The Sims Freeplay- Eco Lifestyle Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA GameChangers) may differ from actual version

Update available from 15th June

Shop til you drop in the fresh produce aisle! Keep reading to find out what is happening in this eco themed update

Missing Party Boat Neighbours? Facebook have changed their Privacy T&Cs which means that inactive players have been removed from the party boat in the game which is why some of your neighbours may be missing


Complete the Produce Market Live Event (no longer available) in the 10 day time limit to unlock the grocery store template

I have created my own Grocery Store using the Snow Chalet template from the Snow Problem Quest, watch a tour of that store here


SimChase Season 16: Eco Engagement! (no longer available) starts on 16th June for 9 days

I created a house using items from this SimChase, watch my Eco Lifestyle House Tour here

RETURNING- SimChase Season 2: Last Resorts! (no longer available) starts on 4th July for 7 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode or if it is a create a sim item you will earn a social point replacement (as they are already free)

SimChase Season 17: Feuding Families! (no longer available) starts on 13th July for 7 days

RETURNING- SimChase Season 3: Summer Daze! (available now) starts on 24th July for 7 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode or if it is a create a sim item you will earn a social point replacement (as they are already free)

I will not be creating a new post about SimChase for each season, the only thing that is different is the prizes shown here, click here for more information if you are new to SimChase



There are new time limited prizes when you complete the 9 day pregnancy event in the time limit and earn the baby bonus between the 19th-27th July

If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during the time frame you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit, for example if you start a pregnancy event on the 26th July and complete in the time limit you will earn the items above

You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes


Returning Quests and Events?

07FBDF6A-6024-493E-963A-D363164F1491The Street Smarts Hobby Event (no longer available) will be returning on the 18th June for 9 days, complete the aerobics hobby in the time limit to unlock all the streetwear outfits for your female adult sims

The Snow Problem Quest (no longer available) will be back as a player favourite quest* between 27th June- 12th July, complete this 13 day quest to unlock the gorgeous Snow Chalet house template!

*What is a Player Favourite Quest? Player Favourite Quests you will be able to start these within an open period date when they return if you haven’t completed it already. These are optional so you will need to click on the green play button next to the title of the event in the active tasks tab to start.

The Boutique Hair Event (no longer available) is returning for 7 days from the 15th July, complete the fashion designer hobby in the time limit to unlock all the hairstyles for female adult sims


The Styles of Time Quest (available now) will be back as a player favourite quest* between 24th July- 4th August, complete in the 6 day time limit to unlock all the hairstyles and hats for your adult sims

*What is a Player Favourite Quest? Player Favourite Quests you will be able to start these within an open period date when they return if you haven’t completed it already. These are optional so you will need to click on the green play button next to the title of the event in the active tasks tab to start.


The Family Furnishings Live Event (available now) will return on the 27th July for 9 days, complete in the time limit to unlock the family house template and hatchback car

Watch my Edited Family Home tour here

Timings can change so let me know if any quest or event starts early for you

What else?

  • To celebrate Pride month the ‘It Gets Better’ project Pride t-shirt is available again in the online store for free for adults and teens:

  • Teens and male adults now have all the makeup options that were previously only available for female adults:

  • The starter house has been updated (you will only see this house when you start a new game)

  • There are 3 new floorings available for everyone:

  • You will also be able to get double rewards from the paperboy between the 1st-7th July and 14th-20th July

My update videos:

Produce Market Live Event [& Prizes!]:

Produce Market Tour:

Eco Lifestyle House Tour [SimChase Season 16 Prizes]:

Chalet Grocery Store Tour:

Presented by EA GameChangers


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49 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Eco Lifestyle Update

  1. I love that they are adding a supermarket, but they seriously couldn’t make it an actual business (like how they should’ve done for the cafe as well). I’m running out of house plots

  2. When are they going to let us use our previously earn points to purchase pregnancy items!?! So frustrating! Are you listening EA?

