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370 thoughts on “Sims Freeplay

  1. Can u plz tell me how i get my Sim to go to the park when I’m home I’m new to this game I’m on level 8 thx

  2. Could you post the puppy quest? Thanks!

  3. Hello! Your website is very helpful to me! I have a question. My weekly quest is telling me to watch a movie at midnight, but I never stay up that late. Can I start this task early as long as the task is still in the middle of completion at midnight? Or do I have to start it at midnight? Thanks for your help!

  4. How to reach nirvana in a neighbors park. Don’t know what do here

  5. The Sims started to crash a few days after the latest update Romance Tropical Island Quest!! PLZ help me I’m on Lvl 38 and I don’t want to start over!!😭😭😭😭😖😖😖😓😓😢

    • Unfortunately if restarting your device doesn’t work you will need to contact EA about this issue to see if they can fix it for you as I am unable to fix technical issues, sorry!

  6. Hi. How to add a neighbor in other sim town? Im level 17. There is no cat in every house. What did i do. The social task is to hug a neighbor’s cat. Pls answer.

  7. Hello, first things first I absolutly love your blog! It is beyond helpful! I have a question though. I’ve been looking ahead on here then I am in the game and I’ve notice after the life and legacy quest it looks like the whole game changes and I am worried I won’t have enough time with the automatic aging to complete quests/hobbies/ and buildings. Do you advice me to complete all that I can before the life and legacy quest? Or will I still have time to complete them?

  8. I had a married couple that had a baby. They got divorced and dislike each other and live in separate homes. They both have new partners and children, but their toddler is still in their original house. I’ve tried everything but it doesn’t give me the option to move her in permenantly with the either family and if they go somewhere, I can just send her home or she’d go to that house all by herself. What do I do?

  9. I need friends. My face book is Jessica rivers

  10. I no longer want to play sims freeplay, like I want to delete the app. So Im waiting till all my sims die of old age till I no longer have anymore sims left. The only pets I have are 2 horses and I dont know what to do about them. I want to sell them or delete them but I dont know if I can. I dont want to just leave them there and delete the app. What options do I have? What should I do?

  11. I have 34 Sims, I am on Level 54 and VIP 11. The VIP 11 indicates I can have an additional two Sims for my town. I have houses built and ready for Sims, but the option to add a Sim is still grayed out. I reached out to support two weeks ago, and again this week, but no reply (other than the generic one hat they had received my request). Can you assist? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help. Your blog is outstanding.

    • The only thing I can think is are you currently trying to add a baby to your town? If you aren’t then it may be a technical issue that only they will be able to help you with unfortunately. Give it another week and if you still don’t hear back from them try again
      And thank you! Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  12. Hello, I started on the peacefiul patio quest and the first tasks says to talk to Bree. Every time try the game says I cannot do it because I need to finish my current discovery quest. I don’t have another discovery quest to do and I missed the limited time prize for it. How do I finish the quest so I can make the mall when the game doesn’t allow my sim to talk to Bree?

  13. I can only have 6 Sims in a household. Not like living together, just like period. Every location it’s six Sims only, or one of them goes home. But some allow the limit to be 10. Does it depend on device? Or is my game glitching or something? I play on a Samsung galaxy s5 BTW. 😃

  14. I missed the winter quest & the outdoor one that gave everyone the tulips, sunflowers & snapdragons. Is there any way to possibly get these now? I noticed a few of them on an architect home lot, but no sunflowers on any of them.

  15. How do you make the sims like each other. The love is in the air is what I have not completed but the romantic option says I need to complete the quest. Please help

  16. How do you add neighbors? I can not find a fire pole in any of my neighbors homes. I would like to add more neighbors but none of my other FB Friends play. Please help

  17. How do a complete the cancel the action in the weekly task please help i dont know what to do?

  18. comments are disabled on this page, if you have a question please ask it on this page