The Sims Freeplay- What Do You Want To See In Future Updates?

I was wondering what would you like to see included in future updates?

For example, longer hairstyles, more workplaces etc

All suggestions so far can be found on this post

The Sims Freeplay team are really good at listening to suggestions and as you can see from that post they have added a lot of what you have asked for already!

Please click on the link above if you have a suggestion and add the comment to that post


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99 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- What Do You Want To See In Future Updates?

  1. I would like to see the males have more hairstyles and the game have free will so the sims will take care of themselves when their needs drop low enough. Maybe some career quests

  2. Bunk beds.
    Female sims should have curly hair.
    We should be able to eat what we bake.
    Toddlers and preteens should interact with babies.
    Birthday cakes should be cheaper.
    There should beba cemetery, so you can play your dead sims as ghosts.
    We should be able to let our petsnin an out of the house, so they will stay in or out until we say they can leave.
    A prebuilt house thats like a school.
    Clothes in the mall should be cheaper.
    Lastly, if 2 sims get married, have a kid, get divorced, then one gets remarried they should be listed a step parent and step kid. And step siblings.

  3. The thing is I’ve to uninstall my game for like 2 weeks as my finals are around. But I’m in mid of the two and half sims quest…so what will happen if I access it 2 weeks later?
    Do I have to redo the whole game or miss out on rewards?

  4. Probably the sims should be able able to satisfy their own needs/talk to other sims instead of looking for a chair to sit down.

  5. I use gardening All the time to make extra cash and keep my sims busy. I would love to have more plant options. And if you could enter the quantity in the store when buying seeds it would be much more convenient than having to press the button.

  6. I don’t think it’s fair that there players permanently have no access to timed events. At some point the Devs should bring them back. I have a serious, life-threatening illness, & sometimes I’m sick for weeks on end–even in the hospital–& can’t play the game. On one hand, the game is 1 of the things that helps distract me from my symptoms, such as severe pain, that are part of my chronic condition. On the other hand, it bothers me when I miss out on events because I’m too sick to play the game. This is especially true for me because I spend a lot of actual money on the game. I know I have a unique situation, but I’m sure there are a lot of other players out there with other difficult situations or who are extremely busy & who miss some of the timed events.

  7. I would absolutely love to see a hospital in this game it wails make a great career and our sims do need their Heath care. A cafe would also be nice or maybe a library. And I agree that we need to be able to q tasks. So before I go to sleep I can tell them what to do in the morning so when I wake up the might be making breakfast or having a shower or at work ect. I would also like to be able to accompany the adults to any and every work place, and my preteens to school. A daycare for toddlers would also be great so u don’t have to leave them at home while their parents work. These are all the things I would like to see in the future 👍🏼

    • Looks like the hospital came true!! and for the daycare, i had to make my own. i just had an empty lot and made one with one of my sims watching everyone’s toddler while they work 🙂

  8. This is not necessary but it would be cool if when the ladies are pregnant their abdomen expands. And Maybe in the supermarket you could actually buy what you want. But the thing(as I said in my previous comment) I would like to see is being able to queue the tastes of your sims I hadn’t originally thought of it but I saw some one else say it and it’s the best idea yet.

  9. I always have problems with making simoleons. It takes, like, a week to make 150,000. There should be a lottery to which we can follow our sims and buy scratch cards to win.

  10. Hi!
    I would love to see a hospital where sims can have their health checked and have operations and where pregnant sims can go to have a baby.
    I would also love if lady sims could actually BE pregnant for a amount of time and their belly gets bigger then they give birth! Thanks

  11. I want to see garages, the young adult life stage, a university, option to turn off auto aging, maximum level 60, sim limit upped to 70-120 (depending on device specs), a hotel in town, child life stage, a middle school, preteens can date, max 8 sims living in one house, max 20 sims in one place, child toys,and the simoleon sprout jackpot upped to 200,000

  12. bunk beds pleaseeeeeeee!!!!!! i need one for my twin toddlers!!!! and one for a preteen and her sister. it would be such a cool idea
    and long hair for all ages. Preteens, teens, and toddlers. Boys and girls!!!
    and maybe give sims an option for a second hobby? like a sim who can cook and design fashion?

