Common Issues

This page contains common issues that players are having with the game, please read this post before asking as it may contain the answer you are looking for!

This page will contain some glitches but click here for all known Glitches

Black circle around a plate/ plates cannot be picked up– this happens because you have too many plates needing to be picked up, just keep clicking clean up and the black ring will start to get smaller and the pile will eventually go.

Pretty Little Planters Quest has started early– this is a glitch on some players games where this quest is beginning before the mall has even been built, if this starts early for you please contact the makers, I am unable to fix technical problems so only they will be able to sort this out for you.

Horse is stuck in the stable wall– contact the makers about this issue, they have fixed it for everyone who has had this problem so far.

I cannot complete a Quest for Toddlers even though I am passed level 12- why? This is not an issue, main quests have to be completed in order so you just have to complete all the quests that come before it before you can complete this one.

When I visit a neighbour my town value increases and I get rewarded– this is a glitch where you are receiving your neighbours town value when you visit them.

Blue footprints appear when I try and click on an item– this means your sim cannot access the item to use it, rotate it or move something in the path and try again

Hobby items shows up as locked or limited item so cannot place in house– you will see this if you are in the new items tab, if you go to the hobby and career items tab of your inventory you should be able to place the hobby item

Missing Party Boat Neighbours? Facebook have changed their Privacy T&Cs which means that inactive players have been removed from the party boat in the game which is why some of your neighbours may be missing




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