The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a sim do more than one hobby?

No, a sim can only do one hobby at any time.


  • Can a sim switch hobby- if so what happens to previous progress?

Yes, a sim can switch hobby, just click on the item to start the hobby and then a pop up will appear asking if you are sure you want to change their hobby, click yes:

 The progress for their previous hobby will disappear and will be replaced by the new one, if you wanted to switch them back again you would have to start from level one.

  • If I switch hobby do I lose the prizes I won for completing that hobby?

No, all prizes you win you keep even if you switch hobbies

  • My sim aged and now he has no hobby- why?

This happens when the hobby a sim has cannot be completed at the next stage of their life so a preteen can do Ballet but a teen cannot so when they age it will say they do not have a hobby.

You will have to pick a new hobby for them to do.


  • When sims automatically age, what happens to the hobbies?

If they can do the hobby at the next stage of their life then it will still show as their hobby, for example a teen who cooks can still cook when they become an adult.

If they cannot do the hobby at the next stage then it will say no hobby and you will have to pick a new one.


  • What hobbies are there, how and where can I do them?

Arcade Gamer– Teen- complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Arcade

Archery– Teen and Adult- complete Royal Lineage quest- at Castle

Ballet– Preteen- complete Multi Story Renovations quest- at Community Center

Bird Feeding– Senior- complete Bird Feeding quest- use park benches

Bowling– Teen and Adult- complete Sunset Mall quest- at Mall

Breakdancing– Teen and Adult- complete Salsa Dancing hobby- buy Boombox from Promotions R Us, complete at home 

Broomstick Flying– Teen and Adult- complete Spellcasting hobby- buy broomstick closet from Sorcerous Supplies, complete at home

Cat Show– complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Pet Park 

Catwalk Model– Teen and Adult- complete Sunset Mall quest- at Mall

Cooking– Teen, Adult and Senior- complete Bread Winner quest- using stove at home

Diving– Preteen, Teen and Adult- complete All Going Swimmingly quest- diving boards at Swim Center

Dog Agility– complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Pet Park 

Dog Obedience– Teen, Adult and Senior- complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Pet Park 

Fashion Designer– Adult- buy Fashion Studio from Promotions R Us

Fashion Hunter – Teen and Adult- complete Pretty Little Planters quest- at mall

Figure Skating– Preteen, Teen and Adult- build the Snow Park- use Ice Rink

Finger Painting– Toddler- complete the Super Toddler Secret Misson quest, buy a Finger Painting Easel from Promotions R Us, complete at home

Fishing– Adult and Senior- build the Park- use the Fishing Rod

Ghost Hunting– Adult- complete the Ghost Hunters quest- place spooky items in house

High Striker– Adult- complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Carnival

Horse Tricks– Adult- complete the Need for Steed quest- build arena

Horse Vaulting– Adult- complete the Horse Tricks hobby- build arena

Jester– Adult- complete the Archery hobby- open Front Door to Castle

Juggling– Teen and Adult- complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Carnival

Karate– Preteen- complete Multi Story Renovations quest- at Community Center

Makeup Artist– Teen and Adult- complete Pretty Little Planters quest- at Mall

Musical Expression– Baby- complete Nanny Knows Best- buy Xylophone from Promotions R Us, complete at home

Pinball Enthusiast– Adult and Senior- complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Arcade

Quilting– Senior- complete In Stitches quest- buy a Quilting Kit from Promotions R Us, complete at home

Salsa Dancing– Adult- complete A Dance to Remember quest, buy a Jukebox from Promotions R Us, complete at home

Seashell Collecting– Toddler and Preteen- complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Beach

Showjumping– Adult- complete Hidden Unicorn quest, complete Horse Vaulting hobby, build arena

Skill Tester– Preteen- complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Arcade

Snorkelling– Teen and Adult- complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Beach

Spell Casting– Teen and Adult- complete the Book of Spells quest, 

Storyteller– Teen, Adult and Senior- complete Survivalist hobby

Surfing– Teen and Adult- complete Life Dreams and Legacies quest- build Beach

Survivalist– Teen, Adult and Senior- complete Vacationers Guide to Great Outdoors quest

Teen Idol– Teen- complete Teen Idol quest, buy instruments from Promotions R Us, complete at home

Toddler Playhouse– Toddler- complete In Da Clubhouse quest, use playhouse at Swim Center

Woodworking– Adult- complete Multi Story Renovations, use Woodwork Benches, second floor of Community Center

Click on the links for each post for more detailed information on each hobby.

