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The Sims Freeplay- FIRST LOOK Christmas 2016 update!


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

This post is a sneak peak of the magical rainforest and new items from the Christmas 2016 update!

The sea voyage boat will take you to the magical rainforest! (which has begun! Click here to read my post on this new community event!)


and your sims will become tiny in this cute little world!

Enjoy a tea party..

Be serenaded at the campfire..

Swing or Snuggle..

Don’t forget the toilet!

Fairy dance beneath the mushrooms..

Have a long bounce on a spider web..

Slide and Swim..

Take a trip in the leaf canoe..

Make ladybug friends..

And fly like a fairy!

Also don’t forget to check it out at night!



NOTE: The Prince and The Pocket-Sized Princess Community Event post can be found here!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version


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38 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- FIRST LOOK Christmas 2016 update!

  1. It tells me wait for the next event,why? Pls help me

  2. Is it just me or does that quest look like it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas or even winter?

  3. My Sims FreePlay updated yesterday. Now I cannot wait to unwrap the gift.

  4. What if we don’t have the boat unlocked?!

  5. Is this a place to just hangout or is it a quest?

  6. I already upgrade the game, but I can’t play the fairy quest because there is a key sign in it and say that I have to wait for the next event. Please help! 😥

  7. Is it out?

  8. How did u make this video if the event hasn’t started yet?

    Ps HOW did u get all that money? Did u buy most of it or did u just make ur sims work every day?

  9. Does the event give u anything or is it just a place for ur sims to relax?

  10. Very exciting. I am guessing there is no quest to go with this?

  11. So.. there are really no cool Christmas items? Just that fairy world ish?

    • The christmas decorations and items available in previous years can still be found in your home store.

      • Um this isn’t about this year’s quiz, but has anyone got a living teddy their Sims can cuddle? I broke with a lifetime rule and bought one, mainly because of poor abandoned Teddy in the film A.I. But no-one can pick him up to cuddle which rather spoils the point. Yet they show cuddling on trailers for the Christmas event he was the prize for.
        He’s about as grumpy as the Spielberg Teddy too, refusing to ride his trike and ignoring everyone when he’s reading or on the computer. Has anyone got round these problems please? I want to give Teddy a happy home.

      • I brought him too on my game I didn’t win him on because I just couldn’t resist! A toddler can cuddle him 🙂 you can’t make him do anything though, he has free will unless you get a sim to communicate with him.

    • So far, I have 5773 flowers before Giant Journeys.

      The SimTown Market event is keeping me busy in parallel, as I’m 2/3 of the way through that.

      Still have plenty of work stations to build: two or more in each workplace. The volcanic island looks like taking years to build.

      Geoffrey Tobin


    • Hopefully lots of people will join the fun! Global progress is a mite slow.

      My personal goals are halfway.

      Meanwhile I have just completed the Winter Woolies market event.

      Geoffrey Tobin


  12. I’ve discovered a glitch with the Holiday 2016 update: all of the Simoleons I’d saved up in each of the three professions – medical, movie and police – were deleted with the update! I had about 39,000 at one station, but unfortunately I overwrote the backup data once I started playing the new fairy game, and I didn’t discover the loss until I’d written over that backup. The other problem is that now, if I sell an asset at one of the profession stations (for instance, I sell some rolls of bandages at the medical center), the value of the sale is not added to the balance, and the balance remains 0 Simoleons! I’ve just reported this to Firemonkeys so if /when I get a reply I’ll repost, but in the meantime wonder if you’ve heard of anyone else having this problem. I did, of course, try deleting the app completely and reloading it, but no joy.

    • How annoying! I haven’t heard anyone else with this issue yet but hopefully Firemonkeys will be able to help you!

      • Updating my progress with Firemonkeys to fix my game, not so satisfactory! Two days after I submitted the trouble ticket, I received an email that said “We have made some changes to your game which will be applied shortly.” But they didn’t actually fix my game, instead they rewarded me with some extra LPs and bumped my VIP level from 3 to 8! Unfortunately the lost currency in the Professions were not restored, and the problem of not getting credit for selling resources at each Profession, etc. has not been fixed. It’s been several days now since I emailed them back that my game still isn’t working properly. Frustrating!

        I don’t deny that having the Level 8 VIP status is nice, as I would never have spent that kind of money. I never again have to worry about taking care of my Sims needs, all extra the Rainbow Cake slices per day takes care of that.

        However, I can’t find any change in the Town Hall Button nor do I see a new button for collecting all revenue. Those are two features which supposedly should have been added with the Level 8.

        Thanks so much for your ongoing help! You’ve made playing the game so much more fun! I’d have given up long ago if your valuable knowledge, clear explanations and problem-solving weren’t available.

        Happy New Year!

  13. Hey have you noticed that we cannot get to claim the 5 constructor points anymore after claiming or buying a prize in the daily goals ?

  14. Hi were can i find the prince ? To unlock the next chapter

  15. Hello, is there any update whatsoever regarding the update for us windows phone users?! Seems like we are yet again forgotten.


    • The update has been created but it has to be approved by windows before it hits the app store and they are taking an awfully long time about this! I haven’t heard any updates yet unfortunately 😦

  16. I like playing sims and I love reading your post. My question. My German Shepard is at my magical rainforest. How did it get there? I can’t get it home

    • This will be a glitch, if you click on the German shepherd and select relocate you can move it to a different house, once there you will be able to move it back to the previous house it lived at.