The Sims Freeplay- Chocolate Lover’s Carnival Event


This is a brand new time limited hobby event that is only available for 8 days, complete this hobby event to unlock carnival outfits for adult sims. There are 6 packs to unlock so you will need to complete the chocolatier hobby collection 6 times in the time limit to unlock all the outfits:

The chocolatier hobby post can be found here if you have never done this hobby before!
I won’t be completing this event myself as I have a lot going on right now.

You need to firstly accept this event, click yes then you can buy a chocolatier bench from the promotions r us store (you can buy 4 for 500 then the price increases each time, you can have a maximum of 15 or 19 if you already brought 4 previously)

Then it can be found in your inventory under hobby and career items so you can place it in your house:



-buy as many chocolatier benches as possible to have as many sims as you can working on it

-you can have a sim in a neighbours town working on it too if you don’t want to buy anymore benches!

-have at least one sim working on getting to level 6 so all chocolates are unlocked (you only need one sim to reach level 6) you may need to use LPs to speed your way through the levels- I waited until the time was 1 hour 59 minutes and used 1 LP to speed up one sim so they reached level 6

-if you do want to speed it up, wait at least 15 minutes until the timer is 2 hours 59 minutes or below then it will only cost you 2LPs instead of 3! This post may help if you want a quick way to earn LPs.

-remember to click start new collection on the top of the hobby collection list once you have got all the pieces otherwise you won’t find any new items, this post tells you how to do that.

-most importantly: just keep going! I know it’s annoying when you get the same one constantly but you will eventually get the ones you need- and remember these events always come back so don’t worry if you don’t complete it this time!


You can find the outfits for free in the wardrobe for adult sims, each pack contains one outfit for a female adult and one outfit for a male adult


Thanks Izzy for this picture!


Thanks Nicole for this picture!


Thanks Nicole for this picture!


Thanks Johnny for this picture!


Thanks Johnny for this picture!


Thanks Nicole for this picture!

These are all the outfits you can unlock!




13 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Chocolate Lover’s Carnival Event

  1. I’m assuming you can buy the 15 benches like with recent hobbies. Not including the 4 you have if you compleated the similar event last time. The price does go up each one. You get 4 for 500. Than the price jumps drastically.

  2. With 7 days left, I have 2 of the 6.

    I think this one is probably a lot more doable than the last two events that we’ve had, but I had gotten a Sim to level 6 once before so I didn’t need to level anyone up.

  3. I’m also not even bothering trying to do this one. I’m still so mad about the French chateau one and I’m probably not gonna be doing many events from now on

  4. From the latest update’s release notes, looks like the “Romantic Island” Event is coming back. Is this true? Do you know anything about it?

  5. Not so excited about this one. I’m only using 2 Sims. I’m not all that interested in the costumes especially since they only include adult versions. It would be a bit more interesting if they at least included them for all age levels. Also don’t like both time options are long.

  6. I have 5 days left and have won 3 of the 6 costume sets. It seems to be going faster than normal. I think they got the message loud and clear that we weren’t happy about the French event. I took a year off, so I didn’t do the chocolate event last time.

  7. This event is easier than the others. I have only 4 Sims working (3 when I forget to leave one of the others free to do the quests), because I didn’t want to spend much, and I hadn’t reached level 6 prior to the event and I’ve already gotten 2 outfits.

  8. I completed this hobby and I agree that the costumes are not that wonderful, but I noticed something when I finished. You now only get 2 LPs when you complete the collection and you used to get 3 LPs. I do hope that this doesn’t become the norm across many more hobbies.

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