  • What is your favourite hobby?

Cooking has got to be my favourite, I have most of my sims doing this hobby because you get 5LPs everytime you complete the collection (apart from the first time)


  • What are your least favourite hobbies?

I really don’t like fishing, mainly because you have to get to level 8 to be able to complete the collection and it takes such a long time. I also don’t like the seashell collecting hobby, you have to be on at different times of the day to get different items and I am never awake at midnight! (and please don’t do the time cheat- it messes up your game)


  • Should I do every hobby as I don’t have enough sims

I would recommend you complete every hobby at least once, just incase a timed event starts (where you need to complete a hobby in a certain time) so you don’t have to waste time during the event levelling up and unlocking all the collectibles, you will have already done it.

Once you have completed a hobby you can either do it again or switch to a different hobby.


  • What is the point of doing hobbies?

Partaking in hobbies earns you rewards such as town value, simoleons, XPs and LPs when your sims level up, find new items and complete rows and you unlock new items or receive LPs when you complete the whole collection.

Hobbies are a good way to make money but you don’t have to do them!



  • What are collectibles?

Collectibles are items you find each time you complete a hobby. You have to find all collectibles to complete a hobby collection. If you find a new collectible you receive a simoleon reward.


  • Why can I not find all the collection items? And why are some of them grey?

To find all collectibles you need to be on the highest level in that hobby. If some are greyed out it is because your sim has not reached that level yet, they need to keep doing the hobby to level up.


  • If I am on level five can I still get collectibles from the lower levels?

Yes you can, you can get collectibles from any level as long as you are on or above that level.


  • Do all my sims completing a hobby need to be on the highest level to find all collectibles?

No, only one sim needs to be on the highest level to find all the collectibles.


  • When I am trying to find new collectibles in a hobby, does it matter which option I choose? Will the longer option mean I am more likely to find a new collectible?

No, it doesn’t matter what option you choose, the longest option will not guarantee you find a new item. I would suggest the shortest option when you are trying to find collectibles at that current level as you will find them quicker.


What is the lucky spin?

The lucky spin gives you the chance of finding a new item using LPs:

  1. Open the hobby tab
  2. Click on the LP button on the row you want to get a collectible on
  3. It will clear the row and give you a random collectible on that row so you aren’t guaranteed a new item (you will get back any other collectibles you already had in that row)


  • Is lucky spin worth it?

I think it depends on the situation, I wouldn’t use it if it would be cheaper to speed up the hobby itself, for example, if the lucky spin costs 6LPs for that row and the hobby can be sped up with 3LPs I would speed the hobby up.

But it can be useful if it is taking too long to reach the next level, I tend to use it on timed hobbies and on the last row before I have unlocked the highest level and I don’t have anything in that row already because then you are guaranteed a new item.


This video shows you how to do a lucky spin:



  • How do I find the hobby tab?
  1. You will find the hobby tab on the sim information panel (shown in the picture below)
  2. If you click on the circular hobby symbol it will open the hobby tab on that collection, then using the tabs at the top you can find a different collection


  • Why don’t Karate and Ballet show on the hobby tab?

They don’t have collectibles so don’t appear on the hobby tab, you only unlock items when you level up the first time you complete these hobbies.



  • How can my sims level up quicker?

The best way is to choose the longest option for the hobby, the longer the option, the quicker your sim should level up.

You can speed up a hobby using LPs, this will also level your sim up.


  • I have a preteen ice skating, she will be a teen before she gets to level 6, will she need to start from level 1 as a teen?

No, she won’t need to as a teen can still do the ice skating hobby


  • When your sim gets to the highest level should you switch hobbies?

You can do if you want, I would recommend changing hobby once you complete the collection if you don’t like it and I always put my cooking sims on ghost hunting for one go then back to cooking once they reach level 6 because then they can earn the rewards for levelling up again. They can complete the ghost hunting hobby once to change their hobby then when they return to the cooking hobby they will be level one again.


  • Do you lose the rewards you won for levelling up when your sim changes hobby or dies?

No you don’t


  • If you have reached the highest level in a hobby and move all your sims to a new hobby would you have to unlock all the levels again?

No, you wouldn’t have to, the collection will be unlocked forever, but if you don’t get to the highest level another sim will have to reach the highest level



  • How do you restart a collection?

Go to the hobby tab and at the top of the collection click start new to clear the board:



Does restarting a collection restart your sims level?

No, it doesn’t, your sims skill level will stay the same.



  • Is there any point giving a sim a hobby when they need to complete life dreams? Do they have time?

