The Sims Freeplay- Country Homestead Event


The country homestead event to unlock furniture is back again for 10 days (this wasn’t meant to be returning in this update so I’m not sure if it will be available for the full 10 days) To get all the country homestead furniture packs you need to complete the woodworking hobby collection 10 times! Once you unlock a furniture pack you get to keep it even if you don’t find them all. If you have never done the woodworking hobby click here for details.

This is the fourth time this event has been available, if you completed it last time you will not get this event again. If you won some of the packs last time then you will only have to unlock the ones you have left, for example, if you unlocked 5 packs last time you will only have 5 packs left to unlock this time. You need to buy a woodworking bench from the promotions r us store to complete this (or use the ones at the community center)

You need to firstly accept this event, it will remove the woodwork pieces you have already created from the collection so you don’t get a head start.

If you say no you can start it from the active tasks goal tab:

Once you have said yes you have to complete the collection 10 times in 10 days!



-have more than one sim working on it (the shortest option is now 5 hours)

-have at least one sim at level 6 or working on getting to level 6 if you haven’t done the hobby before so all pieces are unlocked then you can just keeping doing the 5 hour option over and over (if you have completed this hobby before you don’t need a sim to reach level 6 in this hobby again!)

-remember to click start new collection on the woodworking hobby collections list once you have got all the pieces so you can find them again

– don’t panic! They will bring it back again if you don’t manage to complete it this time, these events usually reappear a lot!
-most importantly: just keep going! I know it’s annoying when you get the same one constantly but you will eventually get the ones you need.


Walls– can be found in the wall section, first one of each is free after that they cost S100 (homestead) S125 (southern dawn) and S175 (charcoal rise)


Windows- can be found in the windows section, first one of each is free, after that the singles are S2,550 and the doubles are S4,500


Doors- can be found in the doors section, first one of each is free, after that the singles are S1,725 and the doubles are S2,625


Kitchen Essentials- these are counters and sinks, they can be found in the countertops section, first one of each is free, after that the counters are S15,000 and the sinks are S20,250


Living Space- this pack includes door frames and dressers! The door frames can be found in the door section and the dressers can be found in the bedroom section, the first one of each is free, then the door frames are S1,350 and the dressers are S7,500


Benchtops- these are counters that can be found in the countertop section, the first one of each is free, then they cost S16,500 (corner) and S15,000 (homestead dark and light)


Floorboards– can be found in the floor section, first one of each is free, after this they cost S750 each


Kitchen Suite– bright and marble counters can be found in the counter tops section and a vent and hood for an oven can be found in the kitchen section, first one of each is free, after this the hood costs S28,500, the vent costs S25,500 and the counters cost S15,000 each


Sideboards– these can be found in the counter tops section, the first one of each is free, then they cost S18,000 (split) S19,500  (wall) and S22,500 (corner)


Island Benches– these can also be found in the counter tops section, the first one of each is free, they then cost S37,500 each


That is all the prizes!


Thanks for reading!



10 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Country Homestead Event

  1. I’ve been checking your blog to see if you had posted about this yet. The other day, I opened my game and instead of getting the usual loading screen, I got the updating screen, with progress bar. It was a quick update, and then the game loaded and I immediately got the pop-up about this event. By the way, that wasn’t the first time I had opened the game that day. So I thought you would have a post up about the newest update. Anyway, I don’t think this was part of the Luxury Living update. I don’t know if they pushed out the update solely for this event, or if more is included but since you didn’t know about it, I’m guessing it was just a small update for this event, maybe to buy time while they finish up the next big update?

  2. I started playing the game a week ago and just started one of my sims on the hobby today. Should I go ahead and accept the event or wait until I level up my woodworking skill?

    • I would definitely recommend you get your sims to level 6 (the highest level) in all hobbies first so you can complete these events easy when they return. This event was a bit of an added extra so I don’t think you would have got the full amount of time anyway when you updated your game to the latest update which came out on Monday

  3. Hiya,

    I can never complete any woodworking event. I suppose it’s because none of my Sims reached level 6 for this skill. I’ve been working on it for ages and every time there is an event with woodworking bench I can never complete it 😦
    So gutted

    • Honestly the woodworking hobby events are hard to complete in the time limit! I would suggest you try and get one sim to the highest level in each of the hobbies before an event as you will then have a better chance of completing the event in the time limit.

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