that’s what I think what the sims freeplay should add to a new update.

  22. I’d like the autoage feature to either slow down by A LOT or have the option of turning it off. I don’t mind paying LP’s for my Sim folk to revert back to the start of their current age group, but please, it gets expensive when you have to do it for a dozen Sims regularly (I’d like to keep my baby and toddler at those stages for a while, thank you very much!). And I don’t want my Sims dying! Can’t they have life dreams and have time to enjoy them before having to be picked up by the Grim Reaper? As it stands, they fulfill (or, attempt to fulfill) their life dream and then when they finally achieve it, they have to die already unless I paid LPs to keep them in that stage. Now I’m afraid to even leave my game for longer than a day coz I’m scared that someone’s aged on or died while I wasn’t looking. It’s getting ridiculous.

    On lighter matters, more hairstyles for everyone, please. Clothes as well. I’d like more job options (doctor, sheriff, businessman tycoon, designer (instead of designing as a hobby). Also, for Sims to be able to have more than one hobby – at least two.

  23. I agree with different and more hairstyles,facial features, skin tones and also body types.
    A hospital or medical clinic,( since our Sims are always sneezing anyway) and that could mean doing away with the death thing, just having them come down with illness. Also careers for doctors and nurses.
    More dog/cat breeds.

  24. Sims freeplay now has longer hairstyles! Yay, but I have to buy a building first and it’s too expensive.
    Also, their should be ways to buy ur way into finishing a quest. Sometimes the quest can be too long/hard.

  25. Long hairstyles for toddlers, preteens, teenagers and seniors instead of only adults, more ways to unlock long hair then that difficult quest, more stages of life (baby, toddler, preschooler, child, preteen, teen, young adult, adult, senior, elder.), more clothing and hair options, the ability to actually design your own clothing, hair, and furniture, decks and porches, more ways to get Simoleons, LP and SP, more facial and body options, bunk beds, toys for preteens, more furniture, grocery stores and department stores where you can go shopping (also with the ability to bring your kids and have them ride in the cart and beg for toys and/or food items), being able to have up to 8 kids, being able to teach children and toddlers to swim with an adult or teen, more kitchen cabinetry, having indoor pets and taking dogs for walks, giving pets baths, a lot more emotions, bay windows, having a farm with farm animals more land and the ability to sell crops to other sims, a hosptital and the ability for your sims to become sick, indoor pools, dormers, a hotel where your sims can stay, being able to have someone babysit your baby/toddler/preteen, rugs, Changing into pjs, and sleeping under blankets. Thanks for reading 🙂

  26. First of all, I just wrote all this and lost it because Safari ate it. So I hope I can remember everything..

    YES. I have a few *what I think are* reasonable suggestions.

    1. Why do all of our rooms have to be square or rectangular? All rooms have to have four sides. Why? Why can’t we make L-shaped rooms or rooms with curved walls?

    2. Why can’t we have porches, decks or balconies on our houses? Some may come pre-built with them but why can’t we add them to our own custom architecture?

    3. Why can’t a door or window be flush with wall? Why can’t two windows be flush with one another? I’ve had to rethink a few designs because of that.

    4. Ok this is awkward but why are Asians so hard to make? There is ONE male face that is sort of Asian but it comes with a full on goatee that you can’t get rid of. My whole sim universe is modeled after myself, friends and family, many of whom are Asian. Not one in real life has a goatee btw. Why can’t I make asians?

    5. What is the deal with roommate relationships? I get that when two lovers move in together, the one moving in takes on the name of the one they move in with. Fine. But best friends can also move in together. I moved two of my sims in together who were best friends – to make them roommates. And suddenly the sim moving in takes on her roommate’s last name. Awkward.

    6. WHY do we have to kill off our sims? Seriously. like I said before, I model my sims after loved ones. I would like to make, for example, my parents older than me without them dying in two weeks. If they have to die, why not given them a human year or so? They’re not fruit flies!

    7. Another thing about houses I just thought of.. Why does a room have to be at least three squares wide? A lot of my houses have hallways and in order to accommodate them (and the weird “doors can’t be flush with the wall” thing) what started out as small home designs have become freaking HUGE.

    This is it for now but I have a million ideas while I’m playing so I’ll add them as they come to me.

    • Oh yeah.. I have another suggestion.. well not a suggestion as much as a question.

      Why don’t my sims eat at the table or in a chair like regular human beings? Sometimes, at random, I’ll find a sim eating at a table with a knife and fork but more often than not, they’ll just eat anywhere they feel like it. Outside. In their bedroom. I found on eating by the toilet once. They’re like monkeys. What’s wrong with them?