Yes there is and they will have time to partake in a hobby because it shouldn’t take the whole life stage to complete their life dream. Also some life dreams are hobby related so you can complete the life dream and hobby in one go!



  • What is the difference between a timed hobby and a timed hobby event?

-Timed hobbies are ones that need to be completed for the first time in the time limit to get a prize, for example, Spellcasting

-Timed hobby events are hobbies that can be completed previously then have to be completed a certain number of times during the time limit to unlock new items, for example, Long Hair Event (completing the fashion designers hobby 9 times to unlock all 9 hairstyles) a list of time limited hobby events can be found here


  • Which hobbies are timed?

Breakdancing– complete in 7 days to unlock the DJ booth

Broomstick Flying– complete in 7 days to unlock the mop

Fashion Hunter– complete in 7 days to unlock the indoor skydiving center

Finger Painting– complete in 7 days to unlock the pop up book

Makeup Artist– complete in 7 days to unlock the beauty vanity

Musical Expression– complete in 7 days to unlock the infant bouncer

Potion Brewing– complete in 7 days to unlock wizard costumes

Puppy Pals– complete in 7 days to unlock poodles

Salsa Dancing– complete in 7 days to unlock the villa

Spell Casting– complete in 7 days to unlock the owl

Storyteller– complete in 7 days to unlock the campfire

Survivalist– complete in 7 days to unlock the picnic basket


  • How do you manage to complete timed hobbies and events in the time limit?

Before a timed hobby starts (if I know about it in advance) and throughout the event I have all my cooking sims completing the hobby as much as possible to get as many LPs I can (explained in this post) I then use these LPs to either speed up the timed hobby so I can complete it as quickly as possible or I will use LPs to do lucky spins on the last row if I am running out of time.

Tips for timed hobbies:

  1. Have as many LPs as possible so you can speed up or use the lucky spin to complete
  2. Do the longest option possible to level up, then do the shortest option to get the collectibles
  3. Keep going- don’t get disheartened if you get the same items a lot, they don’t make these easy!

Tips for timed events:

  1. I suggest having a sim complete each hobby at least one so that when a timed event starts you don’t have to waste time levelling up your sims
  2. Again LPs are incredibly useful!
  3. And if you don’t complete the first time, don’t worry, these events usually happen again!


  • If I click not now on a timed hobby what happens?

The not now button is very misleading because it doesn’t stop the timer, it actually doesn’t do anything!


  • Does everyone start timed events at the same time?

Yes, timed hobby events are only available for a limited time and all players have to complete them in the same time period.



  • How does the competition center work?

The higher level you are in a career or hobby the more chance you have of winning first prize at the competition center.

When you click on the competition center (as shown in the picture below) it will appear with a competition (I had the archery hobby) it tells you how much you will get for each placing:

  • 1st place- 3LPs
  • 2nd place- 1LP
  • 3rd place- S1000 and 1000XPs
  • 4th place- S500 and 500XPs

Then you can select a sim- always go for the sim with the highest level in that hobby/career (it will tell you what level your sims are at)

For example: Zack is level 6 in archery so I would definitely use him over Hayley who has never done archery before (level 0/6)

NOTE: your sim must not be busy for them to partake in a competition, they will appear greyed out if they are busy.

Once you have selected your sim they will be busy competing for 24 hours, once the time is up you will need to go back to the competition center to see where they were placed.

If your sim is level 6 then they should come first but they don’t always!



  • Is it worth it?

I rarely use the competition center,  its a good way to make a few extra LPs but it does mean your sim cannot do anything else for a whole day.


  • Can I enter my sim in the competition center for a previous hobby?

You could but they would be level 0 in that hobby so probably would only be 4th, it is much better to enter a sim in for the hobby they are currently doing.


Thanks for reading!


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99 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are you not doing you walk through anymore? Have been looking for the fashion hunter hobby one. Really miss you posts, I live by them lol.

    Thanks, Sandy

    • Yes I am but I was about to build the area at the mall and I saw a pop up for the outdoors timed event and I really don’t want to be doing two at once so I will start the fashion hunter one as soon as I have finished the outdoors one- sorry!

    • hiya
      I’m a little confused about hobbies. So far when I’ve completed a hobby, I’ve always left a sim on the highest level – thinking that if I change hobby and have no sims on the highest level for that old one I will only be able to collect the level 1 items until a sim levels up again.
      today I accidentally changed a sim’s hobby from a level 8 ghost hunting to cooking, I only had that 1 sim ghost hunting, but found I was still able to collect hobby items from all levels with sims at level 1.
      Is this the same for all hobbies? Or is it some sort of glitch? Do we only need to complete the hobby once to open all levels, and then we can change hobbies and still collect items forever from all levels?
      Thanks very much for all your posts, they are so helpful and make the game much more enjoyable.

