The Sims Freeplay- Refined Romance Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version

Time to show some love with the Refined Romance update! As well as a return of some much loved events and quests there are some new events to adore


The Sophisticated Socialite Live Event (available now) will be available for 11 days from 29th January to unlock gorgeous party clothes and items such as fireplaces and mirror wall partitions


The Urban Chic Hobby Event (no longer available) starts on the 18th February for 6 days to unlock new outfits for your male and female adult sims

Returning Quests?

The Secret Winter Wonderland Seasonal Quest (available now) will be back on the 27th February, this 12 day time limit quest was last available as the Christmas Quest in 2015. Complete all the goals in the time limit to unlock icy themed furniture and the gingerbread house template. Watch my tour of the gingerbread house here!

Returning Events?

The French Romance Live Event (available now) will be back for 12 days on the 14th February for another chance to unlock that gorgeous chateau!

The Long Hair Event (available now) returns for 7 days on the 3rd March, complete the fashion designer hobby collection to unlock the long hairstyles for your female adult sims


Has anything changed?

The Online Store has had a complete design change, you will be able to see all the items in a 3D turnaround view (so you can see an object from all sides) so you can see exactly what you are going to be buying before you buy!

At VIP Level 3 you will now earn a mystery box key (which will be added when you click on the mystery box shop) and can turn off auto play ads from settings

My Update Videos

Sophisticated Socialite Live Event:

Sophisticated Socialite Club:

The Secret Winter Wonderland Seasonal Quest:

Gingerbread House Tour:

French Romance Live Event:

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57 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Refined Romance Update

  1. Hey I was wondering if you could send EA games a message to bring back the love is blind event I have never gotten to play it n fa almost 2 years it hasn’t been back

  2. I was actually asking for them bring back the French ROmance Event as my game was (not by my control) reset in September and I only started playing again after the Christmas Farmhouse and I am glad the long hair event is returning too! I better level up my fashion designing sims. Nice post.

  3. i lost my chance on getting that chateau twice already! first round because i was new to live events and didn’t know how things work and second round because my phone broke! fingers cross i get it this time!

  4. Do you know how I can get skylights?

    On Sun, Jan 27, 2019 at 4:02 AM The Girl Who Games wrote:

    > weightlessmagic posted: “Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys > (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version This update > is released 29th January Time to show some love with the Refined Romance > update! As well as a return of some much loved events” >

  5. I honestly can’t say I’m that excited for this update, which is pretty sad. I love this game, but this update really doesn’t grab me. I’ve already completed all of the repeat events and the new ones aren’t really impressing me. I guess they’re going for a more modern, sophisticated approach with they’re designs, but they aren’t really my cup of tea. Enough of my complaining. Thanks for the post 😊

  6. Hi, so I have a glitch where my metro police specialist sim can’t complete any conduct tour/team building tasks because “to complete this action your Sim needs to be able to get to, and use, a BBQ” and the footprints icon appears over his head. I don’t know how to fix it as nothing is in his way and I can make him walk over to the barbecue with no problem. Yesterday, there was no issue at all, which is why I think it has to do with the update.

  7. They’ve also upgraded the VIP level 3 perks, you get a Mystery Box Key when you hit 3 now. Annoyingly I can’t find mine, even though I’m VIP 6

  8. I did the update last night, but now my police commissioner can’t complete squad car tasks. Keep getting the action fail message that says “to complete this action your Sim needs to be able to get to, and use, a BBQ.”

  9. I cannot see the update that was supposed to be released on 29 January. Is it only me? Or they haven’t released it yet?

  10. Hey! I am VIP 3, and i keep getting a pop up about getting a free mystery box key. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find out where to collect the key. Do you know anything of it?

  11. Just in case you weren’t aware, they also seem to have fixed the glitch where you couldn’t directly sell anything from your inventory and had to place it on a surface first. I’m pretty happy with this update. And thanks to your tip about having multiple Sims on the Fashion Designer Hobby as long as at least one was at level 6, I was able to get 8 out of 9 hairstyles from the Boutique Hair event they just had, when previously I would have just barely received one. I’m looking forward to the Long Hair event returning. I already have two of the hairstyles, so hopefully I’ll be able to actually complete this one when it returns.

    • Sadly the only way to opt out seems to be to get to VIP 3, in addition to the mystery key you get the option to turn off the autoplay ads.

