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The Sims Mobile- My Opinion

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A few weeks ago I was invited to Hollywood, LA by EA for EA Play, there I was able to try out the new Sims Mobile game, give my feedback to the developers and capture some content to share with you all over the next few months, I had a great time meeting other gamers and getting my first chance to play the game so thank you for flying me out for the event EA!

Not heard of The Sims Mobile yet? Check out this post!

NOTE: the game hasn’t been released worldwide yet, it is currently only available in Brazil so is still very much a working progress which means changes are still being made so the final product may turn out very different from the version I had access to at EA Play.
When I first opened the game I was really impressed with the graphics, I know some of you aren’t keen as it is very different from The Sims Freeplay but I think that is a good thing, they need to look different as they are separate games, if this game looked like The Sims Freeplay players would think it was just a copy and wouldn’t play it. Instead they have gone for a look similar to The Sims 4 which I really like! (not to say I don’t like The Sims Freeplay graphics- they are both beautifully designed!)

I’m not going to go into much detail about create a sim now but I will say the amount of options is incredible! You can edit every facial feature with sliders to make them the exact size and shape you want as well as being able to choose from different body shapes or even giving your sims blue or green skin!

At the moment the tutorial is quite confusing so someone who is completely new to The Sims franchise may get lost, there are goals at the top of the screen but they are very basic and I wasn’t sure when the tutorial was over as there wasn’t a pop up to tell me that I had completed it. I mentioned this to the developers so hopefully they will look into making it more player friendly.

There are loads of different aspects to the game that I am going to briefly explain and give my opinions on them, I will go into more detail on these topics at a later date when the game has been released worldwide.


This is a fast paced real time game where most actions take 5 seconds to complete which means there is a lot of tapping! In one way I really like this as you can play for a long period of time before you run out of energy (energy, hunger, hygiene and fun are the 4 needs you have in this game, once you run out of a need you will need to refill using an object which takes a few hours so you can take a break) If you decide to speed up the refilling using simcash instead of waiting then the repetitive tapping can become a little boring.


Surprisingly there is only one house in this town and you can have 4 playable sims in that house at one time, you can have other sims such as babies and toddlers but you cannot play as these sims until they age and a playable sim has passed on..

Yes your sims will die in this game, if you don’t like this aspect in the sims freeplay I think you will appreciate it more in the sims mobile and it is quite a vital part of the game!


The main point of this game is legacies and generations so your sims complete life goals and the more life goals they complete the better heirloom they will leave behind for the next generation, heirlooms unlock new items and interactions in the game. This does mean that your sims will age automatically every day and at the moment they live for about 12 days in total

but they will not age if you do not open the game

so if you don’t open the game for 3 weeks then you won’t come back and find all


your sims have died!

The developers did mention that they want players to have an emotional attachment with their sims- which I think is a terrible idea! You can’t really build an emotional attachment in 12 days anyway but why would you want to when they are going to die! We all know from the sims freeplay experience that players don’t like their sims dying once they have become attached to them so I am hoping they will stick to the 12 days! However as it is I think the death aspect works and is needed in this game, as you add new sims in their place and continue where they left off to unlock new items with the heirlooms in buy mode so you can keep upgrading the house and level up to purchase more land expansions.


I found buy mode awkward to use, you get a side view when trying to place items from buy mode instead of a birds eye view and when you are changing the wallpaper or flooring you have walls in the way so you can’t see what you are doing! Although I really love that you can click and hold an item to move its position as well as change the colour of an item once you have placed it in the house so as you go through the generations you can refresh the objects without buying new ones and the best bit is that you can place different colours on individual walls instead of being required to have the same design in the whole room. If they fix the issues with buy mode this could be such a great feature!


There are loads of events in the game for careers, hobbies, building relationships, earning party points and special events which are all longer events but have 5 second tasks within them, you need to complete the 5 second tasks to fill up the stars, once the stars are full you complete the event and earn event related rewards. The higher the level you are in a career, hobby or friendship the more stars you will need to fill to complete these events. I love the fast pace to these events and that you can go to work as many times as you want or can during a day!


Parties allow you to interact with other players sims, build relationships and even ask their sim to move in if the other player agrees!