      • Once you have a sim at the highest level you can move them to a new hobby as you have already unlocked all the items so now a new sim just starting the hobby could find all the collectibles without being at the highest level, I hope that helps!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you for this blog. Especially the cooking hobby. In 5 hours I earned 70+ lps and I didn’t use any cheats. Soo happy and amazed. I can buy lp stuff now. 😘😘

  3. so, after i’ve unlocked all the items in a certain hobby, i can still collect it again with a zero level sim even though i no longer have any sim with the highest level in that hobby (in case i change his hobby )

  4. Does it matter whether your sim is inspired/maxed out when they enter a competition at the competition center? Does an inspired sim have a better chance of winning first place?

  5. Hi! Firstly, let me be the trillionth person to thank you so much for your amazing work, effort, and kindness! I’m so happy I stumbled upon your incredible site!

    I believe you have answered my question about hobbies above, but I wanted to elaborate on it: in a hobby, let’s say cooking, if one were in the middle of the levels, like level 4 – I understood from your faq that it doesn’t matter which cooking option we choose to gain the collectibles; as per your brilliant suggestion for money and LPs, we can just keep cooking that cheese and toast! I’m finding, however, I seem to keep getting the low-level items (such as the grater) when I cook the toast, and the mid level items (such as knives) when I cook the quiche – is this purely coincidental?

    My question boils down to, do I need to cook the more time consuming foods to get the higher level collectibles, or just keep cooking millions of cheesy toasts and eventually I’ll get them all?

    Cheers again!x

    • You’re very welcome and thank you!
      Yes that is just a coincidence because sometimes you can have a sim who is level 1 and they get mostly high items so cooking cheese on toast will get you them eventually, sometimes it can just take a long time while other times you can complete in about 10 minutes so keep at it!

  6. Hi..! thanks for your sharing, it help me a lot.
    I wanna ask you something and I hope U could help me. I regreted for doing some actions on previous level. I added a male infant and I got him on the floor, crawling! Wow! I was suprised, usually I got a new infant on the crib. and then I moved him to the crib by an adult. and when I want to move him back on the floor, I couldnt! I regreted to move him to the crib 😦 I like watching him crawling and playing on the floor. how should I do to get him crawling on the floor again? btw, I’m on level 43 and I dont reach the ‘nanny things’ level yet. thank you.

  7. The timed hobbies don’t appear on my game I’ve tried everything but to no avail. On the game it appears that it’s there but I can’t access it, the task tab shows that there are 4 quests, but when I open it it only shows me 3. What can I do to solve this?

  8. Thank you for all your work on this blog, it’s very, very impressive. 🙂 Once you have maxed out one Sim and unlocked all of a hobby, is there any advantage to keeping at least one Sim maxed out in that hobby? I’m running out of Sims to keep one on each unlocked hobby, which is hindering me during timed hobby events.

    • You’re welcome!
      No there isn’t, I usually just have my sims complete the hobby until I have earned all the rewards, so I did the puppy pals hobby until I unlocked all the rugs. But you can just complete each hobby once then move onto another hobby because once they are at the highest level in that hobby any sim who starts from level 1 will be able to find all the collectibles for when you need to complete a timed hobby event.

  9. Hi, again, Magic, just one more question. I am (finally!) building the Competition Center. Something just occurred to me….wouldn’t there be an advantage to having one Sim maxed out on each hobby at the Competition Center? Or are the competitions just not worth doing?

  10. I know there’s probably not much I can do about this but i have quite a few hobbies in which i’m max level and have been max level for quite some time now and I STILL am only getting the beginner rewards to complete the hobbies. no matter how many times i do them I get the same beginner ones over and over and its quite frustrating. I’m guessing there probably is not, but is there anything I can do to increase the chances of getting what I need and is there anyone else having the same problem?

  11. I have a question! I have a few hobbies that I have been continuously trying to get the last item for for weeks to months now with no success!! I have done longer times and I have done shorter times. The fashion one I have never been able to complete (been missing the last piece of the collection for months probably!) The spell casting one I did it once a while ago, reset it and have had only one thing to get for who knows how long now! It seems to be this way with almost all of my hobby collections! I don’t know what is going on. Is this a glitch, my bad luck? Thank you so much for your help!! (also they are all maxed out on their experience and they’re fully inspired when I have them do the tasks😞)

    • Seems like you are really unlucky with these hobbies :/ unfortunately there aren’t any tricks or tips to finding them, you are just going to have to keep going, I know its frustrating but you will get them eventually (although if this continues maybe contact EA to see why you are so unlucky!)

