The Sims Freeplay- The Styles of Time Quest

PLEASE NOTE: this is the quest post from last time so it may be slightly different now, I have completed this quest on both of my games and didn’t realise it was back- sorry!

This is a limited time quest that is only available for 6 days.

This quest has appeared before, if you didn’t manage to complete the quest last time it continues from the point you reached, if you completed it last time you will not get this quest again

Set one: complete to unlock first new hairstyles!

Day 1:

    • Send a sim to the park
    • Investigate glint at the park- 1 minute (click on x)


    • Examine the capsule- 10 minutes


    • Discuss technology with another sim- 45 minutes (select interaction between two sims)


    • Plug usb into a computer- 1 second


    • Check the usb files on a computer- 9 hours 30 minutes


    • Place usb in time capsule- 15 minutes


    • Wait for day 2 NOTE: you can skip this for 10 LPs to start on the next set of goals early. You will not get this goal if you are behind in completing the goals, it will go straight to the next goal.


Day 2:

    • Check the time capsule- 1 minute
    • Ask a sim on a date- 15 minutes (select the interaction between two sims- they don’t have to be married to get this option)


  • Watch the ducks together- 2 hours 30 minutes (one sim selects watch ducks, the other selects join in)


    • Give flowers to a sim- 5 minutes 1 second (select interaction between two sims)


    • Passionately kiss your date- 15 minutes (select interaction between two sims)


  • Place flowers in capsule- 45 minutes
  • Investigate the capsule chamber- 13 hours
  • Wait for day 3 -1st two hairstyles are unlocked! NOTE: you can skip this for 10 LPs to start on the next set of goals early. You will not get this goal if you are behind in completing the goals, it will go straight to the next goal.

Set two: complete to unlock new hat hairstyles!

Day 3:

    • Check the capsule display- 5 minutes
    • Watch a modern lifestyle show- 6 hours (on tv)
    • Try on a new hairstyle- click on wardrobe, select browse clothes then find the new hair under hair


    • Have 5 sims at a house
    • Have 4 sims retro dance to a stereo- completely straight away


    • Film the party- 10 minutes (using a video camera- if you don’t have one you can buy it from promotions r us)


    • Raid the refrigerator- 9 hours 30 minutes


  • Place video in capsule- 5 minutes
  • Wait for day 4 NOTE: you can skip this for 10 LPs to start on the next set of goals early. You will not get this goal if you are behind in completing the goals, it will go straight to the next goal.

Day 4:

    • Read a cookbook- 1 minute 37 seconds (bookcase)


    • Get the first ingredient: what has bark? A tree! Collect bark from a tree- 7 hours 15 minutes


    • Get the second ingredient- what is snolemretaw backwards? Grow watermelons on a garden patch- 1 hour  (can be started early)
    • Get the final ingredient- fragrant reeds from a duck pond? Collect fragrant reeds from ducks in park- 1 minute


    • Make the special recipe- 9 hours 30 minutes (stove)


    • Place incense in capsule- 1 minute
    • Investigate the second chamber- 5 minutes


  • Wait for day 5 -two hat hairstyles are unlocked! NOTE: you can skip this for 10 LPs to start on the next set of goals early. You will not get this goal if you are behind in completing the goals, it will go straight to the next goal.

Set three: complete to unlock final new hairstyles!

Day 5:

    • Check the capsule again- 1 minute
    • Check a bookshelf for the card- 3 minutes 12 seconds


    • Place card in capsule- 2 minutes
    • Panic in front of capsule- 10 hours 15 minutes
    • Ask the statue for help- 2 minutes


    • Call a second sim to the park
    • Pretend to sing- 9 hours 30 minutes (capsule) NOTE: there is an option for the second sim to eye suspiciously for 30 seconds, I’m not sure if you actually have to do this to complete this goal


  • Wait for day 6 NOTE: you can skip this for 10 LPs to start on the next set of goals early. You will not get this goal if you are behind in completing the goals, it will go straight to the next goal.

