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Facebook Account Suspended


Facebook have suspended my account because I wasn’t using my real name and will only let me back if I change my name and send them photo ID to prove it.

I only created the account to help players who had no neighbours complete social tasks

I have emailed Facebook about why I use the account and am waiting for a reply.Β In the meantime I will be unable to access my profile or page to update or comment so if you have any questions please ask me on here or send me an email.

Also if someone could post on my page the link to this post I would really appreciate it.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!

UPDATE: I have sent several messages to facebook explaining the issue but they never reply to me, I don’t think I will be getting my facebook account back anytime soon- sorry everyone!

I will let you know if I hear anything


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56 thoughts on “Facebook Account Suspended

  1. “if someone could post on my page the link to this post I would really appreciate it.”


  2. Facebook is such a pain! Unfortunately we can’t get to your page on there, it is ‘unavailable ‘
    It also means we can’t visit your town anymore.
    You could try creating a group page, if you can be bothered!

  3. Usually Mark and the staff are deleting people for fake accounts since Mark is the founder and CEO of Facebook, but hope you get it back cause I had a whole mess of my accounts disabled, locked, banned, and nuked

    Victor corbo


  4. What we should do is all contact Facebook and tell them that we want TheGirlWhoGames reinstated. The clause regarding real names really does appear in the terms of use when you sign up, but a quick look around would show anyone with a bit of sense that it’s unimportant. TheGirlWhoGames should receive the sort of exception made for movie stars and musicians who use their stage names. A name is the way the world knows you. Just because you aren’t widely known by the name your progenitors picked, that doesn’t mean the name you’re known by isn’t real.

    Tell Facebook how you feel about this, everyone!

  5. i have never heard of this i thought they were supposed to ask you to change your name. i would not do this. Sending personal info over the internet like that is dangerous. Make sure it is from the official Facebook

  6. Facebook has become so stupid recently, hopefully some day the site will die off and something better will come along. In any case, hope you get your account back because this site is great

  7. Why didn’t u use ur real name?? Like I would use my real name if it is a need.

    • Because I like many other people don’t want thousands of people knowing my full name, what is wrong with that?

      • Exactly! You’re sharing help about games with other people, not opening a bank account or applying for a passport. I hope to see you back soon!

      • There is nothing wrong with that – that makes you a smart person. Facebook is way to invasive of privacy too.

      • I don’t use my full name either, it’s ridiculous to enforce such a rule, for what purpose?

      • Absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, you were trying to help us out. I wouldn’t use my real name either!!

        Thanks for everything, you’re the best!

      • I think it is outrageous for facebook to think all people actually use their real names. You stand your ground, and get back up and running soon. I’m on your side, and we need you.

  8. Per your message via email, I did try to post your message about your frozen account to Facebook but so far it has not appeared.

  9. I will keep following you on WordPress.
    Your blogs are great!

  10. Why on earth can’t Facebook understand that some people don’t want their first and last names attached to everything they do online?!? It’s called privacy. The fact that they require photo id to prove identity is just wrong on so many levels!

  11. You could get to my facebook I only have one friend and you are quite important to the game for me, I can’t believe Facebook would do such a thing, good luck.

  12. I just added you like a week or 2 ago and then *poof* you vanished from the game and I thought oh no, what did I do to make her delete me? Then I thought is she okay? I hope her health and family are good. Then I waltz over to twitter and found out the tragic news; social media being stupid once again! I swear it’s a blessing and a curse. lol Hope they approve you and everything works out! 😊

  13. I was looking for your profile, to see your latest posts, when I couldn’t find it. Facebook needs to realise that you gave them business: I created my account to follow you on there back when I didn’t have any neighbours! I have no desire to use Facebook about my personal life, I’m sure there are others that feel the same way – it’s time they modified their policies. In the mean time let’s create you a fake ID πŸ˜‰

  14. OMg they have no reason to suspend you! You’re such a great person and all you want to do is help people out. Hope it will soon be fixed xx

  15. Since when did Facebook require a person use a real name? I know a lot of people on there who don’t.

    • They have been scanning the servers and removing unofficial profiles for a while now. It really is a necessary evil…

      • Why is it necessary? Not trying to be smart, genuinely want to know why they can’t have users with alternate names.

  16. This explains why you’re not showing in my party boat again. So sad. Your town is the only one I visit and now I’m stuck with my social task. 😦

  17. You are right. I don’t want thousands of people know my real name either. Your effort is much appreciated. I hope facebook will fix this Asap. I miss your town already! 😦

  18. Nothing wrong with keeping your identity private AT ALL! You don’t have to explain yourself. I do hope a solution presents itself soon. You are appreciated immensely and deeply missed!

  19. Okay, yes it’s in the terms of use that you should use your real name– but as people have stated, it doesn’t happen. They should do something (and if they are still not being cooperative, you might suggest it) like you have your stage/blog name on the profile for the outward public, but then they have your legal name in their private files–just like any business does, company name is rarely the owner’s name. That way they have all the info for a CYA in case you start using the FB page to recruit for some SIMS Terrorist Army or something, but you can still have your privacy.

    I hope this gets resolved soon! And thanks for all the effort you put into our game play!

  20. Your account being suspended? Does this happen to other facebook users? I have never heard about using non-real name was forbidden before. Well, i feel sorry for you, for i am one of your 100 neighbors! This really affects my game, specially on doing social tasks…
    My advice is why dont you make another facebook account with fake name like eg. Molly, Sarah, etc. and upload your game on that new account? It’s still fake, i know, but at least you’re using a real-life name. You then can tell the rest of your fb friends at girlwhogames page to add that new account for temporary until your main account is permitted.

