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The Sims Freeplay- Day Care Update!


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

The new update is out now! This post contains a sneak peak of some of the cuteness and cracking ‘egg-ventures’ to come in this Easter themed Day Care update!


This event will contain a new event- Day Care Live Event (live events if you haven’t done one before are similar to community events but don’t have community prizes, you just have personal prizes to unlock)

Click here for that post! just a note if you did the French Romance Community Event then you will find the candle arts and crafts station you need to place in the goals at the beginning of the Day Care Live Event in your inventory

Completing this event unlocks NEW ITEMS, some are shown in the pictures below:

The grand prize for completing this event in the time limit is the toddler playground template! This is a house lot with the toddler playground at the back of it and an empty plot to build your own house or day care center on it: Β 

The only difference between building on a premium lot instead of a standard is the plot of land you can build on is bigger like all premium residences, the playground at the back is the same.

In the playground you will find a slide, swing (an adult is required for this action), seesaw, sandpit and playhouse. As well as seating and barbecues for your adult sims to use.


  • Of course there will be the annual Easter Egg Hunt Event
  • The Aerobics Event will be back (for those who didn’t manage to complete it last time) (complete the Grooving Guru Quest to unlock this hobby event)

It also looks like we will still be able to reverse a sims age for FREE in this update!

I was so exciting when I opened the beta and saw some of the new items!! I especially love that there are going to be changing tables for babies:

The reading island is also very cute:

And I cannot wait to build my very own daycare center!

Check out my video on the new update here:

And that’s really all I know right now, I’ll be creating posts on the new events as they are released!

Thanks for reading!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version


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48 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Day Care Update!

  1. Your blogs with sims freeplay advice are SO helpful to me…..especially when you mention or show prices as I worry about being cost-scammed. I HATE the prices in this game but I do love this version so imma try to persevere. Thank you for your much needed help so people like me can have gaming joy in our lives. Hugs! Sincerely, Mary ________________________________

  2. Oh, dear, I just chose to start the Extreme Home Takeover before I looked to see what you posted. Thankfully, it is short. Do you know if I’ll have time to get the Guru quest done before the Aerobics event starts? I’m already doing the Teen Idol, Flying Broomstick, and Finger Painting times hobbies!!

    Haha, I’m a wee bit sleep-deprived . . .

    Thank you for the info! I want all this gorgeous baby stuff, I really hope it is possible!!

    • Unfortunately I don’t know when the aerobics event will be available but I’m guessing it will be after the Dream Daycare Live Event so you might have a bit of time! But if you are sleep deprived then maybe just have a little rest, I’m sure it will be back! πŸ™‚
      You’re welcome! Me too!

      • Thanks for replying! πŸ™‚ I managed to complete the Teen Idol and the Finger Painting in time, but that Broomstick one. URGH! I did end up churning through my whole LP savings. *sniffle* I wish it had a shorter option than the 4 and half hour one. Even with the 2 and half hour spell casting, I had a hard time!

        Got the Guru started and progressing nicely through the Daycare goals. Really hoping I’ll complete the whole thing! Is the Easter event going to have time pressures, too?

      • Yes the Easter event will also have a time limit but usually they are quite easy to complete in that time so hopefully they haven’t changed that!

      • I have not done the Guru quest yet, when it was available last time I was busy with another quest. What would you recommend to me,

        Option 1: do the quest right now – that is after the ongoing event is over – failing to complete the hobby as almost everybody did, so that when the event is available again one doesn’t start from scratch, that is at least one sin has already levelled up during the first attempt

        option 2: wait until the event is available once again, hoping this time rules will be a little easier?

        Thanks in advance as usual for your tremendous help!

      • The event is going to be the same as the one you get once you complete the quest anyway so I would just leave it for now and do it at your own time. They have changed it so that your sim now levels up a lot quicker so you will probably complete it first time!

  3. I wonder if they will have a teacher career that will go with it. You need to have an adult at a daycare.

    • There is already a teacher career so they probably won’t make another one. The playground template will be like a normal house lot so you will be able to send any of your adult sims there to be the teacher and look after the children πŸ™‚

  4. Hello i need some sims player add me on fb i need more neighbors plz my game id butterfly3010 i need neighbors wit big xp farm n lp farm plz it so hard win lp

  5. It’s a bummer that the Laura Craft from last live event can’t be used in this latest live event

  6. hii!! Is it better to work longer and collect bonus or shorter for more?
    Candles 250 for 2hours for example, but only 450 for 6 hours?! Which way works out best xxx

  7. Hi, Don’t know if it’s just my version of the game but since I’ve installed the daycare update I’ve lost all my architect-designed house options on vacant lots. Very frustrating. Thanks for your really helpful blog.

  8. Hi πŸ™‚ I love your blogs, but when does this event happen? It’s started on my iPad but not my phone, yet I’ve updated it. Please help πŸ™‚

  9. Can you send toddlers and infants to the daycare center while their parents are at work?

  10. Thank you for posting this, as always, you are a tremendous help!

    I hope we’re all able to complete this. Good luck to everyone. Happy simming.

  11. Hello i am new player. My question is not related to this new event. What i want to ask is do Adidas Original for Male package will comeback if i missed once? What kind of package that will comeback and will not comeback? I already bought the female version as it is always available. Somehow i missed the male version.Thanks in advance

  12. How did you get the wallpaper??

  13. How do you have your sim collect art and craft items from crafting stations? I’ve clicked on my woodworking station and there’s not an option to collect.

  14. In your picture with the toddler table and chairs, what is the object next to the rocking horse and where/how did you get it? Thanks!!

    • That is the aeroplane rocker but that isn’t my game, it is the beta version I get early access to so I don’t have the rocker and I’m not sure which of the prize packs it will be in on this event if any! It might be a prize coming later in the update if its not in this event.

  15. I can’t unlock my prize for little scribler and master cook. I made 15k of pottery and 84 of construction but still I can’t unlock those 2. I hope you could help me. Thank youu

    • You don’t have enough coins so far, for Master Cook you need 10,900 candles, 5,600 pottery and 90 constructor coins to purchase and for Little Scribbler you need 7,300 candles, 3,750 pottery and 60 constructor coins to purchase.

  16. Hi! I noticed in your post you have some really cute toys in the background like the penguin and horse on the shelves- do these come with this update or another one? Thank you!

  17. What is are your favorite prizes in this event

  18. The live event is over, but the games says I can continue to unlock the remaining items for a 3 more days. How do I do that? I’m no longer able to make more crafts.

  19. Hi, have I missed the Easter Egg Hunt somehow? I downloaded the update and did the daycare quest, I’m level 54 so I know it’s not a levelling thing? I really need sleepwear but it’s like every time there’s an event to get it I get a glitch!
    Thank you again for this blog, I’ve said this before but I really would have given up on Sims if it weren’t for you!

  20. Hi. Can you please confirm, do we need to buy all of the prizes, from the event menu (so not just unlock them, but use our resources to buy them) to be able to get the playground? Or, is just unlocking them all, including the final coins and SP enough? Thank you! Michelle.