    • I’m having the same problem with the fashion hobby, I have the sim doing it all day everyday and I cannot get the last piece. Same with finger painting, I want to grow the dang kid up already but I want to get the last piece and it’s just not happening. So frustrating! Same was happening with fishing and I finally just caved and used LP to get the last fish…and with the swimming. I had them doing it for weeks.

  12. I have been doing the figure skating now for almost a month, and have used several hundred LP’s and I still don’t have the last metal…should it take this long???

  13. Hi there! You have mentioned “speeding up” the hobby, how exactly does this happen? Sorry if I missed this part.

  14. Thanks this was really helpful! But I still have one question, are my sims allowed to do a different hobby after they have reached the maximum level of a hobby?

  15. Im very confused. I’m trying to get the long hair styles? But, i don’t really know how! Is there a quest for it?

  16. i know you must be busy trying to help everyone with their issues on this game & also dealing with your own life… but i just need to ask, is there any way you may know why the ballet icon is faded & why i cant make a sim do ballet anymore? & also… why isnt there anything posted on your website about this issue stating that it may be basically not available or anything??

    • The answer for this is in at least three posts, this post, the ballet post and the karate post:
      ‘Why don’t Karate and Ballet show on the hobby tab?
      They don’t have collectibles so don’t appear on the hobby tab, you only unlock items when you level up the first time you complete these hobbies.’

      You can still complete ballet using a preteen at the community center but once you have completed it for the first time you will not get any rewards like a normal hobby.

  17. Hi again. I’m about to unlock the pet park and am trying to plan my strategy. I figure if the animal fanatics take so long to earn orbs then they might just as well be doing a hobby to collect them so I want to start with dog obedience. I have 4 sims assigned to the animal fanatic personality (I keep recreating them) and only two of them own 3 star dogs (I do have other 3 star dogs owned by other sims though). My question is – when I send a 3 star dog (with a collar) to the park does it’s OWNER have to go with it or can I just send a 3 star dog and then send one of the animal fanatic sims (not it’s owner) with it? I want to know if I have to move dogs or personalities around? Also, do you know if this hobby is still experiencing the same problems it had when you did it – the frisbe dog throwing did? Tks in advance for your answer.

    • You can send any sim you want to complete this hobby, the dog doesn’t have to belong to the person completing the hobby.
      I’m not sure about the frisbee issue as I stopped working towards animal orbs once I finished building all the places at the pet park, I’ve not heard of anyone having this issue recently though so hopefully it’s all sorted now!

  18. if I choose the shortest time offered for a hobby, does it affect the type of collectible I get ( I.E.- choosing the 10min fishing as opposed to the 1 hr)?

    • Jack of all trades is a quote ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ it just means that by changing their hobby to something different they will forget all about their previous hobby and if you put them back onto that hobby they will have to start again from level 1

  19. Per the newest update, there are 4 mats at the gym (5 if you include the usable one) .. but they provide no interactions. Are the just for appearance or do they become available after the event?

  20. I just started the musical expression hobby—in fact I just completed nanny knows best because of a coming soon hobby event said that I needed to. If I don’t find all the baby clothes before the baby onesies event starts, can I continue where I left off after the baby onesies event starts?

  21. Hi there, thanks for all the information 😊
    I have one question, is the Lucky Hat just decorative or does it make the sim wearing it have an advantage?
    All the best

  22. “Do all my sims completing a hobby need to be on the highest level to find all collectibles? -No, only one sim needs to be on the highest level to find all the collectibles.”

    So, what if that one sim dies or changes hobby? I’m just kind of confused. If that one sim dies or changes hobby I will still be on level 6 in that hobby? I just need to know this because of the timed events 🙂

    Thank u! xx

    • You won’t still be on level 6 but you will have unlocked all the collectibles so a new sim can be at level 1 and find all the collectibles but if your sim doesn’t reach level 6 before they die or change hobbies then a new sim will need to reach level 6 first.

  23. It doesn’t say anywhere that only female Sims can take part in the makeup artist hobby but it won’t let my male Sims do it as a hobby. Has anyone else had this problem? Seems extremely sexist.

