Other Game Videos

Home Street

Part 1: Starting the Game

Part 2: Go With The Flow

Part 3: Mop Til You Drop

Part 4: Coming Up Roses & You Scratch My Back

Part 5: Wheel of Fortune

Part 6: Drafted & If I Had A Hammer

Part 7: How to Use the Market & Market Player

Part 8: Inviting Friends Over & Don’t Be A Stranger

Part 9: Dressed for Success

Part 10: Dream Weaver & Supplies Party

Part 11: Game Show Challenge & Game for Anything!

Part 12: Adding Rooms, House Proud & Let There Be Light

Part 13: A Matter of Taste & A Homely House

Part 14: The Great Outdoors


Quick Tip:

Bonus Jobs

Can’t Complete a Job?

Storing Items

Star Wars Battlefront 2

How Not to Play: Tips for First Time Players

The Simpsons Tapped Out

My Springfield at Christmas!



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