The Sims Freeplay- Doctor, Doctor Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

This latest profession update allows sims to work at the hospital as medical staff.

I am happy they have finally added a hospital but I would have liked a hospital update where your sims can become unwell and have to visit the hospital instead of another profession. I think you have guessed it by now that this post is going to be very similar to the two previous posts as all profession careers are basically the same (really bored of them now!)

The only difference this time is you need to complete a discovery quest before you can unlock the hospital. The hospital is located in a NEW area- Downtown! You need to build the simtown express to begin the Simtown Express Quest, click here for my post on this quest (be aware that I completed this using the Beta version of this update so some of the tasks or times may differ but I will be updating the post as I complete the quest on my own game)

Once completed you can take the simtown express train to the downtown area to build the hospital!

I will create another post later that includes all the upgrades needed to completely build the hospital.

How does this career work?

With most other careers in the game, you send your sim to work and you don’t see them for that period of time while they are working. But with this job you can go to the hospital with 2 sims and help them during their work day!

When you send a sim to work at the hospital sims will enter with bubbles above their heads, you need to click on this bubble and select one of the tasks that appears, the amount of grey sections there are tells you how many tasks you have to complete before you earn the reward that is pictured in the middle of the bubble:

Each of these tasks has to be completed in a different workstation and only one sim can use a workstation at one time (new tasks will be added when you unlock new workstations)

Each time your sims complete a task (that section will turn from grey to green) a hospital coin bubble will appear above their head, click this and they will earn hospital coins and XPs, the experience points are towards levelling up, so they will level up quicker than if you just sent them to work.

you can just send them to work without going with them, they will still level up but will just level up slower and will not earn any resources

Once all the tasks have been completed all the grey sections will now appear green, click on this to receive your reward.

 Sometimes you may see a question mark appear in the bubble instead of a resource, this is a mystery resource, you will find out what it is when you complete the tasks (these are the important sims you need to help to get a badge):

What are these rewards used for?

The rewards are hospital coins and resources used to upgrade the different workstations at the hospital.

Some resources are not unlocked yet, build new workstations to unlock them

Can I send my sim to work on their own like a normal career? Will they still collect resources?

Yes you can send them to work on their own and they will still level up but they will not help any sims so will be unable to collect any resources.


What are the workstations?


  • Janitor Closet
  • Admin
  • Physical Aid

Once your sim reaches level 6 you can decide which career to specialise them in: either Nurse or Doctor, you will need to have a sim as each to be able to unlock the other workstations

NOTE: you can only have one sim as a nurse and one sim as a doctor


  • Pharmacy- level 6 Nurse
  • Triage- level 7 Nurse
  • Radiology- level 8 Nurse
  • Ward- level 9 Nurse

Only the nurse will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


  • General Practice- level 6 Doctor
  • Psychiatrist’s Office- level 7 Doctor
  • Research Laboratory- level 8 Doctor
  • Surgery Room- level 9 Doctor

Only the doctor will be able to complete tasks to help sims that require one of the workstations above


Each time you upgrade a workstation one of the following will happen:

  • The time taken to complete the task using that workstation will decrease
  • The amount of  coins you receive will increase  
  • The amount of XPs you receive will increase


Workstations can be upgraded 20 times each

NOTE: you can only upgrade one workstation at a time unless you are VIP


Why is it costing me LPs to build a workstation?

This is because you do not have enough resources to build or upgrade the workstation yet, just help sims and collect the resources to be able to build without it costing you LPs

Reaching Level 6

When a sim reaches level 6 in the medical staff career you are able to select a specialisation for them, either Nurse or Doctor

To do this; click on the occupations (career) tab, find the level 6 sim and choose either Nurse or Doctor:

NOTE: you can only have one sim on each of these, so only one sim can be a Nurse and only one sim can be a Doctor

Once they are at level 6 they will have tasks appear on the occupation tab, these tasks need to be completed to fulfil a profession badge. I had help 3 sims, to complete this I needed to help 3 sims that came to the hospital by completing all of the tasks for each sim:

Only one badge can be collected per shift and you need 3 badges before you will be able to reach level 7 (you cannot move on to level 7 without the 3 badges)

Each level requires you to complete more badges, you cannot level up until all the badges have been collected.

