The Sims Freeplay- Mariachi Romance Update

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys (Presented by EA Creator Network) may differ from actual version

Update available from 24th January 9:30pm UTC

Head to Simtown this Valentine’s Day to soak up the Mexican inspired atmosphere, keep reading to find out what is happening in the latest Sims Freeplay update.


Downtown Developer 6 Event can be started from downtown as soon as the update is live. This works the same as the other five (the only difference is it is available from level 36) This will be available forever so don’t panic if you don’t want to complete it just yet! The aim is to collect resources to build the Botanica Penthouse, a brand new 3 story apartment block that was inspired by Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel green roof building. Read my post here for more information on how the Downtown Developer Events work

Watch my Botanica Penthouse tour here


The Heart-Fluttering Hacienda Live Event (no longer available) will begin on the 2nd February for 10 days, complete in the time limit to unlock the Hispanic Hacienda Palace!


The Oh So Ombre! Event (no longer available) begins on the 31st January for 7 days, complete the fashion designer hobby 8 times in the time limit to unlock all 32 ombre hairstyles for your female adult sims


Influence Island Season 22: Hacienda- Home (no longer available) starts on the 25th January for 10 days

Outfits can be found in create a sim and wardrobe for adult female sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

0 Star Rating: Round Red Oaxaca Rug (S45,000) Round Green Oaxaca Rug (4LP) Classic Mosaic Archway (S89,500) Green Mosaic Archway (8LP) Beige Cast-Iron Coffee Table (S86,000) Sunset Cast-Iron Coffee Table (8LP) Green Mosaic Double Archway (S105,000) Classic Mosaic Double Archway (S110,000) White Hacienda Mosaic Stairs (S270,000) Green Hacienda Mosaic Stairs (30LP) Bronze Hacienda Railing (S400) Black Hacienda Railing (S500)

1 Star Rating: White Potted Blossom Cactus (S84,000) Sunset Hanging Serape (S65,000) Oak Hacienda Bench (S41,000) Sunset Cactus Trio (S66,500) Blue La Flor Wardrobe (S98,000) Black Cast-Iron Garden Seating (S125,000) Brown Mosaic Tiled Mirror (S85,000) Red Otomi Queen Bed (S243,000) White Otomi Armchair (S120,000) White Otomi 2 Seater Couch (S140,000) White Otomi 3 Seater Couch (S150,000)

2 Star Rating: Sunset Potted Blossom Cactus (8LP) Pine Hacienda Bench (4LP) Green Cast-Iron Garden Seating (12LP) Gold Mosiac Tiled Mirror (8LP) Green Otomi Queen Bed (24LP) Beige Otomi Armchair (12LP) Beige Otomi 2 Seater Couch (14LP) Beige Otomi 3 Seater Couch (14LP)

3 Star Rating: Twilight Hanging Serape (6SP) Sunrise Cactus Trio (6SP) Pine La Flor Wardrobe (9SP)

RETURNING- Influence Island Season 6: Art Deco (no longer available) starts on the 9th February for 10 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning (the clan progress will also be reset), if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode

Influence Island Season 23: Palm Springs Bedroom and Bathroom 2 (available now) starts on the 25th February for 10 days

Star Ratings and Prices:

0 Star Rating: Yellow Feathers Roof Light (S81,500) Blue Feathers Roof Light (8LP) Yellow Leafy Mobile (S73,500) Pink Leafy Mobile (7SP)

1 Star Rating: Tan Grooming Set (S62,500) Brass Standing Clothes (S100,000) White Granite Mirror (S112,500) Cream Tropical Hanging Chair (S245,000) Gold Curtained Crib (S192,500) Gold Shelved Toilet (S178,000) Yellow Tropical Double Bed (S295,000) Brass Toilet Caddy (S65,000) Pine Stacked Shelving (S79,500) Orange Toy Flamingo (S125,000) Yellow Scale Bath (S121,750) Brass Tropical Vanity (S149,500) Brass Bath Shelving (S89,500) Gold Mirror Basin (S110,000)

2 Star Rating: Black Grooming Set (6LP) Gold Standing Clothes (10LP) Pink Granite Mirror (11LP) Peach Tropical Hanging Chair (25LP) Blue Curtained Crib (19LP) Gold Toilet Caddy (6LP) Peach Toy Flamingo (12LP) Gold Bath Shelving (9LP)

