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The Sims Freeplay- Penthouses Update!


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

This latest update is really exciting as you can probably tell by the title we are going to be unlocking penthouse apartments!


Sims and the City Quest – complete this discovery quest to unlock penthouse apartment templates in downtown (where the hospital is located)

Unable to start this quest even though you meet the requirements? They have fixed this issue with a data push, to see these changes you will need to force close the app and I would also recommend restarting your device, you should then be able to begin the quest! 


AVAILABLE NOW-> Custom Closets Live Event– unlocks new wardrobe components such as a vanity and dress closet!

NEW HOBBY EVENT: Love is Blinds (no longer available) unlocks curtains and blinds!
IMPROVED MYSTERY BOX SHOP: Loads more prizes available including items not previously featured in the game! Click on the gift box at the front of your house to see the changes:

NOTE: if you play on a Windows Phone you will not get this update as Firemonkeys have stopped updating the game for Windows Phones.


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55 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Penthouses Update!

  1. These events look very promising. Hopefully they will be helpful to players who want more Sims, maybe even bigger families. I really love the new gift items boxes. Can’t wait till it’s release. 🤗

  2. When the Teen Life event ended, I told myself I will not play until the next update because I used up 30+ LPs during the last hour and then I forgot the sims I still needed to speed up and didn’t complete the final set so I was so annoyed at myself. This game seems to update more frequently lately I can’t get away from it very long.

  3. Oh my, the party update was great, but this one is even better! I hope we can get all the stuff. It just bothers me that they aren’t bringing back the old events, so I’m afraid we’ll never get what we miss the first time. Well anyway, good luck to you and thank you for this amazing blog. xx

  4. Okay. I am NOT a fan of the new boxes. They entirely got rid of the LP, SP, and most of the island resources in one fell swoop? Not cool. Those were the entire reasons I got the boxes!

    • I totally agree. The LP’s and SP’s were the main reason I worked hard to complete the weekly tasks!!! Even using LP’s to meet the goal, thinking I would get reimbursed once I reached the 10-Key box. Please bring them back.

    • I saw a 10 LP in the common prizes and 15,000 simoleans and some monument resources as well so I think they are still there, I just don’t know how common it will actually be to get them now especially because I see a lot of furniture. I was saving up for the Luxury 10 key box myself and only managed to get it one time since I started playing. I did notice that if you continue to exit out on the mystery boxes and go back to click the i in the bottom right corner you can see some of the different prizes each time.

    • I agree, Kim! The furniture and outfits are okay, but I really liked the abundance of SP, LP and rare island resources that I got when I saved up the keys after two and a half months of weekly goals!

      • Yeah no more mystern key collecting for me. I have no desire to get random furniture that won’t match my houses. Really disappointing change, as I was just finishing my 10th key and now I’m ending up with loads of useless and unwanted furniture for it.

      • I must be the only person who loves that they have added new items never before seen in the game!

      • Just wanted to update on WHAT I actually got from using up 6 of my 10 keys:
        – A tapis rug
        – Delice fireplace I missed during that French event
        – Red retro stool
        – Blue canape sofa
        – Tan deck chair
        – Long leather couch
        – Wood outdoor side table
        – Poolside table white/black
        – Japanese dining table
        – Elegant coffee table
        – Vegetarian’s nightmare BBQ
        – 2 windows
        – 4 study desks
        – 2 outdoor potted plants
        – 1 pearl for the Springs of Fortune
        – Wizard outfits

        So yeah – pretty much all furniture that you didn’t care enough to get in earlier quests, and you probably aren’t super excited to get right now. No LP, no SP, no simoleons.

    • I agree! Totally ruined it for me

  5. Are there only 3 mystery box prices? The highest being 6 keys? Or is there still a 10 key price?

  6. Based on the description the content looks great, nBut I can’t open the app now. it keeps crashing.

    • Mine did this when I first updated, I force closed the app and restarted my device and after a few times it stopped crashing so just keep trying and it should eventually stop crashing.

  7. How do I access the Mystery Box keys if I went back before selecting any prizes?

  8. I’m having problems opening the app, when I open the game it almost instantly crashes. I have tried everything you name it, restarting the device, closing the app etc. Any solutions

    • Mine did this when I first updated, I force closed the app and restarted my device and after a few times of opening and force closing when it crashed it stopped crashing.

