The Sims Freeplay- Police Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

This latest update brings a new job- police! What is most exciting is this is different from other careers as you can actually go to the police station! As well as build and upgrade new places within it!

police station can be found next to the community center

In this post I am going to explain how it works, I will create another post later that includes all the upgrades needed to completely build the police station.

Watch my video on this update here!

How is this career different?

With all other careers in the game, you send your sim to work and you don’t see them for that period of time while they are working. But with this job you can go to the police station with 2 sims and help them during their work day!

When you send a sim to work at the police station sims will enter with bubbles above their heads, you need to click on this bubble and select one of the tasks that appears, the amount of grey sections there are tells you how many tasks you have to complete before you earn the reward that is pictured in the middle of the bubble:

For example you may get these 3 tasks:

  • File Police Report
  • Receive Motivation
  • Check Police Video

Each of these has to be completed in a different workstation so file police report is at the front desk, receive motivation is in the training center and check police video is in the surveillance van

 Only one sim can use a workstation at one time (new tasks will be added when you unlock new workstations)

Each time your sims complete a task (that section will turn from grey to green) a police coin bubble will appear above their head, click this and they will earn police coins and XPs, the experience points are towards levelling up, so they will level up quicker than if you just sent them to work.

Once all the tasks have been completed all the grey sections will now appear green, click on this to receive your reward.

What are these rewards used for?

The rewards are police coins and resources used to upgrade the different workstations at the police station.

Some resources are not unlocked yet, build new workstations to unlock them

Sometimes you may see a question mark appear in the bubble instead of a resource, this is a mystery resource, you will find out what it is when you complete the tasks:

these are important sims needed to collect badges, read on to find out more


Can I send my sim to work on their own like a normal career? Will they still collect resources?

Yes you can send them to work on their own and they will still level up but they will not collect the resources they get when they help sims.

What are the workstations?


  • Training Center
  • Front Desk
  • Surveillance Van

Once your sim reaches level 6 you can decide which career to specialise them in: either Metro Police or Special Agent, you will need to have a sim as each to be able to unlock the other workstations

Metro Police:

  • Squad Car- level 6 Metro Police
  • Jail Cells- level 7 Metro Police
  • K-9 Unit- level 8 Metro Police
  • Chiefs Office- level 9 Metro Police

Only the metro police officer will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above

Special Agent:

  • Interview Room- level 6 Special Agent
  • Sketch Room- level 7 Special Agent
  • Forensics Lab- level 8 Special Agent
  • Division 51- level 9 Special Agent

Only the special agent will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


When you upgrade a workstation the time taken to complete the task will decrease and the amount of police coins and XPs you receive will increase

NOTE: you can only upgrade one workstation at a time unless you are VIP


Reaching Level 6

Once you reach level 6 for the first time a new quest will begin- I say quest, there only appears to be two goals currently. This shows you how to select the speciality for your sim and how to get promoted

Professions: Specialization Training

  • Assign a specialist to a level 6 sim- click on the occupations (career) tab, find the level 6 sim and choose either Special Agent or Metro Police:

NOTE: you can only have one sim on each of these

  • Complete a profession badge- check the occupations tab to find out what you need to do to complete this, I had help 3 sims, to complete this I needed to help 3 sims that came into the police station by completing all of the tasks

Only one badge can be collected per shift and you need 3 badges before you will be able to reach level 7

I have to help important sims to get a badge, who are important sims?

Important sims are the ones with question marks in the bubbles above their heads.

Professions Menu

You can access this using the button in the top left hand corner of your screen when you are at the police station

Workplace Overview- here you can see the workstations you have currently unlocked, what level you are on and what resources you need to upgrade them

Storage- this is where you see your current resources collected and on the right hand side is your police coins, the police coins are used to increase your storage if you need to and trade for resources (which is in the next tab)

The simoleon symbol next to the resources in the storage means you can sell resources for simoleons, this might be helpful if you have run out of space in your storage and don’t have any police coins to increase the storage:

Resource Exchange- here you can either spin for resources using simoleons or LPs for the mega spin as well as trade police coins for resources 


Once your sims have helped 25 people (you need to complete all the tasks for a person to have helped 1 person) in a day they will end their shift early and you earn extra police coins and resources

NOTE: Other sims with this career will go to work but you will not be able to see or interact with them as you can only have two active sims at the police station so I would suggest you send sims who are on the highest level in this career to work first so they can level up faster and complete the tasks that a lower level sim may be unable to do.