Day 6:

    • Check park bench for used gum- 54 seconds


    • Stick gum in the statues ears- 2 minutes


    • Listen to the statues ideas- 8 hours 30 minutes


    • Prepare a disguise in the park toilets- 1 minute


    • Boil water on a stove- 3 minutes 12 seconds


    • Pour water into capsule- 12 hours 15 minutes
    • Investigate the final chamber- 5 minutes


    • Celebrate to the park stereo (this task completes straight away when 4 sims are using the stereo)



Prizes- hairstyles can be found free in the wardrobe

1st Set



2nd Set- hat hairstyles can be found in the hat section of the wardrobe



3rd Set



If you do not complete in the time limit you will not get all the hairstyles

Thanks for reading!


100 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- The Styles of Time Quest

  1. This quest has appeared before so these are the goals from last time- hopefully most of the goals are the same but I will update as I complete it if they aren’t!


    • Hi, there is one part where I must use the video camera to film a video. However, I don’t have the Promotions R Us store and I don’t have enough money at the moment. Am I allowed to use a neighbors in order to complete the quest?

  2. Is it easy to complete all sets of this quest without using lifestyle points? Or will I have to be very accurate on my timing so I have a shot at finishing on time?
    -really liking the third sets male hairstyle and aiming to get it.

  3. Hi the quest seems to be different for me I’m currently raiding the fridge after dancing to a stereo and filming a party am I on the wrong quest PS love your blog thanks

  4. Sims Freeplay constantly freezing up since this event appeared? Any reason why that might be?

  5. If you didn’t complete the quest the last time, it continues from the point you stopped. I didn’t complete I the last time and I continued from day 5 of the quest.

  6. it tells me to grab first ingredient and I read the cookbook to find out what the ingredient was. it said bark from a tree, and tells me to click a tree and select “collect bark” but no tree anywhere is clickable

  7. This is my first time seeing this quest and failed to finish the long hair event. These are 2 different quests right? Based on your post, I am ok in finishing tasks early, using Lps, correct? LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!! Thanks, Dawn

  8. I was glad to find out that this quest continues from where you were before if you had started it! I’m at 67% and had unlocked through the 2nd set. My times appear to be different than the ones you have posted. I’m on Day 5 goals. I just did “Check the capsule again”for 1 minute, and “Check a bookshelf for the Christmas Card”, 4 minutes, “Place Card”, 2 minutes (same). Now I’m on “Panic in Front of Capsule” which is 10 hrs, 15 mins.

    On an unrelated note, does the game automatically charge up your Sims if you haven’t played for a while? I haven’t played in at least a week, and expected to find my Sims all tired, stinky and exhausted. But I was surprised to find them all shiny and inspired!

    • It does say I am updating it as I go as times are different from last time, sorry but I’ve had to start this quest from the beginning and I can only do so much at a time!
      Yes, if you are gone for a while they will be inspired and you get some simoleons too when you return

      • Oh it’s no problem and I wasn’t implying that your times are wrong! I know that there are sometimes different cersions of quests. FYI, here are the times I’ve had for the next two steps:
        “Ask the statue for help”- 2 minutes,
        “Call a second sim to the park” (0 mins, duh)
        “Pretend to sing”- 9 hours 30 minutes

  9. Hi!
    The quest is not made available for me. I thought maybe I had to download an upgrade, but I can’t find one in Play. If I finished the quest the last time, will it not appear again?
    I know I’ve played the quest before and did get some of the new hairdos, but I do not have the hats. Does anyone else have tis problem?

  10. I don’t understand the prizes… Do you get one for each day? I finished day 1 and I didn’t get prize 1. I really need help please help me! You are the only website I use because you are so trustworthy!

  11. I remember completing this event, and I got the popup saying that the event started and I have the easter update. So, why am I not getting the quest again, is it because I already completed it. Becous you are saying your completing it again. Or are you on a save that didn’t do this event?

