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The Sims Mobile- Wedding Quest

In this post I am going to explain how to get sims married in The Sims Mobile and how to complete the wedding quest.

Once you reach level 7 in the game and your sims reach the Lover stage of their relationship (level 7) you will get the option to complete the social event ‘Propose’ once you complete this you will unlock the wedding quest.

NOTE: Your sim that proposes needs to complete the following tasks

Wedding Stage 1 of 2

  • Sim has 3 friends to lean on- you need to complete the share interests social event with acquaintances and then begin a friendly story to make them friends with your sim

  • Work on wedding vows at the table- select the option on a table

  • Your partner needs you- reassure their cold feet (select the interaction on your sims partner)

Reward for completing Stage 1: 10XP

Wedding Stage 2 of 2

  • Have Wedding Arch- you can buy one from the featured section or garden section of build mode

  • Decorate with a Floral Pillar and Rose Lattice (you need two of these)- again you can find them in the featured section as shown in the image above
  • Time to Get Married under the wedding arch- select the option on the wedding arch then select who they want to get married to

Reward for completing Stage 2: 10XP

Your sims will now be married!

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The Sims Freeplay- Street Smarts Event

Another Aerobics hobby event is available, this event unlocks new outfits for your female adult sims (hopefully this time they are brand new and weren’t available in the online store previously!) You have 9 days to complete the aerobics hobby collection 7 times, each time you complete the collection you unlock a new smart streetwear outfit for your female adults.

If you haven’t completed the A Grooving Guru Quest yet you will not be able to complete this hobby event as you will not have access to the Aerobics Hobby yet

If you have completed the quest you will get a pop up to accept this event, it will remove the aerobic moves you have already created from the collection so you don’t get a head start.

If you say no you can start it from the active tasks tab, you will not get any extra time if you start this late.




-have more than one sim working on it, you can buy up to 14 aerobic steps from the promotions r us store and you can also use the one at the health hub so 15 sims can complete this hobby at once (see the Aerobics post for more information)
-if you don’t already have a sim at level 6 then do the longest option until they level up- they level up quickly in this hobby so it won’t take very long! You need to have a sim at level 6 to find all the moves to complete the collection (if you have previously completed the collection you do not need to get another sim to level 6 to complete this)
-if you already have a sim at level 6 or have completed the collection before then just do the warm up option over and over
-remember to click start new collection on the aerobics hobby collections list once you have got all the moves
-most importantly: just keep going! I know it’s annoying when you get the same one constantly but you will eventually get the ones you need.

Prizes: Outfits

You can find the new clothes in the tops, pants and shoes sections of the wardrobe for female adult sims:


1st Outfit:


2nd Outfit:


3rd Outfit:


4th Outfit:


Pictures of the other outfits will be added to this post as I unlock them

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Home Street- Tasks List

In this post I will be listing all the main stories and tasks to complete in Home Street, this post will be updated as I progress through the game.

How do I find the stories and tasks I need to complete?

Click on the notepad with the question mark on it and it will take you to the tasks:

Each story has tasks that you have to complete to be able to earn the reward, they may appear in a slightly different order for you than what I have listed below:

NOTE: seasonal events (that are only available for a limited time) are not in this post

The links on each story take you to the video I have created for it on youtube, if there isn’t a link then this video is coming soon!

Go With The Flow

  • Find and Collect 3 Tool Kits (complete 3 jobs to find them)
  • Find and Collect 5 Pipes (collect 5 products from any workstation to find them)

Reward: 100 coins and 2 gems

Mop Til You Drop

  • Find and Collect 5 Cleaning Products (complete jobs until you find them)
  • Find and Collect 10 Brooms (collect 10 Thoughts to find them)

Reward: 200 coins

Coming Up Roses

  • Own a Garden Bed (click on the shopping cart and buy one from the case symbol tab- shown in green on the image below, this tab is where you find all the workstations)

  • Collect 5 Products from your Garden Bed (grow vegetables, flowers etc.)