Once you have the latest update, build the police station to get started!

Professions Training Quest

Once you have built the police station the Professions Training Quest will begin (there is no time limit to this, you just have to complete it before you can send anymore sims to work at the police station)

It is more of a tutorial than a quest

  • Visit the police station
  • Send a sim to work at the police station (give them a job at the police station the same way you usually give them a job then click on the suitcase to send a sim to work- select accompany sim to go to the station with them)
  • Help a sim at the police station- tap a bubble that appears over a sims head and complete one of the tasks
  • Help again at the police station- complete the second task on the bubble
  • Check workplace overview (found in the profession menu in the top left on your screen while at the police station)
  • Check workplace storage (second tab in the profession menu)
  • Help a sim at the police station
  • Check the work shift quota- this can be found on the work bar:

  • Fulfill special requests- this is a task where the bubble shows a question mark instead of the resource, complete the tasks to find out what resource you will be rewarded
  • Trade resources (third tab in the profession menu)
  • Upgrade a workstation- click on a green arrow at one of the workstations to get the option to upgrade it

  • Complete the remaining work day- either keep helping sims, leave your sim to work or click on the red cross on the work bar to complete shift (this will usually cost you LPs


You can now give other sims the police career

Orange Suitcase? Can’t send your sims to work?


This is because you have already sent them to work once today, if you were VIP level 1 you can send them to work at the police station twice in a day (this will cost you 20LPs if you are VIP)

Wait until tomorrow and you will be able to send them to work again without being VIP.

Do I need to be VIP to use the police station?

NO! If you are VIP you can send your sims to work twice a day (VIP level 1), upgrade more than one workstation at a time (VIP level 7) and use the mega spin (VIP level 2)


Thanks for reading!

Watch my video on this update here!

The latest update brings the Movie Star Career to simtown- read this post for more information

Confused about these new profession careers? Give my Guide to Profession Careers post a read!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version


422 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Police Update

  1. Hi there, first of all thank you for your blog it is so helpful!! So I just reached level 6 and chose for my sim to go into the special agent specialty, I’m supposed to build the interview room but it says it costs 559 LP! Is that the only way I can build it I didn’t even have 30 LP! I’m already getting people whose tasks I can’t complete because I haven’t built it yet. Am I missing some way to get it without using 500 LP?

    • You just have to keep helping sims until you get all the resources you need to build it, it would only cost you LPs if you wanted to build it without collecting the resources.

  2. Very disappointed about this update’s amount of bugs. My sims gets stuck about every other shift and once a sim gets to level 6, it is nearly impossible to help 25 sims. At level 8, the new action goes to an hour. How in the world can we complete a shift and help 25 sims if just 1/4 of the action required to get an object takes an hour? Anyone else unhappy with this update?

    • Yes! Totally agree this is almost unachievable. I’m at lvl 6 and got 6/25 in an hour and a half on the police screen. Also how do you get all the materials you need in one Sim life. Seems a little unfair given that sims just die anyway. 😦
      Wish sims devs look into this and update appropriately.

    • Agreed, it seems like “finishing” this career will be as elusive as getting all the resources to build the island monuments! In the beginning it seemed fun and new, but it’s starting to become a chore.

  3. If I do not run this police quest to the end, does this mean that when the next update comes, I can not continue until I have finished the police section? I apologize for my bad English

  4. I was quite excited about the police update and new career. The constant managing of their tasks to advance the level is really bizarre however. Do you know if letting 2 additional sims go to work off site (cannot accompany them) at the police station increases their level or not?

    As others have observed, the sim ages before level 6 can be achieved. Not a very well thought out update.

  5. i think that getting 25 fingerprints or handcuffs on the same work shift is impossible, I help 25 sims per shift, and there is no way that those sims that arrive have those resources (even when they have more than one resource at a time). Do you know any other way to get this badge? i´ve bought resources for coins but those won´t count for the badge.

    • Do you have the glitch where if you leave the police station and go back they collect the items straight away? If so when it collects straight away it doesn’t count as helping a sim so you can use this to your advantage for this one, all the sims who don’t give you what you want you can just leave the police station while helping them and only stay there for the sims who drop the handcuffs or fingerprints so you can get them all in one shift.

  6. Hi – I got one sim to level 6 and chose police. Then I started the profession again with another sim with the intention of making them a special agent. However, when my 2nd sim got to level 6, the game automatically made them a police. How do I make them a special agent??

