The Sims Freeplay- Chocolate Egg Chase Easter Quest


This is the new Easter themed quest released with the Easter update. You have 7 days to complete it if you want to unlock the adult and toddler bunny onesies!

NOTE: you need to have updated your game to the new Easter update to be able to get this quest

First set: complete the first set of goals to unlock the adult pajamas

  • Go to the park
  • Talk to the bunny in the park- 1 minute


  • Offer Cottontail (bunny) help- 5 minutes


  • Read springtime bunnies- 48 minutes (on a bookcase)


  • Bake chocolate chip cookies- 1 minute (select the baking option on a stove)


  • Tell Cottontail it was cookies- 5 minutes


  • Wash off chocolate- 5 hours (using a sink)


  • Accept Cottontails challenge- 5 minutes


  • Place the egg hunters case (can be found in your inventory under the decorations tab)

NOTE: it will say LIMITED OBJECT if you are looking in the decorations tab of buy mode instead of your inventory, find it in your inventory to be able to place it

  • Investigate the egg hunters case- 25 minutes


  • Search for eggs- 4 hours 30 minutes (click on an object at your house)
  • Examine the egg hunters case (click on it)

I’m guessing the aim is collect all the eggs to fill the case but we shall have to see!


  • Return in X hours X minutes (time for this goal depends on how long you took to complete that first set of goals)


Second set: complete the second set of goals to unlock the baby and preteen pajamas (thank you so much to Heather for the screenshots for these goals)

    • Check on Cottontail- 5 minutes


    • Research bunny food- 36 minutes (on a computer)


    • Find a bologna sandwich- 5 hours (in the fridge)


    • Give bunny food- 3 seconds (to Cottontail)


    • Watch ‘Springtime Shows’- 8 hours


  • Search for eggs- 4 hours 30 minutes

NOTE: you need to find 3 eggs to complete this goal and you can have up to 3 sims searching for eggs at one time

You don’t find an egg every time though:

(You can ask Cottontail for help for 22 hours and at the end of the 22 hours you will either get an egg or not- just like searching- I really don’t see the point in doing this if you still aren’t guaranteed an egg at the end of it!)

    • Hug Cottontail- 5 minutes


    • Watch Cottontail- 5 hours 15 minutes



  • Return in X hours X minutes (time for this goal depends on how long you took to complete that first set of goals)


Third set: complete the second set of goals to unlock the senior and teen pajamas

    • Ask what’s wrong- 1 minute NOTE: if a sim is asking cottontail for help he will not appear at the house you are currently at, you need to finish asking for help first
Thank you Dawn for this picture!
    • Comfort Cottontail- 5 minutes
Thank you Emily for this picture!
    • Think about Cottontail’s fears- 4 hours (on a seat)
Thank you Emily for this picture!
    • Research simple games- 12 minutes (on a computer)
Thank you Emily for this picture!
      • Play patty cake- 4 hours 15 minutes
Thank you Heather for this picture!
    • Look at the egg collection- 5 minutes
Thank you Mary for this picture!
    • Say you’re ready- 5 minutes
Thank you Mary for this picture!
  • Search for eggs- 4 hours 30 minutes each (you need to find 6 eggs this time)


  • Return in X hours X minutes (time for this goal depends on how long you took to complete that first set of goals)


Fourth set: complete this final set to unlock the toddler and adult bunny onesies! (thank you again Heather for these pictures)

  • Tell Cottontail you’re ready- 5 mins

  • Find eggs- 4 hours 30 minutes each (you need to find 10 eggs this time)

  • Check on Cottontail- 5 minutes

  • Watch Cottontail- 45 minutes

  • Hug Cottontail goodbye- 5 minutes


Thank you to everyone who helped to update this post as my main game has been deleted, I could not have done it without you all!



First set: unlocks the pajamas for adult sims, these can be found in the wardrobe and create a sim



Thank you so much to Demelza, Sam and Dawn for these pictures, you guys are fantastic!

Second set: unlocks the pajamas for baby and preteen sims, these can be found in the wardrobe (under outfits for the babies) and create a sim


Thank you so much again to Heather for these pictures!


Thank you to Toyin and Janaki for these two pictures!

Third set: unlocks the pajamas for seniors and teen sims, these can be found in the wardrobe and create a sim (thank you again to Demelza for these pictures)



Fourth set: unlocks toddler and adult bunny onesies, these can be found in the wardrobe under outfits and create a sim (thank you again to Demelza for these pictures)


Thanks for reading and Happy Easter!

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285 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Chocolate Egg Chase Easter Quest

  1. I’ve got 3 days left and now I have to search for 6 eggs.. that will only be half of the case filled once I’ve got those. I’m guessing there won’t be enough time to find all 20 because this quest takes sooo long! AND I’m dissapointed that the prizes are pyjamas, again, when we just literally had the sleepwear event!
    Does anyone know if you can search in the same place twice, even if you didn’t find anything there before? It takes so long to search that I don’t want to waste time if you can’t get an egg where you’ve previously found one, and there’s not that many places to search either.. 😕

    • Set 4, which is the final set is to find the other 10- not going to be easy!
      You can search in the same place again, it is random so if you didn’t find anything there one time you may another

  2. Hi…my neighbour has a flashing egg when i visit…can i get an egg from their place. It does not give me the option to search for egg. (in other town). Thanks

  3. Hi! my question is when you search for an egg and don’t find one can you or more importantly should you search again in the same place. I’m up to looking for 6 eggs and am running out of places to look. Perhaps in another house?

    Love your work. Have my hottest Sim named after you!

    • You can look in the same place because it is random so next time you could find one there but you can also look in your other houses, it doesn’t have to be the one with the egg case in
      Haha thanks!