Overall I really enjoyed playing The Sims Mobile at EA Play and I cannot wait for the game to be available worldwide! Just to recap I really love the speed of the game and the create a sim options but there are some issues including buy mode as mentioned above but also we really need a camera on the screen and when completing events if you select a 5 second option it zooms right in and then you have to zoom out again when the task is complete to pick the next one which is quite annoying.


NOTE: this content was captured at EA Play so features will change between now and when the game is officially released.

Check out my video on this topic featuring clips of the game here:

There is so much more I’d like to say right now but I’m not allowed to until a later date so keep checking back for more news in the coming months!

Thanks for reading!


The Sims Freeplay- Love is Blinds Event

This is a brand new time limited hobby event which unlocks blinds and curtains- they even open and close! Complete the woodworking hobby 7 times in the 7 day time limit to unlock all the new blinds and curtains, you unlock a pack at random each time. Also sorry this post is a few days late, I have just arrived back from EA Play in America.
If you haven’t done the woodworking hobby before click here for more information

Firstly you need to accept the love is blinds event and it will reset your current woodworking collection so you don’t get a head start:
 If you say no you can start the event from the goal tab, you need to have the latest penthouse update to be able to begin this event.

Confused about time limited hobby events? This video explains how they work:




-have more than one sim working on it- you can buy as many woodworking benches as you want and you can find more in the community center

-if one of your neighbours has the community center you can send another sim to their town to also complete the hobby
-it is easier if you have all the sims in one house, maybe build a room for them so they are all together but you don’t have to!

-have at least one sim at level 6 or working on getting to level 6 (maybe do the longest hour option) so all woodworking pieces are unlocked (if you have previously completed the collection you do not need to get another sim to level 6 to complete this, you can just do the 5 hour option over and over)
-remember to click start new collection on the woodworking hobby collections list once you have got all the pieces
-most importantly: just keep going! I know it’s annoying when you get the same one constantly but you will eventually get the ones you need.

There is a new element now, from the hobby collection screen you can now use LPs to finish a whole row instead of using the lucky spin to find one at random. The LP price varies depending on the row you are completing and how many you have left to find in that row:

Definitely a great option if you have the LPs to spare and want to complete this event really quickly! BUT you have to complete the previous row before you can use LPs on the next row, this video shows you how this works:


Pictures and information on the prize packs will be added as I unlock  each of them!

The blinds and curtains can be opened and closed but you cannot place items infront of them


1.Modern Window Pack

2.Beach Tones Window Pack

3.Earthy Tones Window Pack


4.Shadey Window Pack


5.Natural Window Pack


6.Sleek Window Pack



Thanks for reading!




The Sims Freeplay- Sims and the City Quest

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

LEVEL: 15 TIME LIMIT: 7 days UNLOCKS: penthouse apartments PRIZE: celeb fashion outfits

To begin this quest you firstly need to have completed the Simtown Express Quest to have access to the downtown area (where the hospital is located) as the penthouse apartments will be built here once you complete this new quest! You will still unlock the penthouse apartments once you complete the quest even if you don’t finish in the time limit.

Click on the director in the park to begin this quest:

You cannot complete this quest at the same time as any other discovery quest

Unable to start this quest even though you meet the requirements? They have fixed this issue with a data push, to see these changes you will need to force close the app and I would also recommend restarting your device, you should then be able to begin the quest!

NOTE: I completed this quest on the early access version of the game so some goals or times may differ, I will update the post as I complete the quest on my game.

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has 

  • Send a sim to the park
  • Ask Miss Director what’s wrong- 30 seconds

  • Offer to help Miss Director- 12 seconds

  • Demonstrate touring ability- 2 minutes (thinking man statue)

  • Watch simtown stars- 5 hours

  • Answer call from director- 48 seconds

  • Send 3 sims to the park
  • Request an autograph- 2 minutes

  • Offer Prim a tour- 7 hours 45 minutes

  • Present the thinking man- 2 minutes

  • Tell a story of the park (I don’t think it matters which option you select so I went for the one with the shortest time!)- 10 hours 5 minutes

  • Send a sim home

  • Boast about a visitor (click on prim, again I don’t think it matters which option you select so I went for the one with the shortest time!)- 13 hours 45 minutes

  • Celebrate simtown diversity- 5 sims in one house
  • Take a selfie with prim- 2 minutes

  • Gossip with Prim- 1 hour 35 minutes

  • Place a decoration (buy from decoration section)