When you level up you unlock new workplaces- at level 6 if your sim is a Nurse you will be able to build the Pharmacy and if your sim is a Doctor you will be able to build the General Practice (if you do not have the right amount of resources it will say it costs LPs to build- just help sims to gain resources and it won’t cost you LPs when you have the resources needed)

 Professions Menu

You can access this using the button in the top left hand corner of your screen when you are at the hospital

Workplace Overview- here you can see the workstations you have currently unlocked, what level you are on and what resources you need to upgrade them

Storage- this is where you see your current resources collected and on the right hand side is your hospital coins, the hospital coins are used to increase your storage if you need to and trade for resources (which is in the next tab)

The simoleon symbol next to the resources in the storage means you can sell resources for simoleons, this might be helpful if you have run out of space in your storage and don’t have any hospital coins to increase the storage:

Resource Exchange- here you can either spin for resources using simoleons or LPs for the mega spin (if you are VIP 2) as well as trade hospital coins for resources: 
Once your sims have helped 15 people (you need to complete all the tasks for a person to have helped 1 person) in a day they will end their shift early and you earn bonus hospital coins and resources

NOTE: Other sims with this career will go to work but you will not be able to see or interact with them as you can only have two active sims at the hospital so I would suggest you send sims who are on the highest level in this career to work first so they can level up faster and complete the tasks that a lower level sim may be unable to do.

Orange Suitcase? Can’t send your sims to work?


This is because you have already sent them to work once today, if you were VIP level 1 you can send them to work at the hospital twice in a day (this will cost you 20LPs)

Wait until tomorrow and you will be able to send them to work again without being VIP.


Confused about these new profession careers? Give my Guide to Profession Careers post a read!

Other changes with this update:

When you reach level 10 in a profession career you unlock the work outfits for your sims to wear all the time! These can be found in the wardrobe once you reach level 10.

The social point flower now costs a ridiculous 20LPs instead of 5! Doesn’t look like you get a larger amount of social points from it either!

Instead of the free LPs and simoleon button that used to appear on the goal tab there is now a paperboy who appears in your town with a film reel in a bubble above his head, click on this to watch an advert, once you have watched it you will earn either furniture, simoleons, LPs or SPs!


Thanks for reading!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version


49 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Doctor, Doctor Update

  1. These professions seemed like a good idea at first, but now that I’ve progressed a bit it is taking so long to do each task. I find I am hardly collecting any resources because I don’t have multiple hours in a day to sit playing the game.

      • Hello,
        Thanks for already writing about the new update! I downloaded it today and noticed the “watch video ads to earn rewards” button is no longer in the goals tab. Instead, I found a newsboy at one of my houses, and clicked on him, then watched a video. I clicked “done” at the end instead of “more”, and he disappeared! I can’t find him at my other houses. Have you found him, or do you know if the button is placed somewhere else? I was going to ask Firemonkeys, but wanted to check with you first!
        Thanks so much!

      • You’re welcome!
        When you click done he will disappear but he will reappear at random times in different places in your town so just keep your eyes out for him, he will be back soon!

  2. Ok, do you have to build the train before you build the hospital because when i entered the map. It said would you like to go to hospital and so i pushed yes and then i went to build the hospital. It didn’t stop me or anything. So now i’m stuck on how do I get back to the town without the sims train.

    • I have heard of a lot of people having this problem, it definitely is a glitch taking you to downtown before the simtown express is built as there is no way to get back there to finish construction on the hospital. I would suggest you contact EA about this issue, hopefully they will be able to fix it for you!

  3. I built the Hospital by mistake when a prompting frame appeared to suggest me to check the commercial district before I saw the Railway. Now I can neither enter the commercial district again nor build the Railway. 😦 😦

    • I have heard of a lot of people having this problem, it definitely is a glitch taking you to downtown before the simtown express is built as there is no way to get back there to finish construction on the hospital. I would suggest you contact EA about this issue, hopefully they will be able to fix it for you!

  4. The hospital work is similar to that at the police station and I don’t care for it very much So not excited at all about the new update .😡

  5. I was asked to build the hospital and it took me to town. I started building the hospital but now it will not let me build the train station as the hospital is being built and can not access the hospital. What to do now

    • I have heard of a lot of people having this problem, it definitely is a glitch taking you to downtown before the simtown express is built as there is no way to get back there to finish construction on the hospital. I would suggest you contact EA about this issue, hopefully they will be able to fix it for you!

  6. When I updated the game it took me straight to the downtown map, i clicked build on the hospital without realising there was a quest & I had to build the express first.
    Any ideas how to get back downtown to finish the build as I don’t have the train?

    • I have heard of a lot of people having this problem, it definitely is a glitch taking you to downtown before the simtown express is built as there is no way to get back there to finish construction on the hospital. I would suggest you contact EA about this issue, hopefully they will be able to fix it for you!