  12. I can’t get my sins to go on a date. I romanced them all the way to married, but the option to “ask on a date” has never popped up. Help!
    I love your blog😊

  13. Thank you so much for this blog!!! It’s a lifesaver!!! You’re the only blog I use for Sims!!!! I only trust ur website

  14. Listen to the statue is 8 hrs 30 min
    Get a disguise is 1 min
    Boil water is 3 min 12 sec
    Pour water is 12 hrs 15 min

  15. Hey, how long ago did they post this quest? I may not be able to finish it in time, but it gives me hope for a second go at it!

    • Do you mean when did this quest come out the first time? It came out in January this year, I reckon they will bring it back again as I am sure lots of people will ask them to

  16. Hi, where I have to go to make this task?
    I haven’t seen anything and I don’t know why.

  17. In day 4. How can we complete this goal if the time of all quest amount more than 24 hours ?. If i cant complete day 4 quest on time, will i get the new hairstyle too ? Please help meee

  18. I saw that some others got to complete that some people didn’t complete on time but still went on and completed it from where they left off. Do you still get the hairstyles?

  19. What happens if you don’t finish the quest in time? Is it possible to still get the hairstyles when you eventually finish it? Thanks! Love your blog, it’s helped me so much

  20. This doesn’t have to do with this quest, but I was wondering if you can have a Sim swim in the ocean around a houseboat? Because when I press on the ocean the foot symbol goes above their head and I remember that when I got the romance island the preteens had the foot symbol go above their head when I pressed on the ocean until I got them in a certain spot then they finally got in the water and I was wondering if it’s the same with the house boat water.

  21. hey,
    I’ve been following your blog since I started playing FP 3 months ago (thanks to all the infos here, I’m advancing quite fast in the game! about to finish the main quests, but I’ll stop before the life dreams one).
    Just wanted to say I have this quest for the first time and I find it hilarious that the time capsule starts playing jingle bells xD Plus, I’m doing the book of spells quest right now, and reached the point where my park is really noisy both from mummies being struck by magic lightning AND a simlish version of jingle bells.
    By the way is there a way to find the songs that appear in the game? I loved the one that started playing at the end of the pirate quest! Cheers 🙂

    • You’re welcome!
      Haha I would have had to turn the sound off!
      I don’t know where you can find out the songs that appear in the game unfortunately but the pirates quest one is apparently Good Intent by Kimbra 🙂

  22. When will this quest reappear if you don’t complete it now? Love your blog, thanks for all you do to help!

  23. Ok so I’m a bit worried. I got a notification that said there is one day left to finish the quest but I never got it. However, I did finish it last year. Are there new hairstyles I’m missing out on or is it just because I finished it already?

  24. I have 25:12:55 left on my clock but thhe quest is currently asking me to wait 1hr and 12mins for day 6. I feel like I’ve somehow lost out on time on this. Not expecting you to fix anything just wondering if I’m right or if this is actually correct

  25. I just ran out of time on the quest while my sim was in the middle of a task for it. Should I let her finish or cancel the action? Does it make a difference?

  26. i’ve been doing this quest for days and i failed complete it this morning 😦 does it come back or is there other quests for hairstyles?

    • It may come back one day but who knows if or when that will be!
      There are two timed hobby events for hair which again are not available right now, the Boutique Hair Event and the Ringlets of Fire so keep an eye out for these two appearing in your game!

  27. For this quest, if you were not able to finish this quest and retrieve all the sets on time, would they be available in the dressing and beauty store to purchase with simeleons or is it just gone after that point?

  28. Hi I haven’t got the Easter update yet even though I made it download automaticlly which usually it does and updated like 50 times a month, and it doesn’t update it, it just charges me like 50 times! I even contact EA and had no reply for a few weeks now, is there anyway I can fix it?
    Thx! 😉

  29. Hi thanks for being such a great help and resource for all of us. I’m having issues with timed hobbies – they are saying I have run out of time when I haven’t. This has happened three times now. This morning I had 6 days left for the potion brewing hobby then tonight when I opened the game it said time ran out and I missed out on the limited time prizes. I’m guessing I have to contact EA? Do I do that online or through Facebook? I’m in Australia if that makes any difference. Thanks again!

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