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The Sims Freeplay- Main Quests


This is a list of all the main quests that appear in the sims freeplay and what levels they are unlocked at.

NOTE: The level is only when the quest unlocks at if all previous quests have been completed already, if you are behind on quests the level isn’t important as the quests NEED to be completed in the order they appear in this post. For example, you need to complete bread winner before you can do money grows on trees!

So no, you CANNOT do the Quest for Toddlers even if you are already on or past level 12 if the first 9 quests have not been completed first. Once they have been completed the Quest for Toddlers will start automatically.

For more information on completing quests please click here

  • Adulthoodunlocks the ability to age teens to adults (level 21)
  • Ghost Huntersunlocks the ghost hunting hobby and haunted items (level 22)
  • Seniorsunlocks seniors (level 23)
  • Life Dreams and Legaciesunlocks the ability to give sims life dreams, as well as automatic ageing and death (level 26)


*if this quest doesn’t appear for you that is because your game is no longer compatible, EA have stopped updating it with the latest quests.

Can I not just skip a main quest? No, all main quests NEED to be completed in the order they appear in this post, you cannot skip them

I didn’t complete a quest in the time limit, can I move on? No, even though you didn’t complete in time you still have to complete it before you can move onto the next quest

What about discovery quests? A list of all the discovery quests can be found in this post

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