  13. how about different faces, and body sizes? all my sims look the same. i would love to make some a little heavier, and different features.

  14. It would be awesome if the buildings were cheaper to build, and also bunk beds would be awesome!!!! And especially long hair styles

  15. Adult sims should be able to carry toddler sims as they walk to slow
    A push chair as well for babies and toddlers
    bunk beds please

  16. I would like the sims to take care of themselves and for sims to get pregnant instead of just having the baby more hairstyles longer ones to

  17. I’m not sure if Sims has this already, but just like it has a police station and a hospital where you can actually go there and see your sim work, they should have a zoo.

  18. Hi! I am not sure if you already posted the answer for this question. I just finished the love is in the air quest but the last name of the wife remains the same. The male sim asked her to move in in his house. Is there anyway it can be changed? Newbie here! Thanks! Btw, love your blog! xx

  19. What I’d love to see is the chance to go back and redo certain quests that haven’t been finished! I managed to unlock the magical rainforest island and the couples retreat island, but because I didn’t manage to unlock everything there, it’s a bit pointless to me 😦 I’d love to be able to go back to certain quests or challenges just to make my islands seem less empty! Also the timed events, if you miss out on the grand prize, instead of selling your collected items, keep them for the next challenge, or still give us access to the items we missed out on, just have to pay with whatever we’re missing with simoleons (E.g you have all of the pottery and candles, but you’re short a few constructor points, pay the remaining in cash)

  20. 1. A Zoo. What a great addition to the game by adding challenges and events and creating a zoo with all sorts of animals and chances for new employment with zoo keepers and fast food vendors.

    2. For Sim Freeplay to let sims become house mates if they ars not married and dont change the surname in this case.

    3. Hospital upgrade to include a dentist and maternity wing.

    4. A cluedo themed house.

    5. Pets: Add Birds and Hamsters

    6. Places of Worship. They dont have to say what the religion is. But having a temple/church/ mosque etc and calling it a place of worship

    7. More professional jobs. They could have done the same thing with politicians etc by expanding the work place and having challenges and events like election day and rallies.

    8. Military job option.

    9. Travel Agent. Could introduce an airport and have sims go on holiday or sea cruises.

    10. University. They have primary and high school what about a university

  21. This is for the Sims Mobile.

    I think they should expand friends from 50 to 100! I had a full list of friends by the second day!

    I also think when you max out a career, you shouldn’t have to pay to switch to a new career.

    Also, add a bathtub that doesn’t require 85 simcash. There should be one available to buy with simoleons, maybe 3 or 4k to buy.

    I also think the storage should be categorized just like the “buy” screen, instead of everything being in there. It makes it difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.

    It should cost less to unlock new buildings, maybe a flat 1k simoleons instead of 2.5k.

    Also, a way to view who has looked at your home, and maybe an individual home message board (like party chat) where people can comment on your home.

    There should also be a push to get people way more involved in stickers. At the end of the week, the amount of stickers you were given correlates to in game $$$. It’s sad when you get one or two stickers a day, but yet you give all 15 to players everyday. Help a girl out! Lol

    Lastly, let’s talk about land development and rooms. Land dev should cost less! It’s so expensive! And, rooms are so sparse. Either add more lifestyle unlockable rooms, add purchasable rooms (if you don’t want to wait for lifestyle leveling), or add a base spare room to the starter home.

    That’s all I can think of for now!

  22. I know I’m posting years later but recently started playing this year. I would love to see the sims have some sort of free will, going to the bathroom, eating, going online, anything…besides sims just looking for a place to sit. Also quests for teen hairstyles would be very awesome.

  23. I would like them to add a college and for pregnant sims to be able to give birth in the hospital and for them to more interactions and feelings like in the Sims 4

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