  21. I sent a polite feedback message to facebook regarding how bogus this suspension is. I just wanted to tell you, thank you for putting up with all of us, and answering all our questions. I’m so sorry that EA and facebook are making it so hard for you to do a genuinely nice thing for all of us gamers. It’s completely unfair.

    • Thank you very much!
      Its very annoying, I have messaged them several times but they just won’t reply to me, don’t think I will be getting my account back 😦

  22. Has your account been permitted yet?

  23. It’s so dumb that they did that I mean if they look at this site and post they will read our comments and give you back your account

  24. That’s insane! How do they know it’s not a “real” profile? I made another one for a second game (on my iPad – my original one is on my Samsung tablet) to test the Life Dreams and Legacies quest before trying it on the game I’ve been playing for MONTHS with the Sims I’m super attached to. I know TONS of people who don’t use their real name. My fake one is based on a character in a story I’m writing, and the location says ” On Pl’nar in a distant galaxy”.
    Seriously, I’d love to know how they “scan” for the fake ones.
    People need to have the freedom to be connected to social media sites without having to use their real name if they don’t want to, especially for people like you who have thousands of followers or whatever.
    Have they ever heard of stalkers?

  25. Hey, have you thought about making a new facebook profile? Can you connect it to the game again? Of course, you can use a variation of your real name – like unveiling a secret and not telling at the same time. Or perhaps an artistic alias, I find it very helpful as you can see xD
    P.S. can I add you via GameCenter?

    • I could but the problem is I also can’t access my page (that people like for news) I would like to be able to get my old profile back so I can also get that back
      Sorry my game center account is full

  26. I’ve been wondering what had happened for a few days now. It just gave me a load error when trying to view your profile and I worried I might have somehow been blocked =/ glad it wasn’t that lol! Hope you can sort it out with Facebook, you were my only cool neighbor haha.

  27. I was also wondering what happened to your page. I was so reliant on it for new info. Thought I had been blocked, happy that is not the case. Then I searched like mad till I found this post. So all of a sudden facebook cares about “real names” being used on the site. I am very angry and disappointed in facebook right now, you have no idea. I hate that you have to tie your game into a social media site at all. Do they realize you have a community page and people who follow you? I don’t fault you at all for not wanting to link the game to your real fb account. I’m very strict about my privacy restrictions with anyone I don’t know personally. If you wanted to create a profile account that looks like a real name I would follow that. Can sims freeplay game accounts be transferred from account to account on facebook? It sounds like you won’t be getting it back. 😦

    If you can get in contact with facebook tell them you have followers who depend on you, and a community page, a twitter page, a youtube page, a blog, and maybe others. Your name may not be legitimate to facebook, but you have people who know you by this name on all these other various sites. Facebook get with the program.

    • Really sorry! I have messaged facebook and they just ignore me so I really doubt I will be getting the account back. I am not really bothered about that, I would create a new account with a normal name and connect the game to that but my community page on facebook cannot be transferred to a new account without me being able to access my old account so I don’t really know what to do about that!

  28. I just tried to add you as a neighbor & learned your account had been suspended 😦 I understand your reasoning for using your reasoning for not wanting to use your real name. That’s why I only like to add certain people, because I don’t want strangers having access to my personal info. Just a bit of info though; Facebook doesn’t actually go through & search for false names or fake profiles, they simply don’t have the time & manpower to sift through the millions of profiles to do so. Somebody would’ve had to have reported your profile to Facebook.

    • Yeah I gathered that but I don’t know why and they really should look into it when someone reports someone because clearly they just suspended me, if they actually looked at my profile and page they would understand.

  29. hi! just a suggestion. u mentioned that you cannot find a valid email address to contact facebook. i browsed through their account and saw that they do respond to people posting to their Fb page. may i suggest that you do the same? like create/use an account to send a message or write on their wall to voice out your concern regarding your suspended account.. im not sure but maybe it might work.. (fingers crossed)…

    their fb link

  30. I understand you but try to understand facebook too since they only want what is best for all. My boyfriend had discovered a fake account with his name on it and maybe that is what they are trying to avoid. If we would just ask nicely and explain to them then maybe they would bring it back. Hope everything will be back to normal.

  31. Hi — I run the YouTube channel Make2 where we do a lot of Sims FreePlay content. I direct people to your blog all the time when they have questions, so thank you so much for everything you do! It’s so valuable and helpful. I’m just commenting here to say that one of our Facebook accounts is about to be suspended as well. I got a notice yesterday requesting photo ID to prove I’m using a real name for my Sims Landing account, which obviously I am not. But like you, I don’t want thousands of people on the internet knowing my real name. I’ve sent a rather long message to Facebook’s Help Center explaining how I feel that gamers (particularly all the young kids who play SFP and other games) should be allowed to use pseudonyms on Facebook for their own safety. But I expect to hear nothing back. Many other SFP FB accounts have been deleted recently as well for having “fake” names, not just me, so I wanted you to know that you’re not alone in this. :-/ Best of luck.

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚
      I think facebook are actually incredibly rude actually, I have messaged them a number of times and they just never reply, their customer service is appalling, I don’t even want my account back anymore because of this, I just want to move my page to a different account so I can still post on it but I don’t think that will ever happen!