  3. Great update. I’m most looking forward to the two live events and the Snow Problem quest.

    I was wondering if you could tell the developers these things, please:

    The 350 simoleon icon has been missing when you play the simoleon sprout, and if they can add it back
    If they could add a collective send Sims to work button
    If they could consider adding a child life stage in between toddler and preteen

  4. Four Sim Chases? Ugh. The only thing to look forward to, them, is the Produce Market, and it’s unlikely I’ll complete that this time around… Thanks for the update.

    • Well, this seems like a boring update.. I like the farmers market, but hate sims chase events and have completed all the others already… I am really on the edge of stopping this game. Sims chases are way too expensive and there is no way to complete the Live events

  5. I am fully aware that everyone is saying this, but why not I’ll say it anyway: I am so sick of Simchase. I genuinely think it is a really good idea, but it is so unbelievably expensive and impossible to complete. Even if they cut down the times to do things by 30% it would make it so much easier. (Not going to lie I think the same thing about pregnancy events too) sometimes I just get the first item and just stick with that and call it a win. (If I can even get an item that is) anyway, EA really need to start listening to us, because I haven’t found anyone who has said otherwise about simchase

  6. I was able to buy the chalet in the online store a while ago, but I have never done the quest…do you think I will still be able to do the quest so I can get the other prizes? I don’t really care if I get the house or not since I built 2 already, but having the additional windows/doors/etc would be really nice. 🙂

    Also, thank you so much for your fantastic website – I really couldn’t play this game without it!!

    • You’re very welcome 🙂 I asked for you and unfortunately if you have the chalet already you won’t be able to do this quest this time around, but hopefully they will change this in the future so you will be able to do it again one day!

  7. Hi! Thanks for this update!
    Given that the “Street Smarts Hobby Event” needs to have the “Grooving Guru Quest” completed (7 days) and that quest leads to the “Aerobics Hobby Event” (7 more days), both of which I haven’t started yet, do you think it’s possible to complete all 3? I wonder if the “Streets Smarts Hobby Event” can be done at the same time as the “Aerobics Hobby Event”? That might be doable… But if the latter is a prerequisite for the returning event, it means that I’ll need to finish the initial 2 events in less than… 9 days!!! (rather than 14 days) to be able to catch the returning event in its 9th and last day, right? Which I think is the 27th?
    What do you recommend?
    Hope it’s clear!

      • I know! I wish I had more time to prepare. The game will only get less participation by doing it so suddenly. Anyway, I decided to build the Health Hub, which is still under construction, so I don’t think I’ll be able to do it all but I’ll try. Maybe I can do the aerobics hobby at the same time. Who knows… I’ll give an update if I can!

      • Well, sadly finishing the “Grooving Guru Quest” didn’t give me access to the “Street Smarts Hobby Event” but only the “Aerobics Hobby Event”. With 4 days to go, it seemed pretty impossible (especially with the SimChase event going on at the same time, which I stupidly decided to also participate in) soooooo I decided to stop there… 😦 You were right!

      • That is a shame 😦 I did suggest to the makers that they put the aerobics hobby event later in a future update so players have time to complete the quest and hobby event first so hopefully they will take that on board.

      • Oh that’s nice of you. Thanks! 🙂
        So I have some more interesting news. Although I put a halt to chasing after my goal of completing all 3 events, once the Grooving Guru was done and once the SimChase event had ended, I still put some of my Sims to work on the Aerobics event and they managed to unlock 1 set with ~2 hours remaining in the event. I then noticed that I was no longer on that quest but it had put me on the Street Smarts one! Lol No notice or any warning… that I took note of anyway! Obviously I couldn’t do much with 2 hours to go… But, when that event just ended a few minutes ago, I noticed that I have 7 days once again to continue the Aerobics event BUT I already have the 1st set that I unlocked so it’s kind of a small win! 🙂
        So what I learned from all this is that if there are 2 hobby events that collide, the discovery one (or possibly the older one) seems to takes precedence until you unlock the 1st set and only then you get put on the live one. If you’re lucky like me and they don’t fix it, you’ll start the discovery/old quest with 1 set already unlocked. What do you think?
        Oh, I have pics if you’re curious/interested 😉 People might be in my situation one day… who knows!

