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I Need Your Help!

Some questions that I get asked I just do not know the answer to; usually because I completed a quest a long time ago and I just can’t remember or finding the answer will take me a long time by myself soΒ I will be posting questions here I have been asked that, if you can, I would like your help to answer

Please only answer if you are 100% sure you are correct


1-What is the max amount of storage space for each of the profession careers?

2-How do you add neighbours on google plus/ google play since they changed it?

3-Do only specific hobbies or careers appear at the competition center or all of them?


Thanks for your help!



40 thoughts on “I Need Your Help!

  1. Sorry if this has already been addressed. I couldn’t find it on your excellent site. I gave a preteen sim a life dream to “study at a teen desk” thinking I could choose “cram” to get progression. This does not seem to work. So, I have had him “study (25 min.) at least 10 times, but the percentage has only progressed by 1%. Is there something wrong, or should I just choose another personality/goal (not sure how to change goals) and start again. He’s about 1/2 way through his teen years, but the 10X+ “study times, along with at least 5 tries at “cram” (I don’t know why I keep trying that) have not done much. Thanks, and sorry!

  2. Heya! Actually yes, I just finished the unicorn quest and you do get 25 LP even if you don’t do it in time~

  3. You don’t have to be connected to Facebook to add friends on Google Play Games. Instead, you just have to follow the person that you want to be your neighbour on Google+.

    (Love your blog, by the way)

  4. 1. Yes. I missed out on the rocking unicorn but received 25 LP.
    2. Sorry, I don’t know, I have iOS!
    3. I don’t know all but here’s the ones that usually pop up: Figure Skating, Toddler Playhouse, Ballet/Karate and Fire Station job.
    I hope these help!

  5. I’ve seen science job, chocolatier, fishing, ballet, karate, fashion designer, musician job, catwalk model. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head which means I’ve seen them all more than once. Are you going to make a page for what’s at the competition center?

  6. On sims 3 play I’m struggling at the moment on the alien weather concept quest on the part where you have to used the sim eating plant in the garden patch. There is no plant there!! Plz can you help?

  7. Is long hair quest same like bputique hair quest? The event just appeared on my sims but still coming soon. How about that?

  8. Hi,
    I use your blog every day, lol! I don’t get this VIP thing, do you explain it somewhere?

  9. Q#2 – They earn 2,020 simoleons πŸ™‚
    Q#4 – I have completely built all work stations in both Movie studio and police station, but I didn’t receive any reward. I haven’t fully upgraded all stations though, will update you once I upgrade them all πŸ™‚

    You’re blog has helped me a lot so I hope this helps too.

  10. Nice day to everyone!
    One horrible thing just happened to me😣
    By accident (and due to lack of knowledge mostly) I deleted one of my sim 😨
    tried to create a new one (one house is empty) but game says: ” a sim is already being added to the town. You must wait for them to finish before add anoghed”
    Dies that mean I need to kill second sim to create new one????
    Please help

  11. Is there anyway to have to buildings under construction at the same time?

  12. Hey, I don’t like the idea about the auras at the top of the faces of the sims because it does not give you enough time to spend with the Sims and to interact with them at their current age and you have to spend LPs each time you don’t want the Sims to go to their next phase of life. Why can’t the users decide when they want their Sims to move on or to continue to bake their birthday cake. Not many people have enough LPs on the app to change their phase and think about how many Sims someone would have had if they had to change their phase of life. I personally think this method is unfair. The age controller is fair enough without the LPs though but the days for the Sims to age to their next phase of life is completely unfair and it honestly is not enough to justify it all. So please I would love this feature to be changed probably by updating the app to change this feature.

    • I only play this game like you, I don’t work for EA! If there is something you don’t like about the game you will need to contact the creators and give them the feedback, I can’t change anything in the game!

  13. How would you collect your bonuses on the French Romance quest?πŸ€”πŸ˜•

  14. In answer to your Game Centre question, you have to iMessage someone to add them since the iOS 10 update.

    You can allow nearby people to add you from Settings > Game Centre > Allow nearby people to add you through WiFi or Bluetooth.

    Not exactly helpful for generally adding new contacts.

    Sorry if this has been already answered.

  15. You get 3 LPs for completing the Makeup Artist Hobby once you have unlocked all the makeup styles.

  16. I tried the tech support but that was ridiculous sorry to bother you anyway my karate & ballet hobbies seem to be “frozen”? Can’t add anymore to them? I tried new sims but they are still blanked out sorta can’t even open them up to restart the hobby just wondering if it’s a but or what? thanks

    • These two hobbies aren’t like normal hobbies as they do not show up in the hobby tab because you don’t unlock a collectible each time you complete the hobby, you only get the rewards shown above when you level up for the first time and the town value reward for further times you level up. You will receive no other rewards.

  17. You can absolutely save courier tokens for the next event – I’ve done it several times! It’s really handy to max out the tokens even when I don’t want the remaining prizes.

  18. I’ve become addicted to FreePlay and just love your blog!! I may have missed this but is there a list of house templates anywhere? I’d love a list of all of the houses you can win templates for if possible. Examples – the haunted house, wizard house, French Chateau. Please and thanks for all you do!

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