The Sims Freeplay Videos

Updating the Game Manually on An Android Device

How to Create a Pool with an Island

Empty House Options

Teenage Sims Living Together

Earning LPs Quickly

Earning Social Points Without Visiting Neighbours

Using the Lucky Spin

Quick Guide to the Police Career

FAQs about Profession Careers

Building Patios, Balconies and Basements

How to Get Different Patio Styles on One Patio!

Removing Accessories

Duplicate Items Button

Submitting a House

Deleting a Sim


Life Dreams FAQs

Orbs FAQs

Our Wedding Video


How to Add Mezzanine Floors

Sea Voyage Boat Destinations- Tropical Romance Island & Magical Rainforest

Quick Tip:

Downloading Saved Data

Building Houseboats without Social Points

Adding Exterior Balcony Stairs & Changing the Stairs Paving

Keeping Additional Floors When Deleting Houses

Reversing Ageing

Advent Videos (I made a tip video for the first 25 days of December 2016) below I have listed what each video is about:

Inspired Sims

Time Limited Hobby Events

Deleting a Sim and Sim Count


Using Floor Buttons and Automatic Lights

Building Costs

Social Points

Star Ratings

Saving to the Cloud

Cancelling an Action

Babies (includes how do they go to the toilet?)

Earning Workplaces Resources Quicker

VIP Points and Perks

Ultimate Makeover

Happy Birthday to the Sims Freeplay!

Moving Items

Lucky Spin

Active Tasks

Adding New Sims

Deleting Houses

Starting Quest Goals Early

Cleaning Pools (and using the weather machine to freeze pools!)

Blue Footprints

Pausing a Sims Life

Cooking Hobby for LPs!!

Main Quests:

Tutorial Goals [2018 version]

Bread Winner

Money Grows On Trees

Love is in the Air

Two and a Half Sims

Ocean View Estate

The Mysterious Island

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts

Need for Steed

A Quest for Toddlers

It’s All Going Swimmingly

Hidden Unicorn

In Da Clubhouse

Preparing for Preteens

Sous Judgemental

An Alien Concept: Weather Machine

Multi Story Renovations


Higher Education

The Pirate and His Goddess

Road to Fame


Ghost Hunters


Bird Feeding 

In Stitches

Discovery Quests:

Extreme Home Takeover

Simtown Express

The Grooving Guru

Super Toddler Secret Mission

Vacationers Guide to the Outdoors

Strange Things in Simtown

Sims and the City

Teacher’s Pet

Love and Treasure

All Mezzed Up

Time Limited Hobby Events:

Finishing a Row with LPs

Community Events:

Simtown Health Spa Community Event

Prince and the Pocket Sized Princess Christmas 2016 Community Event

Tropical Romance Island Community Event

Live Events:

French Romance Live Event

Dream DayCare Live Event

Party Time Live Event

Luxury Laundry Live Event

Custom Closets Live Event

Wedding Belles Live Event

Backyard Beautification Live Event

House Tours:

French Chateau (house template available)

Hobby Hideaway House (my original design)

Party House (house template available)

Penthouse Apartments (house templates available)

Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue (house template available)

Player Designed House No More! (house template edited to create original design)

Simply Underground (my original basement design)

Snow Chalet (house template available)

Christmas House (original house design)

Hair Salon (house template edited to create original design)

Villa Tour (house template available)

Backyard Beautification Garden Tour (original house design)

Designer Backyard (house template available)

Gingerbread House (original house design)

Speed Build:

My Private Island Villa

Dream Daycare

Mezzanine Hotel


20 Minute Mansion Collab Challenge!

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