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The Sims Freeplay- Day Care Update!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

The new update is out now! This post contains a sneak peak of some of the cuteness and cracking ‘egg-ventures’ to come in this Easter themed Day Care update!


This event will contain a new event- Day Care Live Event (live events if you haven’t done one before are similar to community events but don’t have community prizes, you just have personal prizes to unlock)

Click here for that post! just a note if you did the French Romance Community Event then you will find the candle arts and crafts station you need to place in the goals at the beginning of the Day Care Live Event in your inventory

Completing this event unlocks NEW ITEMS, some are shown in the pictures below:

The grand prize for completing this event in the time limit is the toddler playground template! This is a house lot with the toddler playground at the back of it and an empty plot to build your own house or day care center on it:  

The only difference between building on a premium lot instead of a standard is the plot of land you can build on is bigger like all premium residences, the playground at the back is the same.

In the playground you will find a slide, swing (an adult is required for this action), seesaw, sandpit and playhouse. As well as seating and barbecues for your adult sims to use.


  • Of course there will be the annual Easter Egg Hunt Event
  • The Aerobics Event will be back (for those who didn’t manage to complete it last time) (complete the Grooving Guru Quest to unlock this hobby event)

It also looks like we will still be able to reverse a sims age for FREE in this update!

I was so exciting when I opened the beta and saw some of the new items!! I especially love that there are going to be changing tables for babies:

The reading island is also very cute:

And I cannot wait to build my very own daycare center!

Check out my video on the new update here:

And that’s really all I know right now, I’ll be creating posts on the new events as they are released!

Thanks for reading!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version