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Fashion Story- My Shop

This post is an update of my shop, I hadn’t been playing for a while as I got really bored of having no goals (but that is for another post!) so I decided to go back on and redesign my whole shop to make the whole thing a bit more exciting again!

I will post a before and after picture of the shop so you can really see the difference. There were some thing’s that I really liked, the layout of the changing rooms and the wedding and ski displays so I have kept them, but moved some parts for better use of walls.

The main things were; I wanted to fill the excess space that previously had no use, I wanted to include more of the wonderful floor displays and I wanted it to all flow together nicely.





Let me know what you think!

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Bakery Story- My Bakery

People have been asking me about my games- what level am I on? What does my shop look like? So this it the first post quickly showing and explaining to you what my bakery story shop looks like.

You can see a more detailed look at my bakery by adding me- my storm8 ID is charlyisgr8 🙂

My Bakery- Updated 17th November 2013

My Bakery- Updated 17th November 2013

Firstly I’m on level 68 and have been playing for over a year now.

There are many different sections to my bakery, I find it gets really boring if it is all the same. I have an illusion of stairs leading up to a pirate themed area which is my favourite part! 😛 I have a cinema area, a tea party area, a romantic area, a forest area and a small coffee shop space.

The entrance to the bakery follows the theme of whatever the latest update has been, so at the moment its thanksgiving.

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