The Sims Freeplay- 2018 Holiday Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version

This update is released 4th December

Christmas has arrived in Simtown! This update is packed full of loads of exciting new quests and events including a brand new Christmas Quest!


Complete the Missing Claus Seasonal Quest (available now) in the 13 day time limit to unlock the farmhouse template and a-frame roofing!

Watch my step by step video of this quest here


Sleek Stockings Event– complete the fashion designer hobby event to unlock more stockings! (available now)

Complete the Daring Do’s Event (not available yet, starts 26th December for 7 days) by completing the fashion designer hobby again to unlock new hairstyles for your female adult sims! (I will create a post on this as soon as it becomes available)


Complete the Celebrity Pet Live Event (not available yet, starts 1st January for 10 days) to unlock a pug and items for the pug and puppies to use!

Returning Events?

The HANS On! Seasonal Quest (not available yet, starts 30th December for 7 days) will be returning for your second chance to unlock the Home Automation Network System (HANS) that can dim the house lights, change the colour of the lighting in your house and open and close blinds, you also unlock dishwashers that will instantly clean all the dishes in your house (check out my video on how to use the dishwashers here)! (the link is to the post from last time this was available, I will create a new post once it returns)

Watch my walkthrough of this quest here!

The Aerobics Hobby Event (not available yet, starts 15th January for 7 days) is also returning as a Player Favourite Event* (I am not sure which event this is yet as there as so many aerobic ones so I will create a post once this event becomes available)

*What are Player Favourite Events?These are events or quests you opt in to complete for a second chance to complete them, you will be able to start these within an open period date if you haven’t completed it already. These are optional so you will need to click on the green play button next to the title of the event in the active tasks tab to start.

What else is available?

  • All Christmas items are available as soon as this update is released, find them in the featured section

  • There will be Daily Holiday Gifts between 6th-11th December
  • The Sims Freeplay is going to be 7 on the 15th December so there will be a special gift available to collect between 14th-18th December
  • Baby Ariel Partnership- Free Jumper Pack available from 18th December- 1st January (claim it from the online store for free)

  • Millie Bobbie Brown Partnership- New hairstyles available in 5 colours from 2nd- 31st January (claim it from the online store for free)

We definitely need ‘The Girl Who Games Blogging Station’ partnership next 😉

  • New ‘deals’ section in the online store that refreshes every 48 hours (currently not available for everyone) including free bonus simoleon rewards, items that cost more if you buy them from buy mode and new items costing LP and SP that used to be in the specials section of the online store:

My Update Videos

Missing Claus Quest:

Farmhouse House Tour:

Celebrity Pet Live Event:


Enter my Christmas House Design Contest for the chance to win premium currency for your game!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Presented by EA GameChangers


70 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- 2018 Holiday Update

  1. Aaaaaa this is the most beautiful update in 2018 😢😂
    I love it, I love the new white and blue house have a second roof. I hope we can build it like that, can we build it like that now? Or in the future?

  2. Really hard to maneuver site now is there a tab or way to get to when you post the new events/updates I found this page by accident but I was looking for it.

  3. I’m soooo excited to have a farm! I can put pet pigs there!!! You mentioned in the pug live event video that the prize beds can be used by puppies too, right? I’m already planning where to put those in my homes with puppies 😍
    As always thank you for your blog and YouTube vids. They’re a big help to me.

  4. There is also a new deals tab which refreshes every 48 hours(there are really nice things)
    Love you and the posts keep going 🙂

  5. So, if I’m not wrong, this pack of quests begins with a new stockings etc. and we have to wait till 12.-th December for the main quest?

  6. Thanks again for the updates. I hope you have a great holiday season!

    Hmm. No “deals” store in my update. Do you think this is worth submitting a service ticket for, or maybe they are rolling it out regionally? (I’m in Canada).

  7. It is harder to delete items from your inventory now. You have to place them into a house before you can sell them. Makes it harder when you want to make some quick cash and get rid of items you dont want.

  8. You’ve been my go-to site for Sims Freeplay since it all started. 100’s of updates later and you’re still covering all the bases beautifully and for that we thank you!! It’s the only game I play so it’s nice to know I can come to one source and feel like I’m getting the most accurate info out there. Key doing what you’re doing!!

  9. Hi! How come I don’t have the deals section in my online store? Any idea?

    You’re my go-to Sims Freeplay blog. Thanks for everything that you do.

  10. is there a specific date the new ‘Deals’ section of the online store is arriving or should I contact the freeplay team if it doesn’t show up?

