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Latest Known Issues

November 2018:

Look at Charts task at the hospital won’t complete- they are aware of this issue and it should be fixed in the next update

March 2019:

Players no longer have access to all the packs they have purchased from the online store- these should all be back, if you still have some packs that are missing let me know and I will let the makers know so they can return these too

December 2019:

Coffee machines/ kettles now refill the hunger need rather than energy- this is a glitch and should be fixed in the next update at the latest. If you are trying to complete a weekly task that requires the coffee machine you may find it doesn’t complete, you can either skip the task with 10LP or personally I would wait until they have fixed the coffee machine issue above as it should fix this too

The event button in the corner of the screen won’t expand- the makers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. If you cannot access the workplaces tab at a profession workplace due to this but have workstations you can upgrade you can click on these arrows to get to the workplaces tab, if not you might just need to wait until the Christmas quest is over before you can access the workplace tab:

March 2020:

Volleyball net on Tropical Romance Island doesn’t work- the makers are aware of this issue and are working on a fix.

June 2020:

Missing Party Boat Neighbours? Facebook have changed their Privacy T&Cs which means that inactive players have been removed from the party boat in the game which is why some of your neighbours may be missing

August 2020:

The Broomstick Closet only seems to work when placed on a standard house lot, placing on a premium results in blue footprints appearing- if you have this issue place on a standard and you should be able to complete this hobby- this has now been fixed!

Sims are unable to use the vending machines in the bowling alley at the mall- this has now been fixed!

Sims are unable to complete the Make Up Artist hobby- this has now been fixed!

October 2020:

Some players are unable to start the Downtown Developer 3 Event as it says they are currently completing another one- this has now been fixed!

There is an issue on SimChase Season 20 where you can’t use as many sims as you need to complete a task, if you spent social points or missed out on a prize due to this issue contact support for compensation

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contacting the makers



1,089 thoughts on “Glitches

  1. I’ve been playing the pirate and his goddess quest but I got to solving the second riddle where I open the box by the elephant at the swim center but there isn’t a box there at all. I’ve double checked online to make sure I am right about the riddle but there is no box where i should be opening one.

  2. This happened to me yesterday (June 2020) as well. I lost 14 neighbours so was left with just the standard one and one other. I can’t believe they all suddenly stopped playing sims at once!

    • I have just found out that Facebook have changed their Privacy T&Cs which means that inactive players have been removed from the party boat in the game which is why some of your neighbours may be missing, if they are all missing then this may just be the normal issue where they will return within 24 hours, if they don’t return they may all be inactive players unfortunately.

      • I am on the life and legacies quest. One sim I chose to age. A second sim aged on his own and I dont know how or why. What happened? Is that some sort of glitch? Do they automatically age without me doing anything? I’m not even finished with the quest yet. By the way, I LOVE you website. It has been a life saver for me!!!!

  3. Since the latest update, I have been kicked out of the game when trying to change a Sims clothes, etc. via the wardrobe and at the mall. This is the seventh time in two days, and while the game doesn’t crash, it worries me that it might. I noticed new clothes to choose from In the wardrobe and wondered if it might be related. Has anyone else had that happen to them?

  4. One of my sim in particular keeps standing still and it says she is going to work when she is not (and she has no job) and it won’t let me select her. What can I do?

  5. I have been playing for a few weeks now. Today at some point I was returning to the game after putting all my sims in different tasks and when I tried to open the app it would close right away. I tried it a few times and decided to turn off/on my phone to see if that helped. When I opened the app again it did work but all my sims were doing nothing. The tasks were lost, some money was gone too, and i was working on the Filmmaker/Director studio (trying to reach the quota for that shift) I had helped like 4/5 sims already and that was all gone too.
    I got really mad, tried to put everything back to work and do all tasks from scratch again. Suddenly it happened a second time and I lost everything again.
    I already checked if there was an update of the game I did not have, but that was not the case. I also submitted a tech support but I’m still waiting to see what they say.

    Just wanted to know if you knew something about this or if this has happened to you before.