    • There is usually an x to opt out, then you won’t get the reward. I look forward to the ads now because you instantly complete tasks. Please keep Osiris ads, and for those who don’t like it can click on the x to stop the ad. Osiris won’t complete all actions, just one. Only thing that’s disappointing is if you have a pet performing an action like playing with a chew toy, it will complete it instead of a longer action.

  12. I am probably the only one who loves the Osiris ads. At first I thought they were annoying until I realized that he appears when you start a task, and if you watch the ad, he will instantly finish the task you started. I just got through a 6 1/2 hrs task instantly for watching an ad. Give Osiris a chance!

    • I cannot STAND the new ads!!! I want my sims to be busy and don’t want Osiris to complete my tasks. There is not always an option to turn it off!

      • Strange, I always have the option to close an ad, if there isn’t an x then there should be an arrow on the top left side which will stop the ad and an x will appear to close it

      • During this Winter Wonderland quest, the ad has completed up to a 2 hour task, which reaches your goal quicker. Just think of it as Sims Freeplay is like free TV, the ads, like TV commercials, keep the game free for us, and help pay for the costs of running the game. In fact, most of the ads are for games, which I enjoy watching. If you don’t want ads, pay for and download an ad-free game. Would you quit watching network TV because of commercials?

  13. I don’t like the built in ads, they are really annoying. I will go to a 12 days journey during the quest and really miss the option to froze the game until I’m back.

  14. Since this update, my game will randomly be interrupted with a forced as. After the ad Plays, I get a notification that Osiris will complete “all” actions (which isn’t true, he only completes the most recently started action.)

    It’s infuriating to be in the middle of starting several actions and be startlEd by a forced ad, then having to wait for it to complete before resuming my game. It may be the thing that gets me to quit.

  15. Is Urban Chic a fashion design hobby event as well or is that linked to a different hobby?

    Thank you for all your efforts by the way, the extent and detail of your FreePlay coverage is stunning.

  16. Hi! Did you notice the billboard by the bridge that when you tap will say “watch this space. Exciting new announcements are coming soon! Etc. etc.”

    What’s up with that?

  17. Hi. If i purchase the architect deluxe home from the online store for 699lp, do i get to build the first one for free or I have to buy it with simoleons?
    Btw, your blog is super helpful. Thanks a lot for it.

    • After you purchase it with LP, you get to build it for free for the first build and after that you can build it for simoleon.

  18. So I had two sims who were partners & living together & I decided to have them have a baby (the 24 hours option) but now I just received the baby & it says that the female sim isn’t the baby’s mother. Apparently my male sim had been partners with another sim & I never had them break up so now according to the game, the other sim is the baby’s mother! Is there any way I can have my female sim adopt the baby even though both the parents are alive?

    • How strange, unfortunately unless you delete the female sim and the father, your sim you want to be the mother won’t be able to adopt the baby as they can only adopt when both the parents are no longer in the game.

  19. Hi. I was just wondering can we add you as a neighbor? I would really love to explore your houses/town. Thank you😊

  20. Tried to delete and install by sims freeplay app to see if I could get the French Romance Live Event, am I the only one having this issue?

  21. I’m having some issues with the French Romance event…last time I got partway through and unlocked all the crafting stations (progress currently between the tasting barrel and portrait painting prizes) but the game isn’t allowing me to use any stations besides the candles. They’re all out in my sim’s yard (not in my inventory or anything) and when I tap them it says they’re locked, have to progress thru the event, check the tab to see when they’ll be unlocked, etc. I tried putting back in my inventory and lost the stock..ugh…but still can’t use them. Do you happen to know if this is a glitch others are experiencing?

    (P.S. Thanks for all you post here, it’s been crucial to getting thru these events and a lot of work on your part!!!)

  22. Hello,thank you for all your posts they are really helpful,and I hope If you could ask EA games to bring back the wedding belles event .

  23. Hi! I was wondering if you could help me… i’ve started the french romance event for the second time and although everything is already unlocked (i didnt have the resorses to buy all the prices but all of them are unlocked) i cannot put my sims to do anything but the candles… do i have to wait or something? And i dont even need candles anymore.. what do i do?

  24. Thank you for the post. As usual, I always come here to get the latest update! Anyway, is there any way to bring back the kids party live event? It’s the only event that I missed and now I really regret it. I’ve been waiting for it to come back for ages 😦

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