This page contains links to all the main and discovery quests in The Sims Freeplay


Main Quests have to be completed in the order they appear on this page, even if you are on a high enough level to unlock another one, the previous quest has to be completed first.
  • In Da Clubhouseunlocks a toddler hobby *this quest requires a toddler sim* (level 14)
  • The Road to Fameunlocks teens musical hobby *this quest requires a teenage sim* (level 20)
  • Adulthoodunlocks the ability to age teens to adults (level 21)
  • Ghost Huntersunlocks the ghost hunting hobby and haunted items (level 22)
  • Seniorsunlocks seniors (level 23)


Discovery Quests can be completed in any order (although some will only appear once a previous discovery quest has been completed) but you can only complete one discovery quest at a time.
  • Book Of Spellsunlocks spell casting hobby, build the sorcerous supplies to begin (level 8)
  • Saved by the Spellcomplete the book of spells quest and find the wizard in the park to begin (level 8)
  • A Dance To Rememberunlocks salsa dancing hobby, click on the dancers next to the thinking man statue in the park to begin
  • The Grooving Guru– unlocks the aerobics hobby, build the health hub to begin (level 9)
  • Nanny Knows Best-  unlocks new baby interactions, find the nanny in the park to begin *this quest requires a baby sim*
  • Vacationers Guide to the Outdoors- unlocks the campgrounds content, build the campgrounds to begin (level 11)
  • The Sunset Mallunlocks mall content, build the mall to begin (level 12)
  • Pretty Little Plantersunlocks a second floor to the mall, build the escalator at the mall to begin
  • Super Toddler Secret Mission- unlocks the finger painting hobby, find the super hero toddler at the stables to begin *this quest requires a toddler sim*
  • Strange Things In Simtown unlocks super villain outfits for your toddlers, find the super villain at the park once you have completed the super toddler secret mission quest *this quest requires a toddler sim*
  • Royal Lineageunlocks the castle, build the castle on the mysterious island to begin (level 14)
  • DIY Homes: Peaceful Patiosunlocks patios, find the woman wearing the hard hat in the park (Bree) to begin (level 15)
  • DIY Homes: Lovey Dovey Balcony unlocks balconies, find Bree in the park again once you have completed the multi story renovations quest (level 17)
  • DIY Homes: Basement of Kingsunlocks basements, find Bree in the park again once you have completed the lovey dovey balcony quest
  • DIY Homes: All Mezzed Upunlocks mezzanine floors (indoor balconies), find Bree in the park again once you have completed the basements of kings quest
  • Extreme Home Takeover– unlocks the ability to submit your houses for other players to build, talk to the realtor in the park to begin (level 11)
  • A Puppy Odyssey unlocks puppies and kittens, find the puppy in the park to begin (level 11)
  • Simtown Expressunlocks the downtown area and hospital profession workplace, build the simtown express to begin once you have completed the mysterious island quest (level 15)
  • Sims and the Cityunlocks penthouse apartment templates in downtown, talk to the director sim in the park once you have completed the simtown express quest
  • Teacher’s Petunlocks the Downtown High School, build the school in downtown once you have completed the simtown express quest to begin
  • Love and Treasureunlocks the private island house lot, build the private island to begin
  • A Bump-y Ride- unlocks pregnancy, build the maternity store to begin (level 8)
  • Back to the Wallunlocks feature walls, talk to Summer in the park to begin

Frequently Asked Questions about Quests


I didn’t complete in the time limit, can I restart the quest?

No, you cannot redo quests

Can I still get the prize if I don’t complete a quest in the time limit?
No, the only way to get the limited time prizes is by completing the quest in the time limit

I don’t like this quest! Can I just skip it?
No, you have to complete this quest before you can move onto the next one

What do you mean when you say a goal can be started early?
Any goal that you can normally do can be started early because you will have access to it and any goal that you can’t normally do you will have to wait until you get the goal to be able to complete it
The tip with this method is to put the sim doing that action early in a different house that you cannot go to until you get that goal or it will not work

Some times are slightly different on my game, why is this?
Times may vary depending on the star rating of the item you are using as the higher star rating an item has the quicker you will complete a goal

Some times are really off/ different goals show for me, why is this?

This will be because the quest has been updated recently, I try my best to keep the posts up to date but it is difficult as I cannot redo every quest each time the game is updated. If you notice any changes please let me know so I can update the post

Main Quests

I have missed a main quest! Why can’t I start it yet?
You cannot miss main quests they have to be completed in the order they appear in this post

Can I complete a main quest even though I am passed the level it unlocks at?
Yes, it will start automatically once previous quests have been completed

What happens if I don’t complete in the time limit, can I still finish a main quest?
Yes you have to finish it before you can move onto the next quest

Discovery Quests

Can I do discovery quests at the same time as a main quest?
Yes you can

Why can’t I do a discovery quest yet?
You cannot do more than one discovery quest at the same time, if you are currently on another one you will not be able to do this one until that one is completed

Do I have to do a discovery quest?
If you don’t start a discovery quest you don’t have to do it at all but if you have already started it you need to complete it before you can move on to the next quest

I haven’t started a discovery quest yet, will it still be available when I want to do it?
Yes it will be, you can choose to start discovery quests whenever you like, there is no rush!

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