The Sims Freeplay- Kids Party Update!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

Your preteen sims are going to love this action packed update!

NEW SEASONAL (time limited) QUEST: Inner Child’s Play Seasonal Event (no longer available) is only available for 7 days, complete in the time limit to unlock a treehouse!

NEW LIVE EVENT: Kids Party Live Event (no longer available) complete to unlock party items for your preteen sims!

What else is new?

Find 81 new preteen create a sim items in mystery boxes (complete all your weekly tasks to earn the keys needed to buy these boxes) There are 9 boxes to buy to unlock all the items and you have 63 days, luckily you won’t get any items more than once!

4 keys are needed for each box which I think is way too much! We only have 9 weeks so if you start with no keys the maximum boxes you can get in that time is 2 as you can only earn 1 key a week!

UPDATE: they have now changed this to 1 key instead of 4, if you spent 4 already you will get 3 keys back! Thank you EA for listening to our feedback!

I really love these items, I would have just preferred if they were added to the game without the need to unlock them with keys:

Unfortunately there are no new male preteen hairstyles in these boxes


Are any events returning? There are so many reruns in this update:

Prepped for Prom Hobby Event (no longer available) complete the fashion designer hobby to unlocks stunning prom outfits for your teen sims

Luxury Laundry Live Event (no longer available) complete to unlock laundry items!

Sleepwear Hobby Event (available now) complete the catwalk model hobby to unlock sleepwear for all your sims


Time Capsule/The Styles of Time Seasonal Quest (available now) complete the quest to unlock hairstyles and hats for your adult sims


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Live Event (not available yet, starts between June 4th-6th) complete to unlock salon items! (link is from the event last time it was available)

Community Challenges– started 21st May! If you are unsure how to complete them check out my post here!

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Thanks for reading!



56 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Kids Party Update!

  1. Yay salon and laundry item come back! Thank you for the update post 😙
    Finnaly more style for the preteen 😥

  2. If I haven’t finished the preparing for preteens quest, can I still got the quest, event and items below?

  3. Welp I’m not able to get preteens in time for these events (I stopped on that quest since it’s not timed, to stack up simoleons and stuff for the future quests and to make sure I have the availability needed to do every goal as soon as possible so I get all the limited time prizes), guess I’ll have to wait until they rerelease it. Looking forward to the hair today gone tomorrow return, though. Also, your quest descriptions are a true life saver, thank you, kind lady! ^.^

  4. Are the Preteen clothes in the normal weekly mystery boxes? Or are they their own special weekly mystery box like the recent villa mystery boxes? I can’t find the clothes in the game. 😦

  5. So are the preteen clothes/hair pack coming in their own boxes, like the island villa items? I’m excited for it but I really wished we didn’t have to keep spending our mystrey keys for these items!

  6. Where did I find preteen mystery box? All things I saw were only a normal mystery boxes

  7. Can’t find the “81 new preteen create a sim items”. Are they already available?

    Ps:tried to find them in rare, uncommon and common mystery boxes prize pool

  8. Thank you for posting this and giving us all a heads up on all of the upcoming events! I appreciate you! Happy simming!

  9. Hi! First of all, thank you for your guides and posts here, they’ve been a huge help.
    I wanted to ask – is there a specific date when the Mystery Boxes will list the kids’ items? I’m still working on the initial quest, and I only see the regular boxes in the Mystery Box shop. Will the special one show up after the first quest is completed?

  10. Hi, ive updated my game but cant seem to find the new preteen create a sim items amongst the mystery boxes? Are they supposed to be there like the island villa box was or am i looking in the wrong place?

  11. Wow, this update has totally killed my game app, it force closes for no reason and the players who are at work come home without earning simoleons, sims who are working on hobbies stop working, it’s like everything is wiped clean. Hope this is resolved soon! So glad don’t care about a treehouse!

  12. How do we unlock the new preteen CAS items? i just bought a mystery box but I didn’t get any of the preteen stuff.

  13. Hi, thanks for these new info. This blog help me so much while playing sims freeplay. So I’m asking does build a building that requires life orb would affect other building’s price? I want to build the arcade but I’m worried that other building that use simoleons might increase..

  14. Like this new update! I hope they do one for seniors soon, would be good to have more hair options and makeup and beards and things!