  • Confess plan for fame- 11 hours 45 minutes

  • Ask where to start- 2 minutes

  • Clean strange slime from fridge- 17 hours 30 minutes

  • Query random acts of kindness- 1 hour 35 minutes (click on prim)

  • Bake donuts in an oven- 8 hours click on oven, select baking and choose donuts (can be started early)

  • Give donuts to a stranger- sim needs to NOT be a friend or romance with that sim- 2 hours 25 minutes

  • Talk to Prim- 19 hours 45 minutes

  • Hug Prim- 4 hours 45 minutes

  • Say farewell to Prim- 1 day 2 hours 45 minutes


Once you complete the quest you will be able to build the Penthouse Apartments in downtown! Click here for my House Guide to the Penthouse Apartments!


You also unlock new penthouse related items:


  • Faux Lawn and Wooden Panels (patio paving and balcony paving sections)
  • Glass Partition (decorations section)
  • Support Column (decorations section)
  • Flat roofing (roofing section)
  • Exposed Concrete (flooring section)
  • Modern Glass Panes (windows section)
  • Single and Double Penthouse Doors (doors section)
  • Exposed Brick, White Brick, Classic Brick, Warehouse Wall and Simple Concrete (walls section)
  • Contempo-Stair-y (stairs section)

Prize: Celebrity Fashion Outfits
Where can I find them? In the wardrobe under outfits for female adult sims

It is worth it? I don’t really like these outfits so I am not bothered about completing this in the time limit but you might really like them!

Thanks for reading!

Watch my step by step video of the quest here:


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version


The Sims Freeplay- Penthouses Update!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

This latest update is really exciting as you can probably tell by the title we are going to be unlocking penthouse apartments!


Sims and the City Quest – complete this discovery quest to unlock penthouse apartment templates in downtown (where the hospital is located)

Unable to start this quest even though you meet the requirements? They have fixed this issue with a data push, to see these changes you will need to force close the app and I would also recommend restarting your device, you should then be able to begin the quest! 


Custom Closets Live Event (not yet available)- unlocks new wardrobe components such as a vanity and dress closet!

NEW HOBBY EVENT: Love is Blinds (available now for a limited time!) unlocks curtains and blinds!
IMPROVED MYSTERY BOX SHOP: Loads more prizes available including items not previously featured in the game! Click on the gift box at the front of your house to see the changes:

NOTE: if you play on a Windows Phone you will not get this update as Firemonkeys have stopped updating the game for Windows Phones.


The Sims Freeplay- Strange Things In Simtown Quest

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

LEVEL: 13 TIME LIMIT: 7 days UNLOCKS: super villain toddler outfits PRIZE: outdoor cinema!

To begin this quest you need to firstly have completed the Super Toddler Secret Mission Quest, once that quest is complete you will find the super villain toddler in the park. If you complete this quest in the time limit you will unlock the outdoor cinema and bean bags. If you don’t complete in the time limit you can still unlock the super villain toddler outfits, you just won’t unlock the outdoor cinema.

Click on the super villain toddler in the park to begin this quest:

You cannot complete this quest at the same time as any other discovery quest

NOTE: I completed this quest on the early access version of the game so some goals or times may differ, I will update the post as I complete the quest on my game.


NOTE: you need a toddler to be able to complete this quest

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has 

  • Use a telescope (you can buy a telescope in the promotions r us store)- observe strange lights- 2 minutes

  • Splish splash in a bath- 4 minutes (you need a toddler and an adult to complete this task)
  • Have a toddler pretend to sleep- 9 hours 30 minutes (bed)

  • Send a toddler to the park
  • Boldly approach the hero- 2 minutes

  • Hide behind a bench- 4 minutes 30 seconds

  • Apologise to Mini Masterforce- 10 minutes

  • Accept mission- 10 hours 45 minutes

  • Tame the ducks of doom- 15 minutes (ducks in park)

  • Practice evil laugh- 14 hours 45 minutes

  • Ask about mission- 5 minutes

  • Sneak back home (use the house with the arrow button on the simtracker to send your toddler home)

  • Consult teddy bear-9 hours 30 minutes (using tea set from the toddler section of the home store)

  • Catch toddler out of bed- 1 minute (have an adult select the interaction on a toddler)

  • Plot escape route with dollhouse- 12 hours 30 minutes (using dollhouse from the toddler section of the home store)

  • Return to the park (send your toddler back to the park)
  • Decline villainous scheme- 10 minutes

