The Sims Freeplay- Movie Star Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

This latest update is very similar to the previous update- it is another career based update, this time around they haven’t added a new career but have reinvented an existing one- the actor career is now the movie star profession so you can now enter the movie studio.

If like me you are finding the police update time consuming enough you probably aren’t over the moon about another career that requires you to be on the game for long periods of time helping sims to earn the resources needed to build and upgrade the places within the movie studio (I just hope they don’t do this for all careers otherwise we would never get anything else done!)


In this post I am going to explain how it works but it is very similar to the police career so this post isn’t going to be that different however it will be helpful for those of you who haven’t built the police station yet but already have the movie studio. I will create another post later that includes all the upgrades needed to completely build the movie studio.


How does this career work?

With most other careers in the game, you send your sim to work and you don’t see them for that period of time while they are working. But with this job you can go to the movie studio with 2 sims and help them during their work day!

When you send a sim to work at the movie studio sims will enter with bubbles above their heads, you need to click on this bubble and select one of the tasks that appears, the amount of grey sections there are tells you how many tasks you have to complete before you earn the reward that is pictured in the middle of the bubble:

Each of these tasks has to be completed in a different workstation and only one sim can use a workstation at one time (new tasks will be added when you unlock new workstations)

Each time your sims complete a task (that section will turn from grey to green) a movie coin bubble will appear above their head, click this and they will earn movie coins and XPs, the experience points are towards levelling up, so they will level up quicker than if you just sent them to work.

you can just send them to work without going with them, they will still level up but will just level up slower and will not earn any resources


Once all the tasks have been completed all the grey sections will now appear green, click on this to receive your reward. Sometimes you may see a question mark appear in the bubble instead of a resource, this is a mystery resource, you will find out what it is when you complete the tasks (these are the important sims you need to help to get a badge):
What are these rewards used for?

The rewards are movie coins and resources used to upgrade the different workstations at the movie studio.

Some resources are not unlocked yet, build new workstations to unlock them

Can I send my sim to work on their own like a normal career? Will they still collect resources?

Yes you can send them to work on their own and they will still level up but they will not help any sims so will be unable to collect any resources.

Does the movie camera still work for levelling up a sim quicker in this career?

Yes it does

What are the workstations?


  • Security Booth
  • Golf Cart
  • Catering Area

Once your sim reaches level 6 you can decide which career to specialise them in: either Director or Performer, you will need to have a sim as each to be able to unlock the other workstations

NOTE: you can only have one sim as a director and one sim as a performer


  • Costume Department- level 6 Director
  • Hair and Makeup Department- level 7 Director
  • Stunt Set- level 8 Director
  • Directors Trailer- level 9 Director

Only the director will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


  • Audition Room- level 6 Performer
  • Voice-over Booth- level 7 Performer
  • Film Set- level 8 Performer
  • A-list Celebrity Trailer- level 9 Performer

Only the performer will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


Each time you upgrade a workstation one of the following will happen:

  • The time taken to complete the task using that workstation will decrease
  • The amount of  coins you receive will increase  
  • The amount of XPs you receive will increase


Workstations can be upgraded 20 times each

NOTE: you can only upgrade one workstation at a time unless you are VIP


Why is it costing me LPs to build a workstation?

This is because you do not have enough resources to build or upgrade the workstation yet, just help sims and collect the resources to be able to build without it costing you LPs

Reaching Level 6

Once you reach level 6 for the first time a new quest will begin (it isn’t really a quest and yes you can do it at the same time as other quests- if you completed this in the police update it probably won’t appear when you reach level 6 in the movie studio career) It shows you how to select the speciality for your sim and how to get promoted

Professions: Specialization Training

  • Assign a specialist to a level 6 sim- click on the occupations (career) tab, find the level 6 sim and choose either Director or Performer:

NOTE: you can only have one sim on each of these

  • Fulfil a profession badge- check the occupations tab to find out what you need to do to complete this, I had help 3 sims, to complete this I needed to help 3 sims that came to the movie studio by completing all of the tasks

Only one badge can be collected per shift and you need 3 badges before you will be able to reach level 7 (you cannot move on to level 7 without the 3 badges)

  • Build a workstation at a profession workplace- if your sim is a Director you will be able to build the Costume Department and if your sim is a Performer you will be able to build the Audition Room (if you do not have the right amount of resources it will say it costs LPs to build- just help sims to gain resources and it won’t cost you LPs)

 Professions Menu

You can access this using the button in the top left hand corner of your screen when you are at the movie studio

Workplace Overview- here you can see the workstations you have currently unlocked, what level you are on and what resources you need to upgrade them

Storage- this is where you see your current resources collected and on the right hand side is your movie coins, the movie coins are used to increase your storage if you need to and trade for resources (which is in the next tab) 
The simoleon symbol next to the resources in the storage means you can sell resources for simoleons, this might be helpful if you have run out of space in your storage and don’t have any movie coins to increase the storage:

Resource Exchange- here you can either spin for resources using simoleons or LPs for the mega spin (if you are VIP 2) as well as trade movie coins for resources:

Once your sims have helped 15 people (you need to complete all the tasks for a person to have helped 1 person) in a day they will end their shift early and you earn bonus movie coins and resources 
NOTE: Other sims with this career will go to work but you will not be able to see or interact with them as you can only have two active sims at the movie studio so I would suggest you send sims who are on the highest level in this career to work first so they can level up faster and complete the tasks that a lower level sim may be unable to do.

Orange Suitcase? Can’t send your sims to work?


This is because you have already sent them to work once today, if you were VIP level 1 you can send them to work at the movie studio twice in a day (this will cost you 20LPs)

Wait until tomorrow and you will be able to send them to work again without being VIP.