  15. Hello, thank you for your updated blog as always.. and i want to ask something that kind of out of context here.. i just wondering do you know why the preteens can’t sleep on the bunk bed? Cz mine can’t and i really hope they can make them sleep on the bunk bed.. thank’s before

  16. Awesome blog! Very helpful, but I have up dated to her game and haven’t found any of the preteen boxes you buy with keys? How do I get them cause they look real cool and I really want them?
    Thank you!

  17. I love this update! So much great new (for me) stuff. I never did the time capsule quest, but I have unlocked the hair in the marketplace. I guess that means I won’t see the quest. I am saving my keys for the new boxes with teen items, they look like a must have. I almost finished the hair today-event last time, so I am looking forward to completing it now. I think it is the only event left that I have started but not completed.
    I am a bit stressed about another craft event so soon, they are so hard to complete and I really want to unlock it all. I managed to finish the party event, but I had to spend quite a bit of sp to do so (thanks for the tip on using sp to finish the tasks last minute. I wouldn’t be able to complete the collection without the extra items I got that way) I won’t have time to load up on sp before the laundry event and soon after that it is time for the hair today. If I didn’t already unlock so much of the last one, I would probably give up before it started because the craft-events take so much time if you want to unlock all prizes.

  18. I wish they could add a new limited time hobby event, for the cooking hobby. I feel like that hobby has been abandoned by the development team. I do understand that you don’t work for EA or Firemonkeys, but I want to wish for a cooking event.

  19. In my game for the preeteen items it says eaxh box costs 4 keys. I was saving up keys and i was able to buy 2 boxes. It only lasts for 63 days so there is no way I can get enough keys. Is there any other way I can get all the items without spending money on keys.

    • I was very disappointed when I saw these boxes cost 4 keys each, 36 keys are needed in total so unless you have been saving up for a very long time (30 weeks!) it is not going to be possible to unlock all the boxes in the time limit without buying keys

  20. Is it possible to get all preteen boxes. One box cost 4 keys. We got 63 days. In thees time I can only get keys for the 2 boxes. You wrote there are 9 box. If they cost 4 keys we need 252 days to get all keys we need.

    • I know, I was very disappointed when I saw these boxes cost 4 keys each, 36 keys are needed in total so unless you have been saving up for over 30 weeks it is not going to be possible to unlock all the boxes in the time limit without buying keys

      • Hi! I’d like to thank you for your blog, first off!
        Second of all, I don’t mean to complain to you, but I was just wondering if you also think that they’re abusing a bit by making the boxes 4 keys each? I’m pretty sure most people have not been saving up that many keys, so it’s impossible for most of us to get all the boxes without paying money. On top of that, they keep giving us Live Events, which are super hard to complete without using SP (unless you happen to be someone who is able to play their game every 15 minutes to collect the bonus candles). I’m sorry, I know it’s not your fault. I’m just finding it quite frustrating lately how they make it almost impossible to complete these events without spending money. I don’t mind spending a little on this game to buy some special items that aren’t accessible by default in the store, but when it becomes necessary to be able to complete events or get boxes, I find that rather unfair… I mean, the games is called Sims FREEplay!! It’s pretty much cheaper to buy any other Sims game, because there’s only one price and no other money’s needed to complete the game!! It makes me wonder if more people have stopped playing this game because they equally became frustrated by how this game’s become.
        By the way, once again, I’m not complaining about you; I know you’re just the (awesome) messenger, and I was wondering what you thought about this!
        Thanks again!

      • I feel the same, I wrote in the post ‘4 keys are needed for each box which I think is way too much! We only have 9 weeks so if you start with no keys the maximum boxes you can get in that time is 2 as you can only earn 1 key a week!’
        We would need to have completed over 30 weeks of goals to have enough keys and that is just ridiculous, I have spoken to someone at EA about this and passed on my feedback

  21. So it looks like the complaints about the mystery boxes didn’t fall on deaf ears – just got a notification about them repricing the preteen boxes to 1 key each AND they returned the previously spent keys.
    Much better, the 4 keys pricing was unfair.
    Just makes me wonder if they’re also going to reimburse people who spent cash on getting the necessary keys. Methinks not.

  22. So I’ve been wondering, i managed to complete the kids party event and got all the party supplies and the house, but i can’t find the karaoke machine we used in the process of unlocking stuff. Is it hidden somewhere or is it not really something we can get?
    Sorry if this has already been answered, i looked but didn’t see anything about this.

  23. hi! i missed the kids party event because of lack of playing the game. so I haven’t played for months and just recently started playing when the pregnancy event came live. I wanted to know if it’s possible to get the kids party event back even if I already started the pregnancy event. thanks x.

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