The Sims Freeplay-Palm Perfection Update

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Update available from 3rd May 10:30pm UTC

Are you ready for a pool party?! Keep reading to find out what is happening in the latest Sims Freeplay update



Downtown Developer 4 Event can be started from downtown as soon as the update is live. This works the same as the other three and this will be available forever so don’t panic if you don’t want to complete it just yet! The aim is to collect resources to build a brand new 3 story apartment block. Read my post here for more information on how the Downtown Developer Events work


Watch my tour of the 3 Story 74th Street Apartment here


SimChase Season 28: Poolside Perils! (no longer available) starts on the 4th May for 9 days


The bikinis are available for female adults and teens, the hairstyles are available for female adults and the swim shorts are available for male teens

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Yellow Neon Banana (S73,000) Pink Neon Banana (7SP) White Blue Tropical (S16,250) White Green Tropical (S16,400) Mint Umbrella (S175,000) Pink Umbrella (17LP) Green Floating Pineapple (S55,000) Red Floating Pineapple (5SP) Green Neon Palm (S90,000) Red Neon Palm (9LP) Green Palm Lamppost (S91,500) Pink Palm Lamppost (9LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Pink Lawn Flamingo (S65,000) Black Bowl Fire Pit (S395,000) Ash Wicker Drinks Cart (S395,500) Green Flamingo Pool Chair (S95,000) White Toddler Pool (S75,000) Green Palm Day Bed (S195,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Rose Lawn Flamingo (6LP) Silver Bowl Fire Pit (39LP) White Wicker Drinks Cart (39LP) Pink Flamingo Pool Chair (9LP) Pink Toddler Pool (7LP) Pink Palm Day Bed (19LP)

SimChase Season 29: Garden Grapple! (no longer available) starts on the 27th May for 7 days


Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Pink Stone Cladding (S975) Pink Stone Cladding Upper (S975) Gray Stone Cladding (S995) Gray Stone Cladding Upper (S995) Pink Tropical Paving (S975) Green Tropical Paving (S995) Green Paneled Single (S150,000) Green Paneled Double (S200,000) White Paneled Single (15SP) White Paneled Double (20LP) Green Tropical Single (S100,500) Green Tropical Double (S120,000) White Tropical Single (10SP) White Tropical Double (12LP) Green Mesh Gate (S85,000) White Mesh Gate (8LP) White Stucco Single (S50,000) White Stucco Corner (S50,500) White Stucco Double (S51,000) White Stucco Quad (S52,000) Pink Stucco Single (5SP) Pink Stucco Corner (5LP) Pink Stucco Double (5LP) Pink Stucco Quad (5SP) Aqua Pool Fountain (S125,000) Terracotta Pool Fountain (12LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: White Modular Succulents Corner (S85,000) White Modular Succulents (S90,000) White Cacti and Succulents (S100,000) Mixed Green Palm Garden (S115,000) White Fountain Hot Tub (S225,500) Ash Palm Drink Seating (S115,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Pink Modular Succulents Corner (8LP) Pink Modular Succulents (9LP) Pink Cacti and Succulents (10SP) Dark Green Palm Garden (11LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Clay Fountain Hot Tub (22SP) White Palm Drink Seating (11SP)

RETURNING- SimChase Season 9: Mansion Mania! (available now) starts on the 4th June for 9 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode or if it is a create a sim item you will earn a social point replacement (as they are already free)

I will not be creating a new post about SimChase for each season, the only thing that is different is the prizes shown here, click here for more information if you are new to SimChase


Influence Island Season 9: Palm Springs Bed and Bath (no longer available) starts on the 18th May for 10 days


Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: Dark Green Leafy Mobile (S74,500) Green Leafy Mobile (7LP) Pink Feathers Roof Light (S82,500) Cream Feathers Roof Light (8SP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Silver Standing Clothes Rack (S100,500) Pink Grooming Set (S65,000) Gray Granite Mirror (S115,000) Silver Toilet Caddy (S65,750) Pink Shelved Toilet (S179,500) Pink Tropical Double (S300,000) Pink Tropical Hanging Chair (S250,000) Pink Curtained Crib (S195,000) Pink Mirror Basin (S110,500) Silver Bath Shelving (S90,000) Pink Scale Bath (S122,500) Silver Tropical Vanity (S150,000) Ash Stacked Shelving (S82,500) Pink Toy Flamingo (S125,500)
  • 2 Star Rating: Green Shelved Toilet (17LP) Green Tropical Double (30LP) Green Mirror Basin (11LP) Green Scale Bath (12LP) Rose Gold Tropical Vanity (15LP) Oak Stacked Shelving (8LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Rose Gold Standing Clothes Rack (10SP) Green Grooming Set (6SP) Dark Teal Granite Mirror (11SP) Rose Gold Toilet Caddy (6SP) Green Tropical Hanging Chair (25SP) Green Curtained Crib (19SP) Rose Gold Bath Shelving (9SP) Purple Toy Flamingo (12SP)