  24. Hi, i have a question for the new feature on Limited Events, I read your post that LPs unlocks the whole row once the items are unlocked. How do I know it’s not a random thing? Does it really unlock the whole row? It’s my first time seeing this and I’m nervous to spend LPs on. I am ok to speed up once the timer is down to 1 hr and the number of LPs go down to one. I can use the spare LPs I have and get my sims on the cooking hobby for two hours to get 10LPs.

  25. Will the indoor skydiving and sim town cinema still be available for me to purchase even though I didn’t finish the fashion hunter hobby?

  26. I have a good question; could you tell us which hobbies are worth completing.

    I have 1 sim each on the Puppy Pals and Internet Kitten Hobbies…..i was wondering if either one is really worth the time i have to finish them, moreless the time i have already put into them.

    • The internet kitten hobby doesn’t have a time limit so you can take your time on that one. Puppy pals does have a time limit but you only have to complete in time if you want the poodles, if you don’t then you don’t have to worry about completing it in time.

  27. I have 3 xylophones but I can’t remember where I placed the other 2. Is there an easy way to find them. They are tiny, I have been through all of my houses

  28. Hi, I’m trying to do the hair event. I have 6 sims all on level 6 of fashion designer hobby and 10 altogether, designing in one house; I have completed the entire collection twice already, but both times have had to use LP to get the Chichi heels! I literally had 10 sims, almost continually designing fashion for a couple of weeks and still never got them as an item! Now I’m doing the hair quest and have only got 6 days. When I started, I made all the items except the chichi heels, in just 3 times of my 10 sims doing the 10 minute option. However, 2 days in and still no heels again 🤔🤔 I don’t understand why I can never make them?? It almost feels like a glitch?? Do you have any advice for me please, as really want the hair!! 🙏

  29. Hello i just learned about your blog and im just impressed about how much information you give us about sf! Keep up the good work because Ill be here everytime 😍 I dont know if you read comments here but I think I have a problem regarding my sims hobbies (specifically the skating hobby and the diving hobby). I keep on doing the hobby so i can get the reward (LP) after i finish all the collectibles but the skating and diving hobby wont let me have the reward (for skating i am missing the rare swan and for the diving i am missing the triple pickle flip). I am not sure if ive done something to the game or if its the games fault 😓😓😓 Thank you in advance and I love you 💕

  30. Can you help me?? I accidentally reset the archery hobby while doing the royal thing quest.. so I can’t get into the castle now ☹

  31. Hi! I am so so sorry if you have been asked this question before- I have scoured several of your posts+comments but I may have missed something. I just wanted to ask about ‘resetting’ a hobby- you gave doing the ghost hunting hobby as an example to reset the cooking hobby levels. My question is (using your example): do you have to complete the ghost hunting hobby before you can go back to level 1 of the cooking one, or do you just have to do a few things at the beginning of the ghost hobby? Again, this is probably just me being dumb, and I’m so sorry if you’ve heard this before!
    Anyway, thank you so much for your blog posts! They have helped me so much, and I always refer to them when I am doing any quest 🙂
    Thank you for your time!

  32. I won’t lie here, I haven’t read ALL of the comments but I did read about 85% of them.. so if you answered this already, I apologize. So if I failed to realize I need to use the sim who starts a hobby to collect all of the rewards before it’s all unlocked.. and then find myself stuck because I have no idea who I used to start said hobby… is there a way to figure out who I need or to restart the hobby as a whole?! I have two or possibly three I may or may not have messed up.. ok.. definently messed up. Help!! Please and thank you!

    • In the hobby tab you will be able to see which of your sims has started this hobby unless you have switched them to a new hobby, in that case they will have forgotten everything about the previous hobby so you would have to start them from level 1 anyway so you could just use a different sim.

  33. Is it true that it takes at least 13 days to get from level 5 to 6 in the woodworking hobby? There’s no way to shorten that?

    • Based on the percentage increase that is about right, if you are concerned about being able to complete the urban furniture hobby event that starts on the 23rd September, if you started the woodworking hobby now you should be able to reach level 6 before the event begins.

  34. Hi there, firstly I would like to say thank you for all the information you’ve put on this site, it’s been a massive help!
    I’ve had a really good look but I can’t see the answer to my question so I hope you could help me with the following..
    Sims have to be level 6 on a hobby to unlock ALL the collectibles in order for a sim new to the hobby to be able to collect anything, but if a sim is on level 4 or 5 for example, would a sim that is new to the hobby be able to collect up to level 4/5 items?
    Thanks in advance!

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