  • Send your toddler home
  • Give toddler a big hug- 11 hours 45 minutes (have an adult select the interaction on a toddler)

  • Demand peace cookies- 17 hours 45 minutes (have a toddler select the interaction on an adult)

  • Bake cookies- 1 minute (select baking on stove and click on cookies)

  • Explain bedtime- 5 minutes (have an adult select the interaction on a toddler)

  • Ask about school- 15 hours 45 minutes (have a toddler select the interaction on an adult)

  • Hug Mini Masterforce- 1 day 45 minutes


Once you complete this quest you will find the super villain costumes in the wardrobe under outfits for your toddler sims to wear:

Prize: Outdoor Cinema and Bean Bags

Where can I find them? Bean bags can be found in the living room and preteen section and the outdoor cinema can be found in the outdoor decorations section.

Cost: First one of each is free, after that the bean bags cost S750 each and the outdoor cinema costs S30,000 each

Is it worth it? Definitely! Who doesn’t want a TV for your sims to watch in the garden?!

Thanks for reading!

Watch my step by step video of this quest here:


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version


EXCITING NEWS: The Sims Mobile!

As you can probably tell by the title of this post there is a brand new sims mobile game called The Sims Mobile. I don’t have much information for you yet apart from what I have been told by EA “In The Sims Mobile, we’ve included a bunch of the features you know and love from both The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay, as well as introduced some brand-new features, including creating and customizing Sims, building their homes, shaping your Sims’ legacy, and playing together with friends!

Here is the official trailer:

I cannot tell you how excited I was watching that trailer for the first time!

As you can see from the trailer it looks like it is going to be a really high quality game and it does remind me of the sims 4 in a lot of ways especially with all the options in create a sim:

The screenshot above is from The Sims Mobile page on the EA website

The game will be FREE but I don’t know when it will be released in your country, it is currently only available in Brazil, I haven’t got my hands on it yet either but as soon as I find out anymore information I will update this post!

Keep a look out in your app store:

Will the sims freeplay still be updated? I really hope so as these are completely different games so hopefully they can co-exist together! It would be such a shame if they got rid of the sims freeplay due to this new release.

What are your first thoughts?

Want to know more? Watch my Frequently Asked Questions about The Sims Mobile below:


The Sims Freeplay- Dance Party Update!

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

Time to Party in the latest update! There is sooo much going on in this update! I have been extremely busy in the last few days creating the content for it all, as usual the posts and videos on each event/quest will be posted when it becomes available (and I will add the links to this post so you can find them easily)



Party Time Live Event (this event is now over) unlocks new party items such as light up dance tiles and if you complete the event in the time limit you unlock a party house template with a stretch Hummer!

Luxury Laundry Live Event (this event is now over) unlocks highly requested items such as washing machines, dryers and ironing boards!


Prepped for Prom Hobby Event (no longer available)- unlocks Prom King and Queen Outfits by completing the Fashion Designer Hobby

CURRENTLY AVAILABLE-> Teen Life Event– unlocks NEW items for teens including bunkbeds by completing the Teen Idol Hobby


AVAILABLE NOW-> Strange Things In Simtown Discovery Quest– complete to unlock super villain outfits for your toddlers



New Items tab in the home store so you can find all your recently unlocked items without scrolling through everything!

Duplicate button- click this to buy and place multiples of one item (post and video on this will be created soon!)

NOTE: if you play on a Windows Phone you will not get this update as Firemonkeys have stopped updating the game for Windows Phones.


ATTENTION: Windows Phone Players

Unfortunately Firemonkeys have decided to stop updating the game for Windows Phones so the Easter 2017 update will be the last. I don’t know why they have decided to do this- I just hope this doesn’t mean they will be stopping updates on any of the other platforms!

You will still be able to play the game, but you won’t receive any of the new content including future events

You can read the post from Firemonkeys here:


As you will no longer be receiving updates I have created a page containing all the quests goals as they are in this last update so you can still have a correct guide to completing the quests. BUT please remember that quests will change in the future so please don’t comment on a quest post saying it is incorrect if you are playing the game on a Windows Phone.


If you will no longer be playing the game then I would just like to thank you for stopping by, hopefully I was some help! All the best!


The Sims Freeplay- Items Needed To Create The Best Social Tasks House!