3 Star Rating: Black Shelved Toilet (17SP) Black Tropical Double Bed (30SP) Walnut Stacked Shelving (8SP) Black Scale Bath (12SP) Gold Tropical Vanity (15SP) Black Mirror Basin (11SP)


SimChase Season 37: Lunar New Year Spark Up! (no longer available) starts on the 25th January for 7 days

Outfits can be found in create a sim and the wardrobe for preteen male and female sims and outfits and hair for female adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

0 Star Rating: Red Hanging Lunar Lanterns (S65,000) Gold Hanging Lunar Lanterns (6LP) Classic Hanging Firecrackers (S66,500) Dark Hanging Firecrackers (6SP)

1 Star Rating: Year of the Tiger Wall Art (S70,000) Oak Low Offering Table (S106,000) White Potted Mandarin Tree (S70,500) Gray Pot Red Envelopes Tree (S70,500) Oak Lunar Banquet Table (S60,000) Pine Lunar Banquet Table (S65,000) Oak Lunar Dining Chair (S45,000)

2 Star Rating: Pine Low Offering Table (10LP) Copper Potted Mandarin Tree (7LP) White Pot Red Envelopes Tree (7LP) Pine Lunar Dining Chair (4LP)

SimChase Season 38: Mariachi Mayhem! (no longer available) starts on the 13th February for 9 days

Outfits and hats can be found in create a sim and the wardrobe for male adult sims

Star Ratings and Prices:

0 Star Rating: Sunset Hacienda Tiles (S600) Tan Hacienda Tiles (S650) Sunset Rustic Stucco (S600) Teal Rustic Stucco (S550) Gold Hacienda Wall Lantern (S62,000) Silver Hacienda Wall Lantern (4SP) Brown Grated Single Window (S90,000) Red Grated Single Window (7SP) Brown Grated Double Window (S100,000) Red Grated Double Window (8SP) Single Sunset Hacienda Fence (S40,000) Single Teal Hacienda Fence (4SP) Double Sunset Hacienda Fence (S45,000) Double Teal Hacienda Fence (4SP) Corner Sunset Hacienda Fence (S40,000) Corner Teal Hacienda Fence (4SP) Quad Sunset Hacienda Fence (S46,000) Quad Teal Hacienda Fence (4LP) Sunset White Hacienda Gate (S83,500) Teal Ash Hacienda Gate (8SP)

1 Star Rating: Ash Red Hacienda Hammock (S250,000) Gray Terracotta Chiminea (S185,000) Cream Siesta Sofa (S97,500) Cream Hacienda Floral Gazebo (S680,000) White Wood Serenade Setting (S200,000) White Lantern Pergola (S300,000) Cream Hacienda Floral Fountain (S103,000)

2 Star Rating: Sunset Papel Picado (4LP) Winter Flowering Palms (8LP) Red Siesta Sofa (10LP) Tan Hacienda Floral Gazebo (68LP) Tan Hacienda Floral Fountain (10LP)

3 Star Rating: Pastel Papel Picado (4SP) White Wooden Hacienda Hammock (20SP) Autumn Flowering Palms (8SP) Tan Terracotta Chiminea (16SP) Ash Serenade Setting (20SP) Ash Lantern Pergola (26SP)

RETURNING- SimChase Season 22: Household Blitz!  (available now) starts on the 6th March for 7 days

If you started it before but didn’t finish it you will start from the beginning, if you unlocked any of the prizes before you will earn a free one of each in buy mode



Due to a glitch this pregnancy event didn’t appear in the last update so it will be in this update

There are new time limited prizes when you complete the 9 day pregnancy event in the time limit and earn the baby bonus between the 25th February-13th March

If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during the time frame you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit, for example if you start a pregnancy event on the 13th March and complete in the time limit you will earn the items above

You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes

Returning Quests and Events?

The HANS On! Quest (no longer available) will be back between the 16th-27th February as a Player Favourite Quest* complete this quest in the time limit to unlock dishwashers and HANS (Home Automation Network System) to dim the lighting in your sims houses and change the colour of the lights

Sleek Stockings Event (no longer available) will return on the 22nd February, complete the fashion designer hobby 6 times in the 7 day time limit to unlock all 12 stockings for female adult sims

The Ghost Flustered Quest (available now) will be returning as a Player Favourite Quest* between the 2nd-13th March, complete in the time limit to unlock Halloween sleepwear for all your sims

*What is a Player Favourite Quest? You will be able to start these within an open period date when they return if you haven’t completed it already. These are optional so you will need to click on the green play button next to the title of the event in the active tasks tab to start.