  4. Hey guys make sure you do not search in the same places for eggs. Usually that’s why your getting simoleons. Hopes this helps!

  5. I just wanted to say I feel so bad for you! It’s so unfair for EA to do nothing to solve this issue. I’ve been in the same boat as you and I understand how devastating it is. When I lost my game for the first time it was a year before I started to play again. I just want to say thank you so much for keeping this blog going even though some people are rude and your game crashed. Without it I would have missed out on so much. EA has even referred me to your b log because it explains things best. Im just thankful you are still deciding to do this even after you lost it all

  6. If you misplace Cottontail, just go to the town view. What ever house he is in flashes an egg, so you will see your main sim who lives there, then an egg, then your sim’s face again.

  7. So I’ve been searching for 6 eggs for a day and half and I’ve got only 2. I got one from asking cottontail. So basically I’ve found 1 egg out of a possible 45 Surely this can’t be right? Anybody have any tips?

    Thanks Tracy

    • Have you been having 3 sims search at once? Its hard to give you tips as its random where you will find them but you can have up to 3 sims searching at one time and have another sim ask cottontail
      Overall you need to find 20 eggs to fill the case

  8. Twice I had Sims ask Cottontail for help and also had 3 Sims looking for eggs and both times the Sim with Cottontail just stopped and finished after about 2 hours, so stopped asking the rabbit now. Seems no point if it’s a wasted 22 hours anyway!

  9. Hello. I am currently in the second set of the quest. I have to find 6 eggs but I can only use 3 sims to search for them. I only found two. I have read in one of your comments that you could also search for eggs in another house even without the egg decoration. Can I also use 3 sims in another house as well to look for the eggs?

    • You can only use 3 sims in total to search for eggs, the house you choose is up to you, it doesn’t have to be in the house with the egg case but you can’t have more than 3 sims searching for eggs in your sim town at one time.

    • On the quest when you go searching for eggs, do you HAVE to search inside the house? Can we search outside the house?

  10. Stuck on the 2nd set for 2 days now, can only have 3 sims searching for eggs, can’t seem to put more at a time, can anyone confirm please? Right now I am at 2 eggs out of 12 searches(4 sets of 3). I got only less than 2 days, hope to get at least adult PJs. Sims went back to ‘want-you-to-insanely-be-active’ to be able to complete quests, hate that. Loved it when they changed the quest times to make it more doable in time limit, and now they are doing it for events.

  11. Hi! Love your blog. Don’t we get any toddler sleepwear? Still really cool, I keep missing out on the sleepwear quest, but now my sims (at least adults, haven’t got any more yet) don’t have to sleep in their underwear anymore!

  12. Hi, i at the last stage where the bunny has hidden eggs in secret locations, anyone k ow where that would be?

  13. Hi I’m currently on set 3 and I’ve been stuck on it for about 24 hrs and I’ve only managed to find one egg out of 6 and I’ve done it multiple times any advice?

    • Its very difficult to give tips for this as you can find them randomly by searching any object. Are you using 3 sims at once? Have you tried asking Cottontail for help?

  14. When it says sale for the floor and wallpaper, are they meaning it is going to get more expensive or it is going to disappear?

  15. This has nothing to do with the quest, but I hope you have a nice vacation! Assuming you’re going on vacation, since you’re gonna be away.

  16. Where is the best place to search for eggs I’m on the final but find ten with 2 days left I really want the onesies please help 🙂

    • It seems that sometimes you get an egg and sometimes you don’t but I am not sure if you are more likely to get an egg or not this way, its worth a try on the last search for eggs though as it will probably take you over 22 hours to find the eggs searching objects around your houses anyway

    • I would say it is worth it, on the off chance that it takes longer than 22 hours to find the eggs yourself. You should do it alongside searching for eggs on objects though. It essentially allows another sim to be “egg hunting”‘at the same time, just takes a bit longer. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always find an egg. You can always cancel once you complete the set.

  17. Hi, I realise it would be a guess but do you think this event would be repeated next year? Do they usually repeat seasonal events like this or create new ones? I don’t think I’ll get the last set without spending a ton of LPs!
    P.S. So sorry to hear about your lost game, hopefully EA will restore it for you. Don’t give up, keep bugging the hell outta them! 😉 I think you’re the reason why a lot of people continue to play this game, I wish you the best of luck.
    Thank you x

  18. I have finished the third set, to get the onesies do I need to look for more eggs?? Thanks.

  19. I can’t figure out how to do the chocolate baking hobbie. I don’t know how to start it. I already finished the egg quest. Any clue how to do it?

  20. While i’m searching for the eggs i asked cottontail for help. And when it’s all done, cottontail just disappeared. Really. I cant find him. My next task is to hug him. 😔

  21. Help! I finished the search for 6 eggs and it said come back in over a day but I had spent a while on that whole section. Did this happen to any one else? I think I was also about a day behind in starting the whole quest so I am afraid I will run out of time with only 2 days left. Thank you!

  22. Babies are cheaper, baby supplies are cheaper, and even though I already have 5 kids ( I adopted 2) they let me add another baby. I am pretty sure that there is a baby related update/quest coming up.

  23. i am stuck on the third quest i need to comfort cottontail but the problem is that i can’t find him anywhere can you help plz

  24. Hi! I have a problem 😦 I don’t know how can my sims get married. I have only ‘date’ status. My ‘date’ status is full but the next one is not starts.
    I have new option ‘break up’ so I think that building relationships is different now (after Easter’s update of course). Do you think that this is a glitch?
    I’m sorry for my English 😉

  25. Comments are now disabled on this post as I will be away from the 24th-28th March, during this time I will not be replying to any comments and this quest will be over by the time I get back!

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