The Sims Freeplay- Outdoor Event


You have 10 days to complete the survivalist timed hobby from the 13th July to unlock 7 outdoor packs

NOTE: You need to have built the campgrounds and completed the vacationers guide to the great outdoors quest so you can do the survivalist hobby (I really wouldn’t bother trying to complete if you haven’t even built the camgrounds yet, I’m sure this event will be back again!)

You need to complete the survivalist hobby 7 times (find all 12 badges 7 times) within the 10 days to unlock all 7 outdoor packs. You get a new outdoor pack each time you complete it.

If you haven’t done the Survivalist hobby yet you will find the details here


You need to firstly accept this quest, it will remove the badges you have already created from the collection so you don’t get a head start.

If you say no you can start it from the hobby tab- the timer will still start if you click no

Once you have said yes, start the hobby!


-have more than one sim working on it if you can! You can only have one sim competing the hobby at your campgrounds but you can send a sim to a neighbours
-if you are not a level 6 yet it may take you longer to find all badges, speed up with LPs if possible

-the cooking hobby is great for earning LPs to speed up timed events (wait for the timer to reach 1 hour 59 minutes and you will only need to use 1LP instead of 2!)

-remember to click start new collection at the top of the survivalist hobby collections list once you have got all the badges to be able to complete the collection again to unlock the next pack

-most importantly: just keep going! I know it’s annoying when you get the same one constantly but you will eventually get the ones you need.

12 badges= 1 outdoor pack

The Packs

Pack 1: The Plants 1 Pack- found in the trees, plants and flowers section of buy mode

Pack 2: The Red and Blue Dome Tents Pack- found in outdoor furniture of buy mode


Pack 3: The Outdoor Lighting 1 Pack- found in the lighting section of buy mode

Pack 4: The Plants 2 Pack- found in the trees, plants and flowers section of buy mode


Pack 5: The Assorted Tents pack- found in outdoor furniture section of buy mode


Pack 6: The Outdoor Lighting 2 Pack- found in the lighting section of buy mode


Pack 7: The Assorted Pack:

  • Glass Outdoor Light- found in lighting section
  • Yellow Dome Tent- found in outdoor furniture section
  • Tulip- found in trees, plants and flowers section


Good Luck!

Thanks for reading!



10 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Outdoor Event

  1. How do you “send a sim to your neighbors” to have more than one sim doing the survivalist hobby?

  2. This event is hard, 5 days in, and I’ve only unlocked 2 packs, that’s with using about 50 l.p. I keep getting repeats.

    • Same! I don’t know why they have made it so difficult to complete this time, I am using an LP every 30 minutes and am just getting repeats- even when I only have 5 out of the 12 I still just get repeats!

  3. is this hobby with limited time can be repeat once it’s finished and not able to reach the given target time?

  4. With only 27 hours left I’ve started using lp and I gotta say, doing the random spin has been really worth it for me. Since it’s a 1/3 chance, I’ve been getting the one I need on the first try almost every try. It might just be me but I thought I’d mention it.

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