  7. Hi, hello! I’ve been scrolling on your blog for quite some time and it has been really helpful! 😀

    But i’ve gotten a question and was wondering if this was natural or a glitch. You see i’ve gotten one of my sims to be a Special Agent as they’ve read level 6 of being a Police, and when I was asked to build the interview room, I needed approximately 1,084 LPs.

    I don’t have that amount of LPs that they require. (I have quite a good amount but definitely not something close to a thousand.)

    I don’t wanna spend real life money to buy LPs and if I ever get the amount of LP needed I don’t think i’ll waste such a huge amount of LP just to build it.

    Do you think this is a glitch or is it really like that? Thank you x

    • I’m glad it helps!
      This is not a glitch, you just don’t have the right amount of resources you need to build it yet so it says it will cost you LPs to use LPs instead of resources, just keep helping sims to collect the resources you need so you can build it without LPs.

      • What resources do I need to build the Interview Room or Patrol room? and how can I get it?

      • Interview room- 800 walkie talkies and 140 doughnuts
        And do you mean Squad Car? 800 flashlights and 140 doughnuts

        You get them by helping sims to earn the resources, you unlock the interview room when you have a level 6 sim as a special agent and the squad car when you have a level 6 sim as metro police.

  8. Nice Glitch: I’m not sure if anyone noticed this, but if you have 4 sim police workers at the same house, then send them to work consecutively (“send alone” for all four), you end up with 4 sim workers at the police station instead of 2 that are able to complete the tasks.

    It’s much quicker to get them to finish their tasks and receive resources. I was totally bored working with only 2, and about to give up. The 4 sims all help to reach the 25 people helped. Once in a while the 4 th sim does NOT finish his/her shift at 25, by just finishing one more task, they will finish their shift. 🙂

    You’re blog is my absolute go to for simming. Thanks for doing all you do!!

    • Thank you! Being trying to figure out how I had 4 sims working at the police station together . 4 sims are fun to work with.

    • Yep, I do this too! Have no idea why the game hasn’t figured it out but it’s way less boring that way.

    • The “Nice Glitch” doesn’t seem to work with the new update.

      I enjoy the sims, but with just two sims trying to complete tasks, it’s gotten boring and it just takes too long too complete these careers with not much of a reward at the end. Oh well, maybe next new quest will be fun! :/

  9. Hi do you know how to get the finger prints? I need them to upgrade the interview room and don’t know how to get them!

  10. Hello. I too want to thank you for your amazing blog! I am a newbie to all things Sims, so you have been an enormous help.

    I am waiting for EA to respond to my issue, but am curious if this is happening to anyone else or if you know a fix.

    My police are only LVL 2 but I have upgraded the Rookie Stations to 8, which should reduce the time by 15%. This is quite evident in the Surveillance Van, where I have counted over 40 seconds after the task is complete before the officer and citizen come back together to collect the police coins and/or resources. This is quite frustrating as I spent many LP to get to LVL 8 workstations because I don’t have access to handcuffs yet.

    What are the chances of EA refunding those LPs???

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help!

      Everyone is having that issue where sims are taking longer than they should, there is currently no fix for this but hopefully it will be sorted in the next update.

      And as for refunding LPs, I don’t think they would but who knows, they might!

      • Although the first response I received from EA “explained” that my issue was technically difficult and would take quite a bit of time, it seems to already been fixed less than a week after “my response.” As someone who is working on their Master’s degree in IT, I sympathized with the time and effort needed to fix the bug. However, as a consumer, who has spent a good deal of real money on the game, I “offered” a few solutions: Credit my LPs back that were spent on the handcuffs; refund an equivalent amount to my credit card OR I could report it to my credit card company and the BBB. Not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, however, without an actual update, I think I may have lit a fire underneath them. I am just happy it’s fixed.

        Quick question, off-topic for this thread, if you don’t mind. Is there any way to get time extentions other than increasing your VIP level? If not, then a player can’t get anymore after VIP level 15…doesn’t seem right.

      • The only way to get time extensions is by being VIP so once you have used them all you won’t get anymore, that’s just how it is but look at it this way- you have more than those who aren’t VIP!

  11. Hey, first time poster but long time reader!

    Firstly, thanks so much for this blog. It’s my first port of call whenever there’s an update and has saved much head-scratching! Big up for your endless patience in answering the same questions which you had already answered perfectly in the blog entry they are commenting on! Don’t suppose there is a way for you to link up to sections within a blog entry so they can see you already answered!?