Reward: 100 coins

You Scratch My Back

  • Spend 250 coins on house decorations (buy decorations from the shopping cart)

Reward: 250 coins

Wheel of Fortune

  • Spin the Daily Wheel 5 times (you get one free spin a day, find the wheel in the park)

Reward: 5 gems


  • Own a Drafting Table (buy one from the workstations tab in the shopping cart)
  • Collect 5 products from your Drafting Table (create sketches)

Reward: 100 coins

If I Had A Hammer

  • Own a Woodworking Table  (buy one from the workstations tab in the shopping cart)
  • Collect 5 products from your Woodworking Table (craft bird houses, rocking horses etc.)

Reward: 100 coins

Market Player

  • Earn 50 coins by selling items in the Market (click on the market or the refresh symbol to get to the market, click create a sale to sell your items)

  • Spend 75 coins buying Products or Thoughts in the Market (click on friends or world at the bottom of the same page to buy items from players) I find it really annoying you have to wait 10 minutes to refresh the sales or use gems to refresh early, the items get sold in seconds!

Reward: 2 gems

Don’t Be A Stranger

  • Collect 3 Friend Thoughts (by inviting other players over, to do this go to the friends tab and click on the image above a players head, the item is what you will get when they have finished visiting you, underneath that is how much it will cost for them to visit, this varies depending on what you will earn, click invite and they will appear at your house) I usually go for the one that will earn me either friendship or helping hand because this costs 50 coins rather than spending notebooks or energy to invite someone over

  • Bookmark 5 other players (in the same tab as above, scroll along to players who aren’t bookmarked and click on their picture twice to visit them, once there in the corner it says bookmark in blue, click this and a pop up will appear saying you can develop a relationship with this player if you bookmark them, click add to bookmark them, they will now appear in the first section of the friends tab so you can find them easily)

Reward: 250 coins

Dressed for Success

  • Spend 500 coins on clothing (click on the wardrobe to buy clothes)

  • Make and hand in 5 Sketches (make 5 sketches then click hand in on this task)
  • Make and hand in 5 Creativity (make 5 creativity then click hand in on this task)

Reward: 2 gems and 10 XP

Game for Anything!

  • Complete 10 Game Show Challenge Tasks (click on the TV symbol to view your Game Show Challenge Tasks, complete 10 of these tasks to complete this)

Reward: 15 XP and 1 Bronze Token

Dream Weaver

  • Own a Loom  (buy one from the workstations tab in the shopping cart)
  • Collect 5 products from your Loom (knit wooly hats, socks etc.)

Reward: 100 coins

House Proud

  • Buy and place a new room (click on the trowel symbol in the shopping cart and click on build room in the bottom right hand corner, click on the green button in the middle of the room so drag to the position you want it and click on the green dots on the walls to resize the room)

Reward: 500 coins

Let There Be Light

  • Spend 50 coins on Doors (click on the trowel symbol in the shopping cart and click on the doors tab)
  • Spend 200 coins on Windows (click on the trowel symbol in the shopping cart and click on the windows tab)

Reward: 100 coins

A Matter of Taste

  • Spend 100 coins on Wallpaper (click on the trowel symbol in the shopping cart and click on the wallpaper tab)
  • Spend 100 coins on Tiles (flooring) (click on the trowel symbol in the shopping cart and click on the floors tab)

Reward: 200 coins

A Homely House

  • Spend 300 coins on Living Room decorations
  • Spend 300 coins on Wall Items (click on the house symbol in the shopping cart and click on the photo frame symbol to find wall items)

Reward: 300 coins

Supplies Party

  • Own a Supply Shed  (buy one from the workstations tab in the shopping cart)
  • Collect 5 products from your Supply Shed (order dye or tool boxes etc)

Reward: 150 coins

The Great Outdoors

  • Spend 500 coins on Outdoor Plants (click on the sun symbol in the shopping cart and click on the trees tab)
  • Spend 200 coins on Outdoor Decor (click on the sun symbol in the shopping cart and click on the fence tab)

Reward: 500 coins

Rib Tickler

  • Own a BBQ Smoker  (buy one from the workstations tab in the shopping cart)
  • Collect 5 products from your BBQ Smoker (make corn on the cob, sausages etc.)

Reward: 150 coins

Just Chillin’

  • Own a Fridge  (buy one from the workstations tab in the shopping cart)
  • Collect 5 products from your Fridge (prepare meats etc.)

Reward: 200 coins


This post will be updated as I complete more tasks!


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