Personalities and Life Dreams

Confused about Life Dreams? Read my Frequently Asked Questions Post

Click on each of the links below to see the life dreams for that personality:




Animal Fanatic

Helpful posts:

Life Dreams and Legacies Frequently Asked Questions

Guide to Life Dreams and Orbs

How Many Orbs are required?

Pausing a Sims Life

Places to Build with Orbs:

The Beach

The Arcade

The Carnival

The Pet Park

Complete The Life Dreams and Legacies Quest to unlock personalities and life dreams


22 thoughts on “Personalities and Life Dreams

  1. Hi I find your tips and posts really helpful and I am new to sims free play have you got any tips on how to earn more money?

  2. How do you pick a personality and life dream? The only one who seems to have a personality is the baby I got for the quest.

  3. Hi I love your blog it really helps!
    I was on level 24 but u didn’t save then my iPad crashed, I currently had 1mil simoleans that I had just bought and I have to restart, is there a restore button where I can get my money back?πŸ˜…πŸ˜­πŸ˜…
    Thanks for your time!!!

  4. How do you remove a sim without aging them, I want to remove a baby because I have to add one, but I only have one married couple and they already have 2 kids, so its 4 people in the house, and it says its to full so I have to remove a sim or move them out.

  5. Does anyone know why my sims life bar looks like their aging but I DID NOT finish the life and legacy quest!!????

  6. Hi! Can you please do a post on interior ideas for sim homes and what objects are most/least worth buying? πŸ™‚

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