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The Sims Freeplay- Christmas 2017 Update


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/Firemonkeys

It is finally Christmas again in Simtown! Snow is falling- or is it?!

CHRISTMAS QUEST: Snow Problem (no longer available)- complete the 13 sets of goals in the time limit to unlock the stunning Snow Chalet!

NEW LIVE EVENT: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (no longer available)- complete this brand new live event to unlock new hairstyles (including the one you have all been asking about!) and Hair Salon items to build your own salon!


Take a tour of the Hair Salon I created here:


Street Smarts Hobby Event (no longer available)- another Aerobics Hobby Event is coming soon (anyone else bored of this hobby having a time limit constantly?!)

The Teen Life Hobby Event will be back (available now!)- complete the teen idol hobby to unlock items for your teen sims!  (the link takes you to the post from last time so you can see what items are available)


And it wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas themed items and gifts! Between 5th-10th we will receive a daily Christmas gift, check out the post here!

Here is a house I have created with the Christmas themed items and new items that are available in this update:

The Sims Freeplay team are looking for Christmas themed houses to be submitted for the chance to be featured in the architect homes tab so get creating!


PLEASE NOTE: users using older versions of Android will no longer be supported so you will not get this update, you’ll need Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) or higher to continue playing The Sims Freeplay on your Android device, if you do not have this the Halloween Update is the last update you will receive and if you uninstall the game you will not be able to reinstall it. You can see more information on this on the Firemonkeys website

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!




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I'm a 22 year old from England who is passionate about being creative, I would like to say I'm good with words but I'm really not! Hopefully you will find my blogs helpful and entertaining! Enjoy! x

51 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Christmas 2017 Update

  1. I read on the firemonkeys site that anyone with an android running older than Ice cream Sandwich (4.0) will not receive this update or any future ones.

  2. My sims freeplay has updated but I can’t do the quest :/

  3. Hello and thank you for another insightful blog post! Just in case players are unaware, this update is also not available for people playing on devices with older versions of Android software (you must have 4.0 Ice cream sandwich or higher). I saw that Firemonkey’s have said that the Halloween update is the last one that will work for any Android version lower than 4.0.

  4. How do you do the update ? Is it automatic ?

  5. Just curious if you would know, but I use my Kindle Fire to play Sims Freeplay. Will it still work on that? I tried finding the answer but had no luck. I’m thinking probably not because I have not seen the update yet for Christmas. Its still Haloween.

  6. Hi I have this on both my iPhone and my Fire which is new it updated on the iPhone not the fire is that not going to update

  7. Is the prince and pocket sized princess quest going to come back? I missed it last year and I never did the quest!

  8. I was able to download the update, but I’m not able to open the game. It just freezes on the update in progress screen that reads “Your game is updating”.

  9. Please tell me whether I need to build a store in the sunset mall or do I have to build the hair salon in the city in order to be able to get the “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow” – quest. Please I want to be prepared*-*

  10. Hello,

    Can we do the Christmas Quest and a discovery quest at the same time?

  11. I’m wondering about the hairstyle–iThere are “glamorous hairstyles” that have just been made available in the store for real money. Do you happen to know if those styles will be a part of the upcoming hair salon quest? I’m wondering if its worth spending the actual money or not, because when I have in the past, the outfits, hairstyles, or whatever else becomes available for simoleons and I feel totally ripped off because I assumed that because they were in the store for actual money, they would not be available otherwise. They never used to do it that way, to my knowledge, and I hope this isn’t a ploy to get people to spend money for things they would have the chance to earn in-game 😕. Thank you for your time and all that you put into this site–i don’t bother googling for answers anymore because I know that you will have them, or be able to get them! You are an awesome human being and I thank you!!

    • The female glamorous hairstyles look similar to one from the mean curls event: just in a different colour but I don’t recognise the male one. I know what you mean though, those ‘brand new’ activewear outfits from the last moovers n groovers event turned out to have been on sale previously! I don’t like it when they do things like that as it isn’t fair, if you can win them you should be able to before they put them in the store, the only things in the store should be those items not available anywhere else and those from say quests that you can only get if you buy them from now on, not ones that will later become available to win in the game, it also makes me wary of buying anything!
      You’re very welcome, sorry I couldn’t be much help!

  12. Any ideal about the start of the hairstyle and teen live event?

    • The hair salon live event will start after the christmas quest is over, it is meant to start on the 26th December but this may change and the teen event will begin a few days after the live event is over.

  13. I noticed that the build time for houses is 5 min now? I built a few and now it’s up to 30 min. I tried deleting a couple, but it’s still 30 mins. Do you know what affects the build time now?

    • Building new houses still affects the build time but they have decreased the time a lot, so mine used to take over 3 days to build and they now take 8 hours, so it will increase but not too much.

  14. I just saw that you can preview the chalet before the end of the quest–definitely have wished I had that option in past quests! So excited about the chalet now–the indoor balcony overlooking the living room is so awesome! There are so many unique features in it–i wonder if we will be able to use them building houses on the chalet template in the future, I hope so! 🙂

  15. I can’t update my game
    so I’m still using the high school update
    any ideas?

  16. Thanks for another helpful blog. I’m really disappointed that we have to use a lot of SP’s for the items, especially with a live event following behind. Do you know how much the snow chalet is after you use the free one? Many thanks

  17. How do we redeem the free mystery box?

  18. When doing this particular event, I invited 6 sims to the chalet during the turn where you have to persuade the grouch. (I wanted to see how many sims fit on that big sofa!) As they were landing at the door, one of my sims was struck by lightning. Has this ever happened to you? There was a narration that popped up and it said, “One of your sims was struck by lightning! He feels fully charged,” or something like that (I wasn’t smart enough to catch a screen cap) but the sim was — as promised — fully charged and topped up on all his needs. I didn’t know this was a thing; do you think it’s just for this quest only or is this possible in any thunderstorm weather? I confess I don’t usually play with the weather like I could. Maybe lightning strikes and charges sims on a regular basis.

  19. Hi so I don’t have candy canes. They just aren’t there 😦 can you help me ?

  20. Hi! I am at the “feed Prancer” part of the quest, but he is nowhere to be found! I grew the carrots and harvested them, and then it said to feed Prancer, but I’ve looked everywhere and he isn’t there! 😦 is this a glitch or am I missing something? Thanks!

  21. When “Boutique Hair Event” will be held again? I MISSED IT, I need long hairstyles for my sims

  22. you have any ideas when the hair today gone tomorrow event will start ?

  23. Hey did you simmers know that instead of using the all the counter tops to lay your appliances out you can put stuff underneath the cabinet tops on the counter… I just found this out a few days ago while I was playing it only works with the chalet counter tops…

  24. Will the mean curls hobby event come back in 2018…. started game this year and dying to get those styles… no one seems to know.

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