Do you often visit a neighbours town and you cannot find the items you need to complete social tasks in one place? This post will stop you being that neighbour and instead be able to create a house full of all the social items needed so you can become the best neighbour in simtown!


The house ideally needs to be at least 2 storys so you can add a firepole

Garden Items:

  • A pool with an inflatable pool toy and a diving board
  • A small dirty pool for your neighbours to clean

TIP: I think its best to have 2 pools, one clean and one dirty so if your neighbour is looking to swim they don’t have to clean the pool first

  • Poolside Recliner
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Garden Patch to plant:

TIP: again you could have two garden patches, one that they can use to plant and the other one with a sim eating plant that they can negotiate with it (grow lettuce until it turns into a sim eating plant)


  • A Cat
  • A Dog and a Frisbee

Main Career and Hobby Items (these can be brought from the promotions r us store once they have been unlocked):

  • Auction Podium
  • Guitar
  • Easel
  • Telescope
  • Camera
  • Soccer Ball
  • Fashion Studio
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Mirror
  • Woodworking Bench

I’m not sure exactly how many of the hobbies appear in social tasks so I’ve only listed the most commonly asked for hobby items here but I would recommend you have all the hobby items you can in this one house. My house below is still a working progress, each time I unlock a new hobby I add that item to the house, some may not be needed to complete tasks but they will be helpful for neighbours completing time limited hobby events!

  •  Haunted Items– for the ghost hunting hobby (these can be found in buy mode, look for the red ghost symbol!)


Other Important Items:

  • Car
  • Teen Study Desk
  • Preteen Bookshelf
  • MP3 Player
  • Magazines
  • BBQ
  • Foosball Table (although there is one in Another Simtown!)
  • Trampoline
  • Phone
  • TV
  • Stereo
  • Computer
  • Toddler Building Blocks
  • Bookcase
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Shower
  • Bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Sofa
  • Chair
  • Bath
  • Coffee Machine
  • Teapot
  • Fridge
  • Oven:

TIP: It is best to have 2 ovens, a normal one so your neighbours can bake items and the other one that is on fire (cook brownies until they cause a fire so your neighbours can extinguish it)


Also its great if you have some places in your town such as The Mall, Community CenterCampgrounds and Snow Park built!


What about a pet farm? When it was possible to have more than 2 pets in a house some players created pet farms which neighbours like to visit to find treasure from these pets quickly, it isn’t possible to make one anymore.


Once you have finished editing your house you will need to Save to the Cloud so your neighbours can see the changes you have made.


I’m still working on a Social Tasks list so if I have missed anything let me know and I will add it to this post

Unsure how to visit neighbours? Check out this post!

Thanks for reading!


EA Play!

I’m back in America! This time I am in Hollywood, Los Angeles for EA Play!

EA Play allows players to get hands on with upcoming EA games such as the latest Need for Speed, FIFA 18 and of course I will be getting my first chance to play The Sims Mobile which I cannot wait for!

If you have got a ticket to the event then come and say hi! If not, the event will be broadcast live on so if you can’t be there in person you can still check out what is going on as well as find out about the upcoming EA games! I’ll post all about it when I get back including hopefully some footage of The Sims Mobile and my first thoughts.

Replies to comments will be a bit slow while I am away but I’ll do my best to stay connected with you all!

The Sims Freeplay- House Guide (Part Four) Penthouse Apartments

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

This house guide is going to show you the NEW penthouse apartments that can be built in downtown (where the hospital is located) that you unlock once you have completed the Sims and the City Discovery Quest There are currently four penthouse templates and 3 house lots in downtown that you can build an apartment on but I’m sure they will add more to downtown in the future! There are currently four penthouse apartments:

  • Empty Penthouse
  • Two and a Half Beds
  • Sanctuary in the Sky
  • Lofty Penthouse

How big are Penthouse Apartments? The grid size is 26×12

How do I find my daily reward without a mailbox? Click on the lift and you will find the option:

Empty Penthouse– build your own amazing penthouse apartment on this empty grid

Two and a Half Beds– the most basic penthouse with mostly very basic items but it does have a bunk bed in it!   Sanctuary in the Sky– very elegant 1 story penthouse with a nice little garden in the middle!

Lofty Penthouse– beautifully designed 2 story penthouse with swimming pool and grand piano! Definitely my favourite one!


Check out my House Tour video of these penthouses here:

Thank you for reading!