  7. I like your idea about how your sims could get unwell and stuff. It could be like, if you leave them outside for too long, or if you stop playing the game for a bit, they could get sick, and then, you’d have to take them to the hospital/clinic. Then, you could with have the option of leaving them in the hospital/clinic for a certain period of time (varies by their sickness) and by the time the time is up, they’ll be well again, OR you could pay for some kind of medicine at the pharmacy and have them healed instantly. Oh! And maybe it could be like the longer you leave them ill, the worse their sickness becomes, and they’ll be house bound, and they could be throwing up for no reason, and they could be unable to do certain tasks and if it gets to a point where you leave them for a long time, they would pass out or something, then you’d have to take them to the hospital, AND pay for medicine… Wishful thinking…😇

  8. I like the new professions in general, if I have time to follow the Sims around and collect resources I do, if not I send them to work to collect a salary. But I don’t think I’ll be handing over 900,000 Simoleans to build the train station anytime soon. That is ridiculous!

  9. I am in no hurry to download the hospital update, since as you explained it’s the same cookie cutter profession stuff than police and cinema professions. I was hoping to have new interactions along the new professions – don’t know, burglars popping out in the houses at night and the police arresting them, fans introding to get autographs, sick sims calling for ambulance – but apparently it’s not the case, it’s the same boring working/getting resources/improving workplaces over and over and over again.
    No enthusiasm at all by my side.

  10. So I hate this new paperboy thing. I accidentally pressed finish instead of more and now I can’t find him again. At least when it was in the tasks menu I could go back to it. Any idea how long it takes for him to return??

    • He appears randomly at different times, he appeared 3 times in about half an hour for me then I didn’t see him for the rest of the day so just keep a look out for him, he will probably be back soon!

  11. There is a very annoying and persistent pinging sound and what sounds like someone playing a pinball machine. Is it related to the newsboy, and how can I make it stop?

    • I haven’t heard this myself but you aren’t the only person who has told me they are experiencing this, I am not sure if it is related to the paperboy but hopefully it is just one of those small things that will be fixed in the next update!

  12. I am also not thrilled with this update. The hospital profession is boring. But at least we don’t have to clean up the hospital before beginning the profession, lol.

    I also wish there was more variety with the newspaper ad prizes. So far I have won 8 chairs, a strange window, 11 palm trees, and 6 beach towels. I prefer cash prizes. 🙂

  13. Do you think any of these new professions will be added to Life Dreams? It would be nice if the could add working at the hospital to the Geek category.

  14. I’m ok with the update and the start of the introduction of careers. I think the SFP team has been taking their FB comments into consideration since the police update. We saw a drop in sims you need to help in a shift at the movie studio and that carried into the hospital career by extending the shifts to 12 hours and making the tasks a little longer so you don’t feel like you have to babysit the game. It seems they’re in the process of tweaking these to please everyone. They did say this is the last one for the year and it is still nice that there are no time limits so you can take your time for some gameplay.

  15. The sims FreePlay is really good. I like trying to max out my LPs with the watch n earn. Thanks for the blog.😉

  16. Hope this might help others who are having the same problem with the hospital building before the train.

    I uploaded my save data to the cloud, deleted the game from my device & re installed. Suddenly I can build the express train & start the quest.

  17. What happens if I click the more button with the newspaper boy? Do the rewards pile up, or does it just give me the latest one that I won?

  18. Hi I love your blog, it’s very informative. I was wondering if you can update the careers salary pay and put one for the hospital I want to know which career pays more, I would really appreciate it.

    • I will when I start the hospital, I have just started back at college so I don’t have the time so spend all day on my game to complete these long profession careers right now unfortunately.

  19. It’s so sad that they increased the Social Flower Plant to 20SP. I just watched your video on how to get more SP quick, i’m excited to try that however, right now it cost 20SP. Any other tip on how to get more SP?.. by the way, i really love your tips.. i’m doing your tips on how to get LP fast.

  20. I find the special money we need to buy resources at the professions becoming a hindrance; I don’t seem to earn it fast enough. For example, on the movie profession I keep earning resources but not enough special coins, then my storage becomes full and I don’t have enough coins to increase it! I will have to keep working and losing resources until I gather the 20,000 coins (insane!) needed to increase the storage a tiny little bit. Unless I want to spend LP to increase the storage! Anyone else have this problem?

    • You aren’t the only one with this issue- I think we have all experienced it! Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that can be done apart from asking EA to reduce the amount it costs to upgrade the storage but I don’t think that will happen!

  21. I have completed all the resources for general practices, and my sim is also level 6 but i am still unable to build Gen practice, keep asking for VIP stuffs, pls guide me thanks

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