Confused about these new profession careers? Give my Guide to Profession Careers post a read!

Thanks for reading!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version


49 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Movie Star Update

  1. 2 quick questions, sorry if you’ve already answered them above. When is this update out, I sent my 2 sims to the movie studios today and it didn’t ask if I wanted to accompany them. Also, both of them are already Level 5, will they have to start again in their careers do you know? Thanks.

  2. I understand your comment about the time taken to work at the Studio or the Police Station but I think this is actually the goal. FM wants you to “play” with Sims so they created activities that you may or may not decide to use. There is no push for the professions like there are for quests and I love this. I can at leisure work with a particular Sims or not if I want to do something else. I think we need to consider professions in a total different view than quests. Personally I would love to see all work turned into professions. I don’t mind if it takes 3 years to get to Director… after all this is a life simulation in real time, no? Long live the Sims.

    • Problem is people expect me to have these completed in 5 minutes so that I can post everything about them, unfortunately it just makes me feel under pressure and the game becomes less enjoyable.

  3. I also noticed with this update that they changed the conditions to earn the second badge as a Special Agent – now it’s to collect only 10 Fingerprints instead of impossible 25. Yay!

    • Unfortunately, now there’s the impossible 10 ticket stubs and 10 award statues at the movie studio for level 7, badge 2. Most of the time, they give you 1 item, and you can only do 15 quests in a shift.

      • I agree, it’s absolutely insane. You can only have one Sim in that career, 1 to 14 tickets a shift average and you need 200 for the voice-over booth build. That would take at least 14 days to complete the ticket requirements for the build.

  4. Hey there, did you know you can use the movie camera from the hobby store to level up your sims for the movie career? It’s so much faster and easier to level up.

  5. I’ve already built the studio and have had four Sims working there to the highest level (5/5), and when I send any of them to work it doesn’t ask for me to accompany them like the police career. Can you help?

  6. You’re right. Not over the moon … but I do enjoy having a little more substance to the game.

  7. What I hope is coming, is a medical profession.

    At first, I was excited about the police station, but wished for a medical job. It was kinda cool that you get to interact with SIM’s on the job, but yes, it quickly gets to be too much. 7 hours of a workday with all the pressure to upgrade and bring the sims to another point, and for a job I’m personally not that interested in and don’t really want to spend the time on. Then the movie studio does the same thing. Again a profession I’m not interested in – and after seeing how much bother the police station turned out to be, I’m not exactly thrilled about the movie studio doing it too.

    It’s fun to help SIM’s on the job, but that you have to to upgrade things and such, and you have a quota and time limit, it is just a hassle.

    (I started playing just before the police update – about two or three months before, so also suddenly having an update that put a police station right next to the beachside homes also buggered me – my main SIM and their family are living right there, when they thought they’d have a peaceful area to live.)

    So, yeah, not all too happy either.

  8. I did not read your posts before the careers like a fool. I have updated all three work station and now I am unable to unlock the auditions. I am not VIP and do not plan to be so what do I do now? Please do not tell me to start over.The game is time consuming.

  9. At the movie theater, one of the requirements to get a badge is to help 2 “important” Sims. What makes a Sim important?

  10. Hello. I’m doing the last badge to reach level 7: help 2 IMPORTANT sims. Who is important sims? I don’t know how to do this. Can you show me please.

  11. Hi, do you know who are the important sims? Because I need to help 2 of them at the movie studio to get a badget and I don’t see them.. Could you help me please?

  12. I have a dilemma with the movie studio storage. I’m at capacity for storage (at 1100) right now, so I can’t earn any resources. And yet I don’t have enough resources to upgrade the areas. I actually need quite a bit more to even make a dent. And what I find strange is the cost to increase storage from 1100 to 1150 is 22,600?! That seems unusually high compared to what I remember at the police station. And even in your screen shot above it shows increasing storage from 1600 to 1650 for 15,100? So earning enough $ to increase storage will take many shifts…and all the while I can’t collect any resources. Does this seem like a fluke error with my game, or has anyone else seen this issue?

    • What you need to do is pick one of the workstations you want to upgrade first (I would choose the one you have the most resources for already) now you can sell some of the resources you don’t need to make room for the resources you need to upgrade that workstation

  13. Does the driving improve in the movie theatre? In escorting a sim around they seem to drive over the back of the heels of the movie star every so often lol!

  14. My sim cannot help anyone because i havent built the costume dep. I need the resources. There are only people that needs help that my sim cannot do. Will they be changed? It feels strange that they need help with things i havent built yet. Thanks!

  15. I can’t upgrade my workstations even though I have enough resources it just says I need to use 7 lp which I haven’t got 😦 please help

  16. Is there any way to dismiss sims that you can’t yet help? I was able to build the costume building but not the audition building. Now all the sims to help want to review costumes for 30 minutes while others want to audition which is becoming very problematic to even have hope of advancing on.

  17. Hello. First of all your blog is very helpful, like always. And it is the first one that I look for whenever I need guide. So thank you! I do have one question. There can only be ONE sim that would specialize as director or performer. So if there are other sims who also work in this career, they would just be until Level 5 only?

  18. Hey there how’s it going? The answer I’m seeking is probably right under my nose, but I’m going to ask anyway. How can my Sim collect “Ticket Stubs”? He has worked a couple of shifts now and I see no ticket stubs in sight. And I’m starting to get frustrated. Can you please help me???

  19. I have a level 7 sim for performer and I have enough resources to build the audition room but it’s still requiring VIP 7 to build it. Is there anyway to get around this? I’m not paying real money to play this game

    • You just have to wait until people with the right resource come in for help, my task was to collect 10 ticket stubs and it took me 3 days before the right sims appeared so I could complete it.

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