Influence Island Season 10: Moroccan Kitchens Part 2 (available now) starts on the 2nd June for 10 days


The hairstyles and outfits are for male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

  • 0 Star Rating: 4×4 Green Moroccan Zigzag (S87,500) 4×4 Brown Moroccan Zigzag (8LP) Oak Moroccan Counter (S72,000) Pine Moroccan Counter (7LP) Pine Moroccan Corner (7SP) Oak Moroccan Corner (S71,500) White Moroccan Dining Corner (S90,000) White Moroccan Dining Table (S110,000) Pine Moroccan Dining Corner (10LP) Pine Moroccan Dining Table (12SP) Green Moroccan Sliding Door (S105,000) Walnut Moroccan Sliding Door (11LP)
  • 1 Star Rating: Green Tajine (S125,000) Green Moroccan Stool (S33,000) White Fruit Display (S74,000) Green Spice Pot (S109,500) Silver Hand Basin (S77,500) Gray Moroccan Tea Set (S98,500) Green Moroccan Tapestry (S83,500) White Moroccan Shelves (S112,500) Green Paper Towels (S72,500) Oak Moroccan Sink (S73,000)
  • 2 Star Rating: Brown Fruit Display (7LP) Tan Spice Pot (11LP) Copper Moroccan Tea Set (9LP) Pink Moroccan Tapestry (8LP) Pine Moroccan Sink (7LP)
  • 3 Star Rating: Orange Tajine (13SP) Cream Moroccan Stool (3SP) Rose Gold Hand Basin (7SP) Brown Paper Towels (7SP) Pine Moroccan Shelves (11SP)

I will not be creating a new post about the Influence Island Event for each season, the only thing that is different is the prizes shown here, click here for more information if you are new to the Influence Island


Complete the Palm Perfection Live Event (no longer available) from the 13th May in the 10 day time limit to unlock the Palm house template



There are new time limited prizes when you complete the 9 day pregnancy event in the time limit and earn the baby bonus between the 18th-26th May


If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during the time frame you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit, for example if you start a pregnancy event on the 26th May and complete in the time limit you will earn the items above

You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes

Returning Quest and Event?

The Produce Market Live Event (available now) will be returning on the 1st June for 10 days, complete this live event to unlock grocery themed items and the Produce Market template

The Daring Do’s Hair Hobby Event (available now) will be back on the 5th June for 7 days, complete in the time limit to unlock hairstyles for your adult female sims

What else?

  • Star Wars Day returns on the 4th May, to celebrate you will be able to claim the Power and Peace Lightsaber wall lights set and unlock Luke Skywalker’s Rebel Flight Suit for adult male sims. You will be able to claim this pack for FREE from the online store between 4th-17th May:


If you didn’t unlock last years pack you will also be able to claim that from the online store, that pack contains Baby Yoda, Princess Leia Organa and Darth Vader outfits for your female and male adult sims:

  • Home Store Category Visibility- newer players who haven’t unlocked all the categories in buy mode yet you will now see some of these categories but they will be locked (greyed out) with instructions how to unlock them. Categories such as Patios, Infants and Toddlers were shown in the previous update now you’ll be able to see the Pools category if you haven’t unlocked it yet

  • You will also be able to get double rewards from the paperboy between the 4th-10th May and 29th May- 4th June:

Update Videos:

3 Story 74th Street House Tour [Downtown Developer 4]:

Palm Perfection Live Event Prizes:

Palm Perfection House Tour:

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14 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay-Palm Perfection Update

  1. so excited for this update! i’m already spamming the cooking hobby to get lp for the sp plant so i can actually finish these 🙂

  2. Love your work, I share your blog like crazy! Just wanted to let you know that I also got the “Snow Problems” quest as a returning event today. I’m so excited for the Produce live event though!

    • Thanks! I asked the makers and they said the Snow Problem Quest was definitely not meant to be in this update, from the active tasks tab does the quest show a timer or the prizes at the bottom the goal screen?

      • Timer and prizes are working fine for me, after accepting the quest of course. After clicking details it shows them all and the house as the grand prize. I only started in December, so I’m still excited it showed up.

  3. I also seem to have the Snow Problem quest available so I think they’ve brought that back as a player favourite event 🙂

    • I asked the makers and they said the Snow Problem Quest was definitely not meant to be in this update, from the active tasks tab does the quest show a timer or the prizes at the bottom the goal screen?

    • It shows both at the bottom and it’s also allowing me to claim prizes too.

    • The only neighbourhood currently available is Sandy Suburbs, Palm Promenade is still under construction as they haven’t added it to the game yet, you will need to wait for a future update.

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