    Secondly, I’m posting as I have a new fix for the getting-stuck bug though it presumably only works when the customer isn’t stuck, only the Sim is stuck. The fix is to wait for a customer who needs the same task that your stuck Sim was doing when she got stuck. To clarify, my Sim 1 was doing a Surveillance Van task and Sim 2 was doing a Training Centre task. The task ended and the customer was freed up (I then sent him to Sim 1), but there was no reward for me to collect and Sim 2 was just stuck in situ. As there was no task bar, I couldn’t use LPs. I tried re-starting multiple times but this usual failsafe didn’t work. So I was just going to wait it out, let Sim 1 do as many tasks as possible, and hope the end of the shift would free up Sim 2. As it happens, the next customer needed a Training Centre task. The plumbob was already on Sim 2 so I clicked on that Training Centre task and Sim 2 was magically unstuck and carrying on as normal!

    • You’re welcome! There are only so many links I can add before the page just gets full of links but if people aren’t going to read the post then they won’t read the links either!

      Thanks for that fix!

  12. Hi! How can I help two important sims at the police station? I need it to get a badge. Thanks!

  13. I’ve upgraded my van and other work stations but it doesn’t decrease the time it takes to complete that task. Anyone else having this problem?

  14. I built the squad car and I’m trying to build the interview room but it’s saying it takes the vip to build it. I don’t want to purchase vip. Is there another way to build the interview room??

  15. My sim needs to collect 20 doughnuts in one shift to get a badge, how can u gwt 20 in one ahift? It’s mostly the other things people need help with?

    • Do you have the glitch where if you leave the police station and go back they collect the items straight away? If so when it collects straight away it doesn’t count as helping a sim so you can use this to your advantage for this one, all the sims who don’t give you what you want you can just leave the police station while helping them and only stay there for the sims who drop the doughnuts so you can get them all in one shift.

    • If i’m right, you are can collect them in multiple shifts. So, you only need a day or more extra. I could at least. Had to collect 25 fingerprints and did it in 3 days.

      • Maybe it is a glitch? I can sent 4 sims (maybe even more) to the Police station as well. Only if i sent them all four before the first arrives. So ill mostly get them in the backyard of one house and quickly sent them to work. I can control them all and all four can help sims. So my working days are very short ;).

  16. I was going to send my aim to work at the station, but it looks like it’ll cost me 20 LP do to so. Do you know why?

  17. I just got my sims specalized and to build the squad car or the interview room, it says 224 LP does that go down??

  18. I currently hv 3 sims in the police career. 2 of them are currently in level 6, each specialising in a different area. The 3rd just passed level 5 but I can’t seem to level him up. Does it mean that he’s just gonna stuck there as there are already other Sims who outrank him?

  19. This is very helpful.

    Any chance I can increase (buy) extra doughnuts?? I need 140 and it seems many of the civilians are giving other tokens.

    I need to get the interview room as I’m stuck with getting 3rd badge to move to level 7. I need to help 2 important sims. Important person no.1 needs to be interviewed otherwise I will never see any other important sims. Catch 22 here.

  20. do I need to be a VIP for this task. I constructed the police station by mistake and started the quest. i am not a VIP. DO I compulsorly have to bu some thing ftom online store to be a VIP to start this quest. I’m stuck. WHat should I do to close this quest again. Please help me

  21. Ok so this is driving me nuts. I’m not even close to having the amount of resources to open the jail and yet I keep getting resources that require the jail. So now I have two Sims working and 4 people needing help. Well, three of them require the jail. So now I only have one sim able to help at a time since I can’t unlock the other ones. Is there a way to get rid or cancel the sims I can’t help so they will leave?

  22. I’m having trouble completing my badges in one day. 25 handcuffs on one sim and 25 fingerprints on the other. I have each of them doing every one that appears but they don’t have that many even appear during a day! Is there another way to have the ones needed show up?

    • No there isn’t, unfortunately you are just going to have to keep at it, one day sims will come in with what you need but until then you are just going to have to be patient.

  23. Is it any answers for my sim to stop being stuck at police station waiving his hand been like this for a week now

    • These are the only fixes I have heard for this issue:
      -Try restarting your device
      -Cancel their shift
      -Use LPs to finish the task
      -Wait for them to finish their shift

      If none of these work for you then sorry but there is nothing else I can do, you will have to contact EA to see if they can fix this for you. They are aware of this problem so it should be fixed in the next update anyway.