The Lofty Lifestyle Live Event (available now) will return on the 2nd March, complete to unlock the lofty lifestyle house template

Timings may change

What else?

A few base game improvements have been added:

  • Limited Time Prize Redemptions– now if you miss out on the grand prize in a main quest, discovery quest or hobbies you can decide if you want to add a time extension or redeem the final prize for social points rather than missing out completely. If you previously missed the time limited prize in these quests you won’t see this pop up:

  • Town Value Rewards– an information tab has been added to your Simtown information (town value button at the top of the screen)
    The amount of LP you earn for increasing your town value has also been increased from 1LP to 2LP
  • New Idle Animations in Create A Sim– Happy resting facial expressions and natural body movement have been added to teenager and adult sims in create a sim (so they look better when you are creating them!)
  • Bumping Sims Out of the Way– it’s always annoying when you are building and a sim is standing on the spot you want to place an item, in this latest update when an object is moved over them they will move to a nearby vacant tile so you no longer have to wait for them to move!

Update Videos:

Botanica Penthouse Tour [Downtown Developer 6]:

Heart-Fluttering Hacienda House Tour [Live Event Grand Prize]:


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16 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Mariachi Romance Update

    • Same here. I also have more than enough cash. It annoys me when I get a cash prize because it’s worthless to me.

  1. Have you found the latest update buggy and slow? I’ve encountered choppy delays when “farming” LPs with cooking and SIMs who get stuck at the end of tasks in the Police profession. My phone also heats up significantly now when I open the app. Have the developers provided any intel on this?

      • Thanks for the reply! I’m using a tortured iPhone 7 which is probably on its last year. I didn’t reply right away because I wanted to try something first. Interestingly, with the latest update of the game, I could see that all the frames (scenes, houses, business locations, etc.) were crystal clear and super fast and almost HD quality. All of them, except for the two house lots where I store my ovens and toasters for farming LPs. These frames were sllllllooooooowww….and grainy.

        These two house lots also had a bazillion stacks of plates in almost every square from weeks of LP farming (I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t clean up any of the stacks of plates….like….ever!). Well…news flash…it really gums up the game! Not only that, my plate stacks seemed to prevent those two frames from updating to the new version (my assumption).

        So as soon as I did some spring cleaning on those two lots and cleaned up all of the plates, well, voila! Those two frames seemed to whip back into shape and are now at the same speed as the rest of the game. But if I let too many plates pile up, it seems to slow down those frames again.

        The moral of the story here is: Don’t wait! Clean up your plate!

      • Oh yes I have been there with plates slowing down my game too, the worst is when there is a black ring around a pile of plates as there are so many there and it takes forever to clean up so I agree with cleaning up your plates regularly!

  2. Hello, may I ask are you already know more about the improvement of limited time prize redemption? I’m really curious about that improvement but it seems I cannot find anything in the game? Thank you in advance!

    • It turns out this is just for new players who miss out on the time limited prize for completing main quests, discovery quests and hobbies. If from this latest update you didn’t complete one of those in time you would get a pop up that asks if you want to buy the prize for social points rather than missing out on it completely.

  3. Hi, what’s the latest on the download error bug? After missing 2 days on the live event will it be extended cos there’s no way I can get any prizes now? 😭

    • The makers posted this on Twitter earlier ‘Hey Simmers, thanks for your patience while we’re working through this issue. We are currently working on a fix and compensation for our players. We understand your frustration and will notify you when the issue is fixed as soon as it goes live.’

  4. Hi!

    Thank you for your awesome updates!

    I really like the new “Bumping Sims Out of the Way” feature! I was hoping they’d bring that kind of upgrade! Unfortunately, it seems to have made the regular function of removing items a bit buggy! I’ve sent you screenshots. The good thing is it seems to only be visual; doesn’t affect gameplay.

    I also had an issue with the update but it has been working fine for me after I reinstalled the app! Just thought I’d share the info in case it helps anyone 🙂

  5. The only place that I have slow glitchy game play is Sandy Springs and my game always crashes when scrolling through items

    • That is probably because it is such a big area and takes a lot of memory from your device to load everything. Closing all open apps and restarting your device should stop it crashing so much.

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