      I’ve seen other players sharing pictures of their sims all sitting around the table eating as a family. Mine act like they were raised in a barn. If they’d even just sit on the couch and eat, I’d be fine with that. Seeing my dignified best friend scarfing down BBQ on the toilet like a drunken frat boy is disturbing.

      • OMG I love your posts! You made me laugh out loud at work (which is NOT easy to do) and it cheered me up.

        I am loving everything you wrote.
        ESPECIALLY the aging / dying quest, which I refuse to do because my sims are people I know and family members.
        There is NO WAY I will ever do that quest.

        I wish the creators of this game had thought about that stuff and let us opt out of that quest.

        I also love your comment about the Asian faces, and it makes me wonder why they don’t give us the chance to “design” our buildings. The game is so beautifully illustrated in so many ways (ie the snow park, the Christmas tree, the detailed horses, plants and furniture, the sims diving, etc.) and it’s hard for me to understand why we have such a simple grid for building houses!

        Anyway, thanks for making me laugh and hope you write again soon.

  27. Be able to visit neighbours with more than 1 Sim, as someone commented above. And definitely loose the Grim Reaper. Seems to be upsetting a lot of folk including me. I will probably get to the quest that triggers dying and stay at that level without progressing the game further. Also, once you build a property, it would be good if you could buy an adjacent empty lot and extend onto that if you wished to, so the two lots were linked as one. Being able to take your dog for a run in the park ….. I know that’s similar to the new up-date, but that involves that dreaded life legacies death quest.

  28. I want rooms to be able to connect in different shapes like the pools. Then every room could have like a closet space.

  29. I would like to see things incorporated into the life dreams or hobbies options that would utilize things we have built like the restaurant, nightclub, car dealership, the rides at carnival…. Once built they sit pretty idle since every sim is busy trying to do other things.
    More options for types of dogs might be nice too… a small dog…
    more clothing and hair options for seniors
    more decorative items for houses

  30. would like to see an option to get LPs or $$ OR an item that relates to a hobbie after a level is achieved. I might be more interested in doing a hobby to get an item rather than LPs or $$

  31. This might seem weird, but un censored woohoo. Also be able to have more than 4 sims in a family, no limit for people in buildings. Prices for buildings not to go up every time you buy one. Easier to get LP. Cooking not to cost money (or at least get money reward). Toddlers to have more hobbies. Babies to be able to do more things (get picked up, go in carriages,etc.). Bunnies to be able to do more things. Pets in general to be able to do more things.

    Guess that’s it for now

  32. I think they should bring back the construction task thing they had a few years ago when multi level housing was first introduced, it was so easy to make floors and buy stairs, elevators, fire polls etc. with the “construction currency” or whatever it was, now the pricing for these items are unbelievably expensive … 450,000 – 750,000 for fire polls?! You can make a whole new floor for less (even 300,000 is quite a lot) if they do bring it back I’d love if they added a basement update! I want to model so many houses after real relatives homes or just have fun designing them and I think basements would be really fun!
    I also agree with many other people’s ideas of different faces and hair for preteens, toddlers and adults and seniors too! I don’t know anyone who actually uses the creepy goth faces or silver foil hats? It’s abit ridiculous. Also, the ability to make rooms like pools (not just square or rectangles) and making them smaller than 3×3. The windows and doors is also another issue, not allowing them straight against a wall or beside each other has ruined many home designs I’ve had in mind!
    I don’t think anyone’s said this yet but id love to be able to change the fencing, mailboxes and the stone paths to the home other than the ones they come with. Also would’ve been nice to know that the lots that come with the skatepark and one of the fountains are not able to go into inventory or even moved a few blocks… That’s all I can think of, for now 🙂

  33. 1. I would like some sense of privacy and ownership of houses. At the moment you can do anything in any house, you can sleep in the same bed as anyone, you can shower while anyone else is in the bathroom.
    2. I would like to go inside places of work, do things at work, take coffee breaks, build relationships with colleagues.

    Thanks for posts. Really useful and clearly explained.

  34. for the next update, i wanna see the sim tracker organized very well, like theyre grouped according to their family name because, (for me) its a little bit confusing finding a particular sim ( i have 29 btw, xD), a university maybe? conversion from lp to simoleon and vice versa. AN INDOOR POOL!! a basement and allow users to place objects behind a wall decor. Thats all TY! BTW, this site is a very great hangout place for sim players. LOVEE IT!!. kudos!!

  35. We should be able to start entire family’s,each with a life dream. And more life dreams and maybe we could earn dream pts or something and but attributes like in the Sims 4
    Ea look at this!!!

