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The Sims Freeplay- Halloween 2017 Update


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/Firemonkeys

Halloween is back in Simtown which means a Halloween quest is on its way very soon!

HALLOWEEN QUEST: Ghost Flustered (available now!)- complete in the time limit to unlock body paint and new Halloween themed sleepwear


  • Halloween Chocolatier Hobby Event (not available yet)- did you miss out on the Halloween costumes unlocked last year? This year you can unlock them by completing the Chocolatier Hobby Event!

  • Aerobics Hobby Event (not available yet)- another new Aerobics Event will be available to unlock brand new active wear (no idea why they are doing another one so soon!)


  • Charming Barber Event (not available yet)- this time limited hobby event will be returning for your chance to unlock male hairstyles by completing the fashion designer hobby  (the link takes you to the post from last time so you can see what hairstyles are available)
  • French Romance Live Event (not available yet)- did you miss out on the French Chateau last time? This live event will be back! (the link takes you to the post from last time so you can see what prizes are available)

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Author: weightlessmagic

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14 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Halloween 2017 Update

  1. I don’t care that much about Halloween stuff, but I’m so happy the French event is coming back! I completed it the first time, but I lost my game a few days later, it was so frustrating and I’ve been waiting all these months for it to come back.

  2. I didn’t finish the haunted house quest in time and missed out on the haunted mansion. Any way to get this back?

  3. Yay! The french romance event! I’m so excited!

  4. Thank you for the information as always you are a tremendous help!

  5. Anyone else noticed the preteens on sims freeplay are now called “tweens”?

  6. Hello! I have an android, and can’t find the sims app in my play store to update it for the Halloween challenge. Any advice? Thanks!

  7. My halloween quest offers a haunted house that Sims can live in.

  8. Are there any quests/hobbies etc. that unlock more male teen hair styles? There seems to be so many different events that unlock more hair styles for adults but not male teens and I hate the basic ones. Thanks!! And love your blog

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