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The Sims Freeplay- Home Makeover Update


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

Time to make some home improvements in the latest update with the introduction of indoor balconies!

NEW LIVE EVENT: Backyard Beautification Live Event (available now) complete this live event to unlock some amazing new furniture, decor and planters for your sims gardens!

Check out my Garden Tour here using items from this event!

NEW DISCOVERY QUEST: All Mezzed Up Quest (not available yet, available from 3rd April) Bree is back, complete this quest to unlock Mezzanine floors (indoor balconies!)

How do I add Mezzanine floors? Check out my post for help on how to add, resize and delete them!

What else is new?

There is now an interaction to prune and water your plants!

The Sea Voyage Boat Destinations are unlocked! Purchase the Tropical Romance Island and Magical Rainforest with simoleons!

Are any events returning?

The Chocolatier Special Event will be back (not available yet, available for 6 days from 26th March) so you can unlock the gingerbread house items and build your own gingerbread house! (the link will take you to the post from last time, I will update this when the event is back)

The Charming Barber Hair Event is coming back! (not available yet, available for 7 days from 14th April) Complete to unlock hairstyles for your male sims (the link will take you to the post from last time, I will update this when the event is back)

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13 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Home Makeover Update

  1. Wow this update looks so amazing!! The game developers keep outdoing themselves and I’m glad that they are still updating Sims Freeplay even though sims mobile is out (personally, Sims Freeplay remains my favourite, especially for building houses)!
    Anyway, I have a question about the sea voyage boat: since all the places are now unlocked, does this mean that there won’t be events for them anymore? And what about the spa community event- I’ve noticed it hasn’t been around for a long time. Also, in my game the places are already unlocked and I don’t have to pay for them, just for the things inside them, for example the beach bungalow. Is this because I have already unlocked these places in the previous community events?
    Thanks for your amazing blog!

    • I agree! Sims Freeplay will always be my favourite 🙂
      There will no longer be these two events but I don’t know about the spa event sorry!
      Yes, if you unlocked them previously you only have to buy the places you have left.
      You’re welcome!

  2. I was just wondering in the new update it says for the voyage boat you can buy the romance island or fairy island can you buy both ? Sorry for bothering you x

  3. Is there any reason to build the individual locations on Tropical Romance Island or on Magical Rainforest NOW with simoleons? Is there a benefit during a future Community event to having the areas built already? AND… do you know how long these locations will be unlocked for right now? (I’m building something else already and want to know if I should use LP to finish building the other site so I can fit in building these Sea Voyage locations before it locks again…!)

  4. Hello! I just updated the app and among the new stuff that you already covered, I also noticed there’s a new Mistery Box, the Island Villa Box, it’s worth 1 key and it’s gonna be there for another 41 days, at least for me. Do you how long is it gonna take me to unlock all items? Is that even possible? Thanks in advance !

    • It depends how many keys you already have, you can earn one key a week by completing all the weekly tasks so if you have no keys right now you should be able to buy a few of the packs

    • Even if you have zero keys upon start, its possible to unlock all items. You just have play nearly all weekly quests in the next 41 days.
      One key unlocks 8 Island Villa Box items randomly.
      If you wish to collect them all, you will need 5 keys.
      Starting from 13. March forty-first day falls on 22 April, so you actually have six week’s or six keys worth.
      After opening all Island Villa mystery boxes, the items will reset, so you can collect them again.

  5. Hi, thanks for all your work on the blog!

    I noticed a new live event has started but I don’t see it on my account. How do I get this update?

    Thanks for all your efforts!

  6. I am not fan of sims mobile. This sims freeplay update make me so happy 😀

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