  36. This is always been something I’ve wished for the sims,,,, that is some sort of free will with other Sims especially married Sims. Currently they act as if they don’t even recognize their own spouse, child or even with best friends. It would be cool if they would sit together…..cuz even after the romantic interactions they both go separately ways. That’s not how married couples should be.

    Also the kids playing with each other. And more things for teens to do.

    And of course more facial features, and ethnicities.

  37. Hi! I really loved the Latin villa. Unfortunately, I couldn’t unlock it 😦 I wish they make it available for us permanently. Also I wish it costs simoleons instead of SP!

  38. An easier and faster way to earn LP and SP! More facial features! And a nicer way to propose to marriage. I think there should be a marriage ceremony under a gazebo in the park maybe. There should be white gowns and tuxedos available.

  39. Ok, well I agree with many things said above, like more hairstyles and clothing, doorways and windows being able to be put next to the wall, rooms smaller than 3×3, different races, QUEUES FOR ACTIONS, etc.

    But no one has really touched apon the fact that the relationships are incredibly unrealistic. I want my sims to have positive and negative emotions after performing friendly, romantic or angry actions, or to be uncomfortable while hungry or filthy, or bored or energetic or tired after doing something that disinterests them, or not having slept, and above all, for interactions to go wrong. Currently, if two nemesis sims do a romantic interaction twice, regardless of their previous relationship, they become lovebirds. This irritates me beyond belief. I want two sims who hate each other and then start flirting to get angry, or embarrassed, not just forget hating each other. I want a sim who is confused, or sad, or angry after their husband or wife woohoos with another sim. Not just stand there and watch. I want sims to interrupt social interactions between two other sims if those actions conflict with their relationship with one of the sims.This would make the sims so much more immersive, and would truly bring the game to life in my eyes. I also would like to see personality traits, like clumsy or creative or posh, or any of the other personality traits other games like the Sims 4 let you chose. That’s all I can think of right now. Thanks!

  40. I want it so a sims try for a baby and get pregnant and have babies at a hospital also more family members in one house like 10.

  41. No automatic aging
    Dogs and cats that do not cost lp
    Birds that do not cost lp
    More interactions with dogs for example take dogs for walks,train dogs to do tricks
    Should be able to buy dog collars,dog beds,dog harnesses,dog treats,cat treats,dog sized chairs and sofas for dogs
    Cats should be able to jump up on sofas,chairs,counters and tables
    Dogs should be able to jump up on sofas,beds and living room chairs
    Dogs and cats should be able to swim
    More clothes
    More hairstyles
    Sometimes free simoleon and lp packs
    Stairs and pools and buildings be cheaper
    Cheaper sectionals
    Movie theater
    Stores that sims can actually go into
    Around Easter time each year there should be Easter dresses and low heel sandals for girls(baby’s,toddlers,pre teens,teens,adults and seniors)
    Around Easter time each year there should also be high heel sandals for girls(teens,adults and seniors)
    Around Easter Time there should also be dress shoes and dress shirts and dress pants for boys(baby’s,toddlers,pre teens,teens,adults and seniors)
    There should be clothes for dogs
    There should be Easter baskets around Easter time
    There should be Easter egg hunts around Easter time

  42. I would love a zoo with zoo animals, water animals,reptiles( optional ) adults are zoo keepers and vets , animals get sick so the vet can cure them but easy to cure all other ages can visit the zoo animals please I really would love a zoo in the game also i love dogs so you should be able to walk them and teach them tricks

  43. This game is awesome, but the sim limit should definitely be raised… Currently, it’s only at 34 sims maximum, and i really want more. Normally there’s hundreds of people in a town, probably more, and we only have 34? This doesn’t make sense because we also have an island too. Another thing I would want to change is the amount of people allowed in the same house. I know 10 sims is a lot, but I would like it raised to a number higher like 15. I really want these limits to be raised. Thank you

    • The reason for these limits are because the game can crash if it is overloaded with too much data, the creators want this game to be playable for the majority of people so this increase would cause most players to not have a great game experience so I’m not sure they will change this any time soon

  44. First thanks for the blog! Its really helping me to finish all quest. I want to ask, Im on tropical romance island quest. It’s better to unlock the place once I had enough fruit or keep all fruit & constuction coin until all progress finished, and I built them in the end? I’m so sorry if my English is not good enough, I hope you understand what I’m asking about. Waiting for your reply!

    • I personally have saved up all the fruit and coins I needed once I unlocked them all and have just started building the places now I know that I have enough of everything to build them all, it doesn’t matter how you decide to do it but I would pick the places you really want to build first incase you run out of fruit and coins or time to build the others

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