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HOBBY ITEMS SHOW AS LOCKED OR LIMITED ITEM IN HOME STORE?- you will see this if you are in the new items tab, if you go to the hobby and career items tab of your inventory you should be able to place the hobby item

STORED AN ITEM IN YOUR INVENTORY BUT CANNOT FIND IT? You haven’t unlocked the item yet so you need to complete a certain quest to unlock the tabs in buy mode and the item should reappear in your inventory

How do I contact EA? Read this post on how to contact them

There are a few glitches, as you expect in each update of the sims freeplay, this page will contain all the ones that I know about right now (if you know of more, please let me know so I can add them!)



Added 7th January

  • While completing the a puppy odyssey quest the puppy disappears- you will need to contact EA about this to see if they can fix this for you

Added 3rd April

  • The game isn’t recognising when you complete some goals right now- you could contact EA and let them know a goal doesn’t work or you could try skipping with LPs or if it is a weekly task you could wait for the next update as it will complete the goal for you when you update your game.

Added 20th April

  • Timed hobby events has been ending before the time limit is actually up so a lot of players are missing out on the prizes- if you have had this issue you will need to contact EA and they should be able to sort it out for you


Added 30th July

  • Cannot complete the Royal Lineage Quest as footprints appear- this appears to be a glitch in the latest update, you will need to contact EA about this issue to see if they can fix this for you
  • Town value increases when visiting a neighbour- you are just getting your neighbours town value and any rewards for reaching that town value milestone


Added 8th September

  • Simtracker Issue:

Some players are unable to see the progress or see incorrect progress of their sims task in the simtracker.

EA/ Firemonkeys have said:

‘We are currently aware of a Known Issue where the progress bar inside the Simtracker may not update or change, despite a Sim being at work or performing an action/task. The actions of the Sims are otherwise not affected.

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue.’

  • Horses still stuck:

Some players horses are stuck in the stable walls and are unable to interact with them.

EA/Firemonkeys have said:

‘All players that have submitted tickets as a Known Issue: Horse Stuck in Stable Walls have had their horses fixed. If you have missed out, please submit a ticket for assistance!’

In future: wait for your sims to dismount before sending them to work, this seems to have been the cause of this issue for a few players

  • Hospital being built too early causing players to be unable to go back to downtown to complete construction:

Please read this page on the Firemonkeys website for more information on this fix

  • Error 111: General Error popup when trying to access the online store:

EA/Firemonkeys have said:

‘We are unable to provide direct help as we are still investigating the cause of the issue.

We encourage players to follow this article (click this link) to receive updated information as we learn more.

Pretty Little Planters Quest has started early and I cannot complete it- you will need to contact EA about this issue as I am unable to fix technical issues- give this post on the Firemonkeys website a read for more information on this issue


How do I contact EA? Read this post on how to contact them


919 thoughts on “Glitches

  1. My teenage sim did this wierd dance as if he was dizzy as soon as he was nice to the future sim is this what happens to the teenage Sims only because they’re shocked a future person came and actually time travel is real or…?

  2. I had just bought a houseboat and moved a family into it, then I left the game. When I came back the mom was standing on water and glitching through anything in the water. I tried to make her enter the house but it says she can’t go there. What do I do? Because I really need to do some stuff with her

    • I have had this happen before, just go to a different place in simtown and click on the whistle on the simtracker to bring that sim there and then you can click on the house with the arrow button to send them back home and they won’t be in the water anymore!

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