  9. I agree, I basically do the weekly goals for the monuments prizes and don’t much care about free furniture…AND I had keys saved up toward a box and so got one of the new ones right away, and it was like 95% really ugly floor and wall options. Ick.

    I’m also really bummed there are no more architect houses. Even if I can’t afford to build them, they’re fun to look at.

  10. I noticed in the “rare” items of the mystery box shop there are some gingerbread furnitures (gingerbread wallpaper, kitchen, etc…)- can I only unlock those by buying a mystery box or is there a quest or live event I can complete to get those?

    • These were original part of a christmas quest but then became part of the chocolatier special time limited hobby event which will probably be back again one day but isn’t currently available.

      • Okay, thanks! I also have another question: if I have already unlocked some of the prizes in the last mystery box, is there still a chance of getting the prize anyway (even though it’s already unlocked so I won’t win anything)?

      • No, you won’t win prizes you already have unlocked but you can win the same furniture and items like that.

  11. So has the penthouse quest started? I’ve updated but the quest hasn’t started on my game yet. TIA

  12. I like that the boxes are cheaper now, but yeah I wish they still came with LPs which were the most valuable to me. I like that they are including some of the limited edition stuff and clothing outfits etc though, rather than items you can just buy yourself in the store.

  13. Can I start the penthouse quest at any time.. like in a few days? I am currently doing the simtown express quest because I hadn’t built it until now 😦

  14. How much are the penthouses? Are the first ones free? I just wanted to know how much money I’ll need to save up before I finish the quest!

    • The prices vary depending on how many other houses you have already built in your simtown, it is not a requirement in the quest to build a penthouse so you can take as much time as you need to save up.

  15. Hello there…
    I wanted to thank you for all your posts as you helped me alot in my quests..
    Unfortunately after the penthouse update.. the app didn’t open and crashed…
    So I reinstalled the app, and still crashes and doesn’t open ..
    I tried everything you suggested, restart and force closing, but still crashing…
    I even contacted the support team and told me to force close better than reinstalling, but I was already reinstalled the app…
    I really dunno what to do, if you could help me I’d be so grateful…
    I miss my game so much, and I hope that I don’t miss the new event…
    Thanks in advance…

    • Sorry but I am unable to fix technical issues, you will need to contact them again and tell them you have already done that and it didn’t work to see what else they can suggest.

  16. Hi there!
    Your blog has been incredibly helpful since I started playing this game earlier this year so thank you very much! I’ve even referred my brother —who just started playing SF— to your blog!

    The new update seems promising although the ‘Love Is Blinds’ event is coming up and I’m desperately trying to level up my sims in the woodworking hobby but it is so slow in doing so. Are there any tips in leveling up quicker? Which option should I go for (5hrs or 12hrs)? And do you think it will be quicker to level up when the hobby event begins?

    Have a nice day! ❤️

    • I’m glad it helps!
      For some reason this hobby is very slow at levelling up but if you want to level up quicker it is best to select the longest option. Sometimes for these events they make it easier to level up during the event, the percentage increases quicker, so hopefully they are for this one, I’m currently sitting at an airport waiting to fly home so that post isn’t up yet but it will be when I get home 🙂

  17. Can’t wait to see your designs!

  18. Anyone else having trouble with sims woohooing in the penthouse, my sims wo t use the bed

  19. Hi I’m just wondering if anyone knows where the purple tree toddler bed came from and how I can get it????? Thanks!!

  20. Hello! your blog is a lifesaver! I was just wondering where you got the dividers (in the kitchen/ sitting room) that are in the first house of the video. Was it the love is blinds quest?

    • I’m glad it helps! The dividers will be added to your home store once you complete the sims and the city discovery quest under the decorations section, you unlock loads of other items too once you complete this quest!

  21. I built the cheapest penthouse template and tried to connect the 2 buildings, but I can’t seem to add rooms or a pool 😟. I saved up a lot of simileons in order to do this and now I am stuck! Have anyone else had this problem?

  22. I made a gingerbread penthouse and I was wondering Is there a way to submit a penthouse?

  23. Awesome

  24. Is there a limit to how many penthouses you can build?