The Sims Freeplay- Fixing The Party Boat Showing No Neighbours Issue

I was waiting for EA to fix this problem but seeing as they haven’t we have to try and fix the issue ourselves. I would like to thank Jina for sharing this method for android devices where the party boat shows no neighbours, it half worked for me- I still can’t connect to my party boat but my neighbours can now see me but it is worth trying

Sims Freeplay Neighbour Fix for Android
Note: You need a computer and the device your game is on to do this

On the game
I. Open sims freeplay and save to the cloud
II. Log out from Facebook from the game
On a Computer
I. Go to Facebook-settings-apps
II. Click the sims freeplay icon and remove the game from Facebook (click on the X next to the game)
III. Go back to the home page and click games down the side
IV. Search for sims freeplay and “send to device/phone”
On the game
I. Open game
II. Connect to Facebook
III. Directly go to the party boat
IV. Enjoy your neighbours


I hope this works for you!

76 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Fixing The Party Boat Showing No Neighbours Issue

  1. Has anyone tried this on an iOS tablet? I get blocked at the Send to phone, it says an error has occured 😦

  2. Oh my god! It worked! 😀
    I am so happy!!!

    I had the same problem as you. Send to phone was greyed out and still not working. Here’s what I did:

    1) Disconnected from Facebook account in Sims Freeplay and removed the game from Facebook.
    2) Created a new Facebook account or use one that has never connected to Sims Freeplay.
    3) Did NOT connect to the game right away. Instead, went to Facebook and sent the game to my phone.
    4) Went on the Facebook app and clicked on the link.
    5) Then, when the game opened, it connected to my new Facebook account and I had all my new friends!

    Unfortunately, this means you have can’t use your current account. For me, it wasn’t a problem since it was a few days old with only a couple friends, but I can’t understand it would be a bother for you since you’ve gathered so many friends over the years. But hey, there’s a solution 🙂

    • Yeah I did think about doing that but it will be more hassle than it is worth, I will just cope without being able to visit my neighbours, as long as my neighbours can see me that is fine 🙂

      • Well in the end it worked. I can see my neighbours and they can see me, that was the other part where they couldn’t see me either,. Need make sp tasks soon. I actually have more lp than sp.

        When I opened up computer it took me a lil while to see what I was doing, then I finally found, send to mobile, which I’d been looking for, lol.

        Don’t really see why they have to have three different currencies. EA just wants you too buy buy buy, repeat. Which is why I think so many tasks are 18 hours, 24 hours and more.

  3. Being as players appear to have been experiencing this problem, for over a year now, I’m beginning to think EA are deliberately ignoring the issue. If people can’t visit neighbours, but for some reason desperately need SPs, they’d have to buy them. Equally, lots of people earn a great deal of Simoleons and LPs, at neighbours pet farms and if they can’t earn them, they might be more inclined to buy them. I appreciate that game makers need to turn a profit; I just hope this isn’t an underhanded attempt at doing so!

    • That’s why I’ve always said, we need another way to earn sp. Maybe a plant that we can access at a neighbors or SOMETHING. But I just bet if this was ios they’d have fixed the issue already.

      • As I understand it, IOS players are also experiencing Facebook neighbour problems. I believe Gamecenter is unaffected though.

  4. Hi, Rachel: Thought you may like to know that since the update my sims keep popping into outfits I’ve never even put them in before. Also, my fire fighters pop in and out of their equipment uniforms. Not a big issue (I hope) just kind of funny and bothersome at the same time. Best wishes, Holly

  5. I can now see your town on the party boat. Thanks!

    I had an issue with pets going missing. EA never did get back to me with a fix. But I did discover that if you have an empty house and relocate the entire households whose pet has gone missing your missing pet will reappear as a result of the relocation.

  6. I agree with Holly and her comment about outfits since the update. Apparently my Sims want to stay in their work clothes all the time. At first I thought I was getting a hint to send them to work since it’s been awhile. Then I noticed after I sent them to work, they never switched back out of their work clothes. Funny but annoying.

    I also had the issue with the party boat (since the update). Sometimes it wouldn’t even connect. I had to try and connect multiple times yesterday before all my neighbors showed up.

    And thanks for this blog 🙂

  7. I am stuck at this step :

    III. Go back to the home page and click games down the side
    IV. Click on sims freeplay and “send to device/phone”

    I don’t see Sims Freeplay listed as 1 of my games?

  8. OMG all this time I never knew I had neighbours. 44! Thank you so much, you’ve always been a great help and I love your site. Now I can actually get SPs haha

    • Oooh yay it did work I finally have my neighbors. Need to make some goal/task visits now.

  9. I don’t see the game in the side list. How do I send from computer to phone?? PLZ HELP!! TIA

  10. So, I’ve tried this about three or four different times, but each time I get to “IV. Click on sims freeplay and “send to device/phone”” I get an error from facebook saying “An error has occurred, please try again later”. I went ahead and completed the rest of the steps anyway, hoping this wouldn’t make a different, but nothing. Not sure if maybe I just need more friends that play sims, right now I only have one (I currently only use FB for family). So, if anyone either has some ideas on how to get passed the error want to add me as a friend, I’m open to either.

    Thanks for fix, even if it hasn’t worked for me. At the very least others seems to be getting friends to show up 🙂

  11. Hi I have some neighbours showing on my party boat they were there when I added the game but my partner and I have been trying to add each other for ages. We both downloaded the app to our android tablets from the app store. Each time we send each other a neighbors request and we click on it, it keeps coming up with not available in this country. Any ideas. Thank you.

  12. Thank You so much for this…. I was getting low on SP’s… worked and I also posted on my Facebook so everyone can see this!

  13. I did eveything but when I got to the step to “send to mobile” on facebook, it didnt work. It was like the send to mobile button was inactive. What do I do? : ( Any ideas?

  14. cant click “send to mobile/phone” it’s grayed out. I dont want to create a new fb account though :/

  15. I have tried numerous times not knowing if I was doing it right. This process worked like a charm!

  16. Tried what you suggested…thank you for that…but it hasnt worked for me. I play on my iPad. Very frustrating as I am inviting new friends to play with, but we cant connect 😒

  17. I have an Android tablet. But do not own a cell phone so I play the Sims free play on Android tablet. So I followed the above instructions to try to retrieve my neighbors back on the party boat.
    Deleted or rather clicked X on FB app. But it wants a cell phone number to link up???

    Now what do I do? I am not buying a cell phone just to resume game play. Played all this time on my Android tablet and did not need as cell phone to do so. Wish I would have just left it alone now instead of removing The Sims free play from Face Book.

    • I don’t know why it is doing that, sorry!
      You may just have to wait for EA to fix the issue, they are aware of the problem, it should have been fixed in the last update but hopefully they will fix it in the next one.

  18. The method finally decided to work for me too..
    Although it’s now 3:30am and I have no hope of sleep for work today..
    20 second expresso shot should do the trick 🙂

  19. Please help me! Facebook can’t send text to my phone with sentence “We’ve sent to you many texts recently. Please try later!”

  20. Does anyone know how to send the game from facebook to an android tablet? I only see an option to send to mobile phone.

  21. it worked, thanks so much! I am a new player and had no friends but been sending and accepting requests for days and days. Now I can complete some quests. Thanks again!!

  22. It worked fine at first, but i couldn’t see my bf in my list and i tried the same way again and poof, i can’t ” send to mobile” again and my neighbour went back to my original state. help? 😦

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