      • Hi, I’ve found using LP’s to try and complete a police task that is stuck does not work, the police sim simply waves their hands for the rest of the shift. If I cancel the action it seems to work though. Annoying when it is one of the longer tasks but better than the specialist being out of the game.

  24. It seemed like forever, but after 18 shifts working together, my metro police officer and special agent are now up to level 8. I only sent them to work for 3 shifts without going with them to help other sims for the extra xp’s and resources. I get the feeling that this level will take even longer than 7 did, but I am still having a lot of fun playing with this update.

  25. Hi, thanks for the blog!
    I wondered if you have a tip how to get a Sim to Police lvl 10 without having to work double shifts, or without having to reverse their age?

  26. To get the 5’th badge at level 8 you need to collect 3 police tapes for the metro police and 3 recorders for the detective. I worked one shift yesterday and only one of each item showed up so I collected them thinking I might be able to get the required number over 3 or 4 shifts. But this morning the counter was back to zero. So apparently you have to collect all 3 items IN ONE SHIFT. So this could take a while! You can’t use lp’s to get them and buying them with police coins is not the same as “collecting” them. Since you NEED all 3 items to get past this badge I am assuming that eventually there will be a shift where 3 of them show up! So far I have used quite a few lp’s fast tracking the level 8 tasks. I’m guessing that’s what the developers are expecting us to do — hence the “sale” of lp’s coming up every day.

  27. Further to my previous post I worked another shift with my two police and I was overrun with handcuffs, finger prints, and police tape – but not one single recorder. So in two shifts I have seen only one recorder (in the first shift) and I wasn’t allowed to carry it forward. I now have all badges for the metro police but no recorders. Oh well, tomorrow is another day! It will take a while before I have collected 1,750 flashlights and walking talkies (I have everything else) so I guess there is no rush.

  28. I NEED HELP!!!

    I want to continue the Police Station but I’m stuck on trying to unlock the Squad Car. I do not have enough VIP Perks to level to 7, I only have 4. I am broke like literally and broke on sims to afford to pay for VIP Perk. I read that you don’t have to be a VIP but how do I unlock the squad car. Can someone please help me??!

  29. SOOO Frustrating! To get my next Special Agent badge, I need 25 fingerprints. I sent both my sims to work on Saturday and through the day only got about half the amount needed. Yesterday I sent them both individually and ignored anyone offering fingerprints so I had 3 people with fingerprints when I finished their shifts. Today I started them both together, helped the 3 people to get 14 fingerprints, and only 2 other fingerprint people turned up (offering 5 each), so only managed 24, 1 short!! The glitch for leaving and coming back no longer works, so any other advice appreciated?? Thanks.

    • Unfortunately you are just going to have to keep at it, one day sims will come in with what you need but until then you are just going to have to be patient.

  30. What if you make 2 other Sims specialized at level 6? I realize the first 2 will have to give up their specialization. Do the original 2 lose their badges? Should we just keep the first two specialized and level them up? I ask because it seems to be taking forever, maybe impossible, to level the other ones past level 6

  31. After I specialized with an agent and an officer, sims started showing up in different costumes, like a pirate. There is one that I do not recognize as something unlockable–some sort of nymph or satyr, it has curled horns, hooves, and trots around. Was it a special costume from a limited event?

  32. Hey! I’ve reached level 7 of the police career and it won’t let me. It says, “Your sim is ready to choose a profession specialization. Profession specialization allow your sims to progress to level 10, unlock new work stations, and earn more rewards. They will not be able to gain any further XP until they specialize. Would you like to choose a specialization now?”
    I click yes and it takes me to the tab that you hit to see all your sims and their jobs but there’s nothing I can do from there. There’s nothing to click on. What do I do? I have everything I need to unlock the jail which is what my sim is specializing in. So I don’t get it. Please help!

  33. I’m sorry if this has already been answered – I don’t have time to read through almost 400 comments.

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to dismiss sims that you can’t currently help?

    I had my level 7 Metro Police track sim go to work last night just after midnight (stupid me) and didn’t have time to do much before I had to go to bed. He left three visiting sims with needs that only he can fulfil.

    This afternoon, I sent my level 6 Special Agent track sim to work, and she can only help one Sim, then I need to wait for another one to wander up. The other three sims (which all need Metro Police actions) are just standing around waiting until tomorrow when I can send my other dude to work again.

    Normally I make sure to clear all the big actions before finishing a shift, but that would have taken me around 45 minutes and I didn’t want to stay up that late (or spend the LPs – I’m kind of low on them).

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