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  4 Clever Comebacks for Parents Who Hate You Gaming

Everyone knows the situation: you want just a little more time playing the insanely fun and addictive game you’ve just discovered, and your parents are yelling that it’s time to put down the tablet and pick up your  flute/textbook/knitting. 

Games turn your eye square and make your brain leak out your ears like grey porridge, right?

Wrong. So here’s some clever arguments with big words to help you fight your case.

Argument 1:

“Flicking exploding birds at green piggies is enhancing my cognitivie development, actually.”  

It’s true. Whether it’s huge franchises like Civilisation or free puzzle games on your smartphone, your brain is having to solve problems facing you and think strategically to enable you to win the level. All without you even realising!

Argument 2:

“But Mom, my accounting and management skills are triplifying exponentially!”  

Also true. Simulation games like the Tycoon or The Sims series let you evaluate and test real­ life situations, exploring (and frequently suffering) the consequences of your decisions. Spending all your Simoleons on a hot tub meant you couldn’t feed your Sim’s kids and they got taken away; before video games, people learnt that lesson the hard way (probably).

Argument 3:

“I am creatively experimenting by giving my Level 37 Warlock blue dreadlocks and a wooden leg, you see.”

Better believe it. Crafting avatars, furnishing homes, forging weapons, styling characters; all are tickling your left­brain and getting your creative juices flowing. Think of all the fan art gaming inspires too ­ there’s creativity flying all over the shop.

Argument 4:

“I’m going to be a multi­millionaire teen prodigy gaming entrepreneur.”  

A bit more of a gamble than the other arguments, we accept. But apps like Fruit Ninja; games like Grand Theft Auto; websites like Facebook and YouTube; they all took one great idea that started in the garage before hitting the big time.

So tell your parents that by playing games you’re conducting market research and brainstorming; smartly inform them about your creative expression, your cognitive development. Online games are also super sociable, and increase your reading skills AND computer literacy! Honestly, we are non­stop.

We’ve provided the long words, now you go play the games.  

Written by: Lea, Lilou and Lee

If you would like to write a guest blog post please contact me via email for details