  6. One of my houses won’t let me in. If I try to enter without my sim the app crashes but will reopen outside the house. If I try to enter with my sim the app crashes and won’t reopen at all. I ended up having to reload the whole app and lost a sim chase challenge because of it. I’ve had this house for years and I don’t want to just demolish it because there’s a lot of valuable items in it. Anyone else have a similar issue?

    • This usually happens when the house is using up too much memory so your device cannot cope, I had this issue a lot on my older device, if it was snowing on a lot or it was a big house I just could not access it without it crashing.

  7. I’ve had the snow chalet for a few days and when i go up to the stairs i can’t walk through the hallway because i am blocked by a wall and i can’t place a door either so is there a way i can pass through the wall or delete the wall so i can walk down the hallway on the second floor?

  8. I have started two events at the same time unknowingly and now i cant access the event menu for one of them and time is still ticking. Its not right and unfair since i don’t want to participate in one of the events anyway

  9. My sims keep sitting near chairs but not in them so it looks like they’re levitating and I’m unable to access them or make them do anything until I exit the home and re-enter

  10. I’m currently level 11 (and have 6 sims). When I tried adding a new sim to the town, the system told me “A sim is already added to the town. You must wait for them to finish before adding another.” And I can’t seem to fix it. Help!

  11. In the bowling alley, when I try to use the vending machines, the sim says it cannot reach it, thought bubble with foot steps. Am I the only one?

  12. In Simchase season 20 for the tasks with multiple sims the game allows to have only 7 sims performing roñé task at a time, the pip up says that the maximum number of sims is reached, thus I need to redo the task with the remaining number of sims, which really prolongs the chase:(

  13. I just lost all my neighbours. It’s December 2020. I’ve never logged into the game through FB, or even connected my account to FB but until today I still had all my neighbours (about 15 of them). Now they’ve ALL gone.

    • Just wanted to note that I recently stumbled across an actually beneficial glitch!
      It pertains to the Life Orbs, specifically the Animal Fanatic.
      If you choose the following Life Dream, “I want to watch fish as often as possible to observe their behavior!” and have the ‘Small Aquarium (Goldfish)’ item under the Pets category, you can essentially earn the Life Orb experience without having to fully complete the task.
      For example, I start my Sim on either the “Watch Fish (2 Hrs)” task or “Be Hypnotized by Fish (5 Hrs)” task and immediately after I cancel it. After cancelling, I tap on the item again and repeat said task and the game still rewards me with 282 Life Orb EXP.
      I’ve noticed it doesnt work with the first option “Feed Fish (8 Secs)” and regardless of whether I choose the 2nd or 3rd option it’ll only reward me with 282 EXP which is the amount normally given upon completing the 2nd option.
      By following this cycle if I just focus entirely on that Sim and task, I can repeatedly just start and cancel it (which becomes easy to find a rhythm to do so as the options always appear in the same spot so I just hover over it with the same fingers) and I can complete a Life Orb within 15-30 minutes give or take depending on which level orb I’m trying to get.
      I was able to build all sections of Barkshire Park within a couple days.
      Unfortunately I havent tried experimenting with any other Life Dreams within Animal Fanatic or the other categories as there is just so much to choose from but I hope this glitch might work for some other players on their games so as to relieve the sheer amount of time and effort that it takes just to earn a single orb (and upgrading all the way to platinum yeesh). I’m still working on the other 3 locations but I can at least feel somewhat satisfied that I fully completed 1 lol.

  14. There’s a new idk if it’s bug or glitch but a lot of players cannot start discovery quest despite already unlocking it and already finishing the pre-requisite quests. Up to now I cannot even begin the Nanny quest even though I already have a toddler and I don’t have any existing quests anymore. I already finished the last among the main quests too.

  15. The Sims Freeplay is becoming probably the most bugged games that I have ever played. Each time I leave the game, EVERY sim stops doing their action and just stands around. This is so annoying to me right now and I don’t know how to fix it. Is it ok for you to help me about how to make a bug report for EA/Firemonkeys for the Sims Freeplay?

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