  8. I wish they’d rerun some more live events instead of simchases, because they’re at least possible for me to complete

  9. Do you think that the live events became easier than before or did they become more difficult? (Like the cafe grande event which if it had the original crafting amounts I would of got it ;-;)

  10. I absolutely love love love the Simchase! And the live events too. These are my favourite events becasue the rewards are insanely beautiful and i have a ton of money because i’m on max level for years and my sims have worked and gardened a lot through this time lol. So i don’t mind spending my simoleons to be able to get some gorgeous furniture for my mansions. I just love this game so much, they are doing a very great job in my opinion with all the new stuff lately. And with the reruns, i can complete the ones i missed! I feel spoiled.
    Also just a fun little fact that i like to think about: the high prices of things in the game are actually very accurate if you guys take into consideration other currencies than usd or gbp, for example i live in Eastern Europe and here a couch can very likely will be 600.000 [any Eastern European currency]. So what i do is divide the price by 300 and you can get an idea about the value of the furniture. (1 usd = 300 huf) Yeah it’s pricey but i actually like this reality-like aspect of the game that you have to work hard for the nice high-end stuff to purchase them.
    Sorry for the word wall, my point was just that i LOVE the SimChase and maybe i could give a different perspective to some players on the subject. Or maybe not, then sorry again 😀
    And i love your blog, it’s awesome, i come here almost every week to check out something. Thank you for your work and i hope you have an amazing summer! ❤

    • Blans, i agree with you completely. EA is doing a great job. I rarely post anything but Given the popularity of the game, i think most players are the satisfied silent majority which is why the very vocal complaining players rarely see their requested changes. I happily play and pay for the enjoyment the game brings me. Players like me may justify their business model so they may think “why change it”?”.

  11. Is anyone else having an issue with the party boat not listing all neighbors? Earlier this month a few friends were missing, but reappeared after a few days. Now this evening I go to collect the daily bonuses and all but two neighbors are gone! (One of the two being the basic “another simtown”.)

      • Mine are gone and no matter what I do, they don’t come back! Ever since the most recent update.

      • I’ve just found out that Facebook have changed their Privacy T&Cs which means that inactive players have been removed from the party boat in the game which is why some of your neighbours may be missing, if they are all missing then this may just be the normal issue where they will return within 24 hours, if they don’t return they may all be inactive players unfortunately.

      • People keep asking me on Facebook to add them, but I assume the only way I can do that is to make them FB friends, which I’m reluctant to do with complete strangers. GameCentre is completely useless. Are there any suggestions on how to add active players without having to share your FB profile with them?

  12. Thanks for the post ❤️ does anyone know if the reason I can’t get the pride shirt is because I haven’t built the mall yet?

  13. I have two questions, for the snow chalet can we put it on a normal home lot? The second question is for other customized lots (such as the high rise tower thing) can we put them on normal home lots?

  14. Love your posts. You have been a lifesaver. Could you recommend to the developers to build a farm with farm animals such as cows, pigs, etc.? I love the farmhouses and I want my Sims to have animals too.

  15. Does anyone else have this problem? The problem is that two random pee cleaners showed up in my home. I did NOT buy them and I can’t move them or put objects on top of them. To be clear, they look like black circles and have a green dot in the middle. They don’t move either. I think they are the pee cleaners but I can’t be too sure. What can I do?

    Ps. Is this comment going to show? I have done other comments in your posts and they don’t show up and idk why… I just really hope this one shows bc I need help

  16. Hi, I’m sorry I’m not sure where to comment since there isn’t a dedicated post for the summer daze SimChase event. It’s so annoying! They say it takes 4 hours to cook prawns on a BBQ (the times given being always for 3 star actions) but then it doesn’t work on any 2 or 3 star grills and only works on the 1 star bbqs at the park, which takes 5 hours!
    If that helps anyone! Although if you haven’t done it by now, you’re in the same trouble as I am! 😅
    Oh, looks like they haven’t fixed it since last year;

  17. First of all, I love this site! It’s been very helpful. I recently lost pretty much all of my neighbors. I went from over 100 to pretty much none. I know that’s because they make peoples accounts inactive after awhile. I went to the “Need neighbors” post and I wasn’t able to make a comment to request more neighbors. Is there anywhere else I can go for this? Thank you again!

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