    • Check back a bit later, it may just be that it doesn’t appear until a certain time on the 6th, and this year it is just a pop up that says Merry Christmas, to celebrate this festive season here is a free… there isn’t an actual gift to unwrap like in previous years so you may have got it but clicked too fast so you didn’t see it, it will be a Christmas item probably the door

      • I think I’ve missed some previous daily holiday gifts, due to my lateness in updating the game..
        Can you please tell me or add to this post about what are the daily holiday gifts that you already received??
        Any way you feel more convenient..

        Thanks a bunch!
        Have a great holiday..

      • The Christmas gifts we have received have been: Xmas door, Xmas oval (window), Xmas couch, wide Xmas (window), Xmas wallpaper and Xmas double (window)

        You’re welcome and you too!

  11. Is really there is a gift everyday? And the new ‘deals’ tab in online store? Because i updated my games but there’s nothing change (except for new hobby events)? Or that’s just for i-phone user? Lastly, thank you for your post

    • Check back a bit later, it may just be that it doesn’t appear until a certain time on the 6th, and this year it is just a pop up that says Merry Christmas, to celebrate this festive season here is a free… there isn’t an actual gift to unwrap like in previous years so you may have got it but clicked too fast so you didn’t see it, it will be a Christmas item probably the door.
      I asked and they said that the deals tab currently isn’t available for everyone but it sounds like the plan is to roll it out worldwide eventually
      You’re welcome!

  12. I have bought the winter chalet from the store. However, I’m confused as to which lot I should build it on….the standard plot or the ocean-view residences.

  13. If we don’t have a bunch of LP to speed up tasks for the Missing Clause quest, will it be possible to still get the farmhouse? I don’t wanna be on the game for the next 2 weeks straight but I really like that house

  14. Are all the daily holiday gifts just christmas items? I missed the first few days and got my first one (christmas window) today. Did I miss anything good?

    Also, I’m still not getting the “Deals” section of the store, is there anything there I should be annoyed about missing out on?

    • Yes they are just Christmas items, in order we have had: Xmas door, Xmas oval (window), Xmas couch, wide Xmas (window), Xmas wallpaper and Xmas double (window)

      The deals section hasn’t become available for everyone yet, it is still in testing but if all goes well they are hoping to make it available to everyone in a future update. Some things in there are slightly cheaper than if you buy them from buy mode and you have items that cost LP and SP that you can’t buy anywhere apart from the store, these used to appear in the specials tab so you will probably still see those even without the deals tab

  15. My question is actually about the Life Dreams and Legacies, but the commenting for those blog posts is closed, so I thought maybe I could post here and still get an reply. When my Sims that have Profession Careers move on to the next life stage, I won’t have any level 10 Sims working at the Police Station and Movie Studio. Does this mean my working Sims will only be able to use stations that correspond to their level? For example, the Metro Police and Special Agent stations require level 6+, so would those stations no longer be available for use? Will they remain unlocked or will I have to collect all the resources again once my new Sims reach level 6 and choose their path? Will tasks go back to only requiring Front Desk and other lower level stations? Or will I just not be able to accompany my Sims to work anymore?

    • Yes new sims will not be able to use these stations until they reach level 6 and become specialised. The biggest problem you are going to have is if you have any sims left over needing help with tasks to complete in those stations, I would recommend before you age your sim complete any of the tasks for any sims who need help there using the stations that require a specialised sim but leave all the tasks that only need the front desk, van etc as when a new sim starts they will be able to complete these tasks and all future sims wanting help will only need help with the lower stations otherwise they won’t be able to complete anything or level up

  16. My friend and I are both avid simmers and both have iPads we play off of (mine is the air 2 and hers is the air 1) we share a flat together and she has the deals tab and has received her fortune box for the sims birthday but I have received none of this, why is this the case? I haven’t accidentally opened my fortune box as there’s nothing new in my inventory. Help!

  17. Hello. Do you know how to claim the 7th anniversary gift? I got a notification about it today but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

  18. Do you get the celebrate sims freeplay gift? I didn’t get it and I didn’t know where I must get it. Before this, I get the x-mast gift.

  19. Hi! Firstly, thank you so much for this amazing blog, I seriously just check everything regarding The Sims Freeplay through this blog. So thank you again.

    My question would be about the free fortune box gift – is it just the one box that player can open anytime between the 14th and the 18th or will there be new boxes to be open everyday between the said dates? Thank you!

  20. Hi

    I haven’t been on Sims for a few days so I’ve started the challenge but only have 10 days.

    Is there any point in me continuing cause I’ve missed a few days and won’t be able to get the Farmhouse?

    I’m so gutted. Many thanks 🙂

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