The Sims Freeplay- Changes To The Ageing Feature!


EA have heard our suggestions to change the life dreams update and they have! – well they kind of have, they have started fixing the ageing feature so far -there is still a lot that could be better but it’s a start.

So what’s changed?

  • 1. LP costs for reset/ advance options for life stages have been reduced which I’m pleased they have done, it seems less money grabbing now.


  • Baby- I don’t have a baby at the moment but I’m assuming it will cost 1LP
  • Toddler-1LP
  • Preteen- 2LPs
  • Teen-2LPs
  • Adult-3LPs
  • Senior-3LPs


  • Baby- I don’t have a baby at the moment but I’m assuming it will cost 2LPs too!
  • Toddler-2LPs
  • Preteen-2LPs
  • Teen-2LPs
  • Adult-2LPs
  • Senior-2LPs

These are the costs if you choose to age up early, the reset prices may differ if you wait until their life stage is up.

  • 2. The time the grim reaper appears for senior sims has been pushed back to later in their life stage which I prefer because it was really creepy!


If you haven’t got these changes yet the advice is to force close the game and/or reboot your device while connected to the Internet.

They say they are investigating further improvements so fingers crossed for an update to turn off automatic ageing!


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20 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Changes To The Ageing Feature!

  1. How can I hook up with other people who play sim so I can visit their town? None of my friends play’

  2. Before this…my Sims freeplay works perfectly…But then ..I try some cheat by advancing the time…the cheat does not work…When I turn to my original time…The carreer mode and school mode does not work….What should I do then?

    • Yeah cheating messes up your game, I cant do anything to help and EA won’t help since you used a cheat, you may have to just put up with it or start a new game

  3. Hello! Not sure where to ask you this and I hope the answer isn’t somewhere in your blog and I didn’t find it…

    My problem is: I have a couple, their daughter is an adult already and she has a partner, soon to be married. The new couple is living in her parents home (had to move her younger brother to another house so her partner could move in), the house is awesome in my opinion and I want her to live there with her family. But since there are 4 people living there already (mom, dad, she and her partner), I imagine the new couple can’t have babies! Do I have to wait until one of her parents die (or kill one) so she and her love can have children because of the “too crowded” limit? Isn’t that sad and silly? Kids will never live with both their grandparents?

    Also, I don’t think it is possible to move only the older couple to another house, I would have to move the whole household, the house would be empty and I would have to pay to move her to the house again (and I think this would only work because I haven’t married the new couple yet). Kind of confusing!

    I hope I was clear. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • You could have posted in the FAQ/help section but it’s fine 🙂
      Firstly as your couple are partners and live together you may find it very difficult to get them married, they usually say no whenever asked when they are already living together so you won’t be able to have a baby even if there was only 3 people in the house!
      I think the best thing to do is move her partner out of the house into another house you want them to live in and get her to marry him then you will have no problem having a baby, once her parents die you can move them into that house or relocate the parents but it will cost you

      • Oh, didn’t knew that it’s harder when they already live together! That’s why I always have to use the most expensive ring (but it works)! Nice tip, thanks!

        Still sad, they are already in the house I want them to live so I must spend money… I know it is not that much but I’m always saving for second floors! 😉 Anyway, I think it is sad there can’t be happy big families living together in this game.

        Your blog is looking really cute, love it! :))) Thanks once more!

  4. Hi! I’m playing the sims freeplay on android and I have a problem. I can’t get into the snow park when I’m trying to go inside, the game always force close. Can you help me? I was read your reply above that you ever had a same problem. So, how do you fixed it? Hope any tips. Btw I love your blog 🙂 your blog helps me finish all quests on time ❤ thanks

    • I still have that problem, I haven’t fixed it, the problem is that certain parts of the game require too much memory to run, if you don’t have as much ram as the game needs (i have an ipad and the ram is shockingly low so a lot makes it close) then it just closes, the only way around it is really to stay away from the snow park unfortunately, you can try to turn off the device and go straight to the snow park when you turn it back on but it still might not work :/
      Thank you 🙂 I’m glad it helps!

  5. I named my first sims after my pets. Taking care of my dog’s sim version has helped me with my guilt over not being with her when she died (my aunt put her down while I was out of town). I don’t think I could stand it if I had to watch her age and die.
    Not to mention how distressing it would be to watch the sims named for my cats die (it feels like bad luck).

    I don’t think it’s worth it even if it’s “cheaper”. It feels like they are always trying to force you to spend real money. I was going to buy the PC version because of how much I’ve enjoyed it on my phone. Not after this…

  6. So wait, should it only cost 3 LP to reset an adult? It has been costing me much more, but I do wait until about 75% of the life stage is over, at which point it is costing 9 LP to reset the aging as an adult. Is that normal, or more than it should be? Sorry if this was explained, I just want clarification before complaining about it 🙂

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