The Sims Freeplay- Career Guide: Getting a Job, Sending a Sim to Work and Quitting

This is a quick guide for those of you who are confused about getting a job and sending a sim to work.
Getting a Job
Working is a great way to make money, to get a job you need to find the careers and education tab, which is the first one on the sims information panel.

Next to your sims picture it should say unemployed, click on the blue suitcase:


You will then open up the list of careers, as you unlock more workplaces you will unlock more careers, once you find the one you want click ‘accept this job?’

Sending a Sim to Work
You can send your sims to work whenever you want during the day but only once a day.

To send them to work, go to the simtracker and find the sim, you will see a pulsing suitcase under the image of them, as shown in the picture below:



Click on the suitcase and you will be asked to confirm you want them to go to work:


Can I send a sim to work automatically?

No, you have to manually send them sometime during the day.

What happens if I don’t send my sim to work everyday, will they lose their job?
No they don’t lose their job, nothing happens apart from you not receiving any money or increasing their level.

My sim won’t go to work, why?

They may be in a bad mood, improve their mood and then try again.

How often can I send them to work?

You can send them once a day

NOTE: You can send your sims to work again at/after 12am as it is the start of a new day

Quitting Work

You can quit a job the same way you get a sim a job.

Go to the job tab of the information panel


Click on the job icon of the sim you want to quit

When the choose occupation screen appears you will see a red box under the job they have saying quit job, click that:

imageIt will ask you if you are sure, say yes:


They will have quit their job

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8 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Career Guide: Getting a Job, Sending a Sim to Work and Quitting

    • There is no specific time frame; the clock resets for all sims at midnight. For example, you can send a sim to work at 11:55 pm, and by the time they get off, you can send them immediately again since you started before midnight and ended the next day. However, if you send them at 12:05 am, you would have to wait until midnight again before you can to send that sim to work.

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  2. I sent my sims to work when I woke up , but when I checked back in nine of them had gone, they all are just sitting in the uniform that the game game changes them into, and now it won’t let me switch their clothes or send them to work, but I can still make them do things, has this ever happened to you? And if not do you know how I can get ahold of them?

    • Yes it use to happen to me a lot, it seems to happen when your progress isn’t saved on the game, it usually happened for me if my game crashed, it hasn’t happened since I started updating to the cloud each time before I close the game.

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