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The Girl Who Games is entirely written by one person (a full time student) in my spare time

This blog is mainly about the iPad games that I play, I will give you tips about them, general information, review them and their many updates – and just help you get better at the game if you have just started!

I hope you enjoy this blog, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to comment on posts and I will get back to you as soon as possible 😀

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The 5 top games that I enjoy playing are:

  • Fashion Story
  • The Sims Freeplay*
  • Bakery Story
  • The Simpsons- Tapped Out
  • Restaurant Story

*This is the game most people want information about so it does take up the majority of my blog- if you would like certain information on another game listed here just let me know!



The information I post on this website is my own work, it does take a while to create these posts so I would appreciate if you include my details if you use this information anywhere online. If you do not do this I will take action. Stealing is a crime.

Some of the images including game logos have been obtained from the internet, no copyright infringement has been intended, most of the screenshots are my own. Any images that aren’t my own have been used for a purpose.

This is me:

“My name is Charlotte and I am a 21 year old from England. I started this blog to help others with the games mentioned above, who are stuck with a particular goal, would like to understand a game more or just want new neighbours! If you have any comments or questions then please feel free to ask me, I will do my best to help- you have all been great so far, thank you for contributing and for reading my blog! I am amazed with the reaction that it has got from you all- I had over 2,000,000 views in less than a year and now have had over 50 million views! I don’t really have any rules but the only thing I will ask is for you to be kind to others (rude comments will be deleted) and read the post and previous comments before asking a question as I may have already answered it! Also if there is anything that you would like me to write a post about- please let me know! I’m happy to help!”

The details in the posts are all correct when I create them, but when the games are updated things do change, if you notice any changes then please politely let me know, I am only a player of these games, so like you I do the quest once so I don’t know if something is different until I’m informed. Just saying things like ‘you are so wrong’ is unhelpful.

This blog is constantly being updated to make it the best possible experience for everyone, so feedback is welcome. You can rate posts out of 5 stars, so if you do feel that it deserves 3 stars or lower please let me know why so I can make it better!

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  1. How do you call a friend

  2. How do i get my pre teen to do the microwave popcorn but neighbors doesn’t have a microvae

  3. New quest & you have 14 days to complete it.
    Anglers & Mutans
    Note: It will reset ALL of your previous fish record if you should choose to do it.
    You will receive a Müté Fis Fashion Accessory Package if you complete it.
    1) Send a Sim to the park
    2) Call the Science Lab On The Phone (9 Minutes)
    3) Catch A Fish (4 Minutes)
    4) Catch 3 Different Types of Fish (The time factory here varies depending upon what you catch)

  4. How to catch three different fish on sims?

  5. I’m so glad I found your blog. My husband just got me started on TheSims Freeplay and to say I’m obsessed is an understatement. I searched your blog but couldn’t find this answer (hope I didn’t miss it) …I noticed that even when my Sims are busy planting (well into it) and I’m not purchasing anything, I’m losing simoleons and Life Points…I wondered if turning on the lamps in the homes would detract those?

    • Turing lamps on doesn’t lose you money, the only thing I can think it would be is it does cost to plant, if you get them to plant something and go to a different house before they get to the plot when you come back you will see the money going down from the cost of the seeds, hope this helps!

  6. Hey there been playing for a while and finally saved up enough for the two story mansion. It came with the little green machine with a flag on it (looks like some kind of golf thing) that is for sale on the electronics tab for $777 777, can anybody tell me what it does or with who, cause I tap it but no options come up? Thanks in advance:) p.s add me on Game Centre if anybody wants to I have a lot of houses & stuff gc id: globugi

  7. Thanks a lot for your posts on Sims freeplay, they have helped me a lot and complete them.

  8. Wow this is awesome :]

  9. Weightlessmagic you’ve got the same name as me and you live in the same country

  10. What’s the max number of neighbor one can have? Add me guys pls in GC 😃

  11. how can i have neighbors?

  12. Is the limit of sims at a house 10? Can Premium beachside houses contain more sims? Thanks!

    Andrew (Level 15 -85%)

  13. I’ve been obsessed with Sims FreePlay for the past 2 weeks. This is the straight-forwarded and up-to-date resource on the intranet for this game. Thank you very much Charlotte for your contribution. Keep it going!

  14. Hey there!

    I just started playing Sims freeplay two days back and finding your blog was a HUGE help! Thanks for all the posts. When I went through your list of quests, I found out that I’ve missed one. The “Bread Winner” quest was supposed to be opened at level 7, but it didn’t. I’m now at level 10, completing the latter quests. How do I get to do this previous quest? Does it mean my sims won’t get to have cooking hobbies? Please help!

  15. Help! I can’t get the cloud to download my saved game from my Windows phone to an android. The cloud on android has the only option to download from Facebook. What can I do? 😦

  16. HELLO MS LADY, i hope you dont mind, but i added this information to my doc files in the group i manage on facebook……..sims free play life stories…….its stories created about the lives of our sims and so to keep the group fresh, i try and find helpful information ,and i came across your posts……..tyvvm

    • Hello, as long as you reference that you got the information from my website and that it was written by The Girl Who Games I am quite happy for you to use it.
      Can you add me to the group? 🙂

  17. I need help finding the magic wand

  18. ❤ thank you very much for all of these useful information ❤ sharing is love;) xoxo

  19. You have been a great help to me. Thank you!

  20. I need help finding the magic wand. Thank you.

    • It is at the wizards houses, then you pick it up and it goes into your inventory, then you place it in one of your houses.
      After the quest you have to buy a new one from the sorcerous supplies store to complete the hobby

  21. I can’t quite remember what it is called, but I am stuck on a task. It involves SP, again I forgot what these letters stand for. It tells me to practice fire-fighting with a neighbour’s fire hydrant, I went to the neighbour’s town but I could not find a fire hydrant anywhere! What should I do? Thank you! 🙂

  22. Hi…ur blog is gr8 and helps me a lot. Nw i m struck whr i dnt hv any neighbours n i tried to add you in facebook at Bt m nt undrstandin hw to add u in party boat since dat is a community page. N dat page is wid a cartoon of a gal wid ipad if dats ri8 den plz help…m nt able to cmplete social goals….thnx…

  23. How can i catch some zs on a neighbor’s couch??????

  24. Thanks you…I have alredy done it…Now says “go and practice making films on a neighbor’s town”…

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