The Sims Freeplay- Sporty Life Dreams List

This guide is to help you decide which life dream you want your sporty sim to have at each life stage, I would always go for the longest life dreams just as you don’t have to be on the game constantly but unless it states the option to choose you can pick any option on that object! If there is a life dream that you are unsure of how to complete it this guide also shows you what item to use and which option to select.

Please note: times may vary depending on the star rating an item has and I haven’t included how much the bar increases by each time as it depends on what level orb you are working towards.#


There is a * next to the dreams where a certain option has to be picked.


I want to splash over and over again in a kiddie pool- 5 hours 30 minutes

Play pirates is the longest option

*I want to do some serious swings on a swing set- 4 hours

Serious Swing, requires an adult to do this action

*I want speedy runnington read to me from a childrens bookshelf- 3 hours

Speedy Runnington, requires adult to do this action

I want to become a racer on a rocking horse- 45 minutes

Race is the longest option

*I want someone to feed me loads of mashed veggies- 2 hours

Mashed veggies, requires adult to give food for this action

*I want to watch activity and play on the TV all the time- 1 hour 40 minutes

Activity and Play, select option on TV

I want to find lots of shells at the beach- 3 hours

Dusk is the longest option


I want to do as much ballet as I can at the community center- 12 hours

Extensive Pirouettes is the longest option

I want to do a lot of karate at the community center- 12 hours

Lengthy Battle is the longest option

I want to go diving- 1 Day

All Day Dive is the longest option (the life dream symbol doesn’t appear but it still completes the life dream)

*I want to take many long rides on an inflatable animal in a pool- 3 hours

Click on an inflatable in a pool and select long ride

*I want to have a trampoline-a-thon over and over- 5 hours 30 minutes

Click on a trampoline and select trampoline-a-thon

I want to use water slides as often as I can- 5 seconds


*I want to watch the sports channel on television all the time- 1 hour 40 minutes

Click on a television and select sports channel

*I want to get a lot of fitness advice from the internet using a computer- 4 hours 30 minutes

Click on a computer, select fitness advice

I want to ride a toboggan over and over at the snow park- 4 hours

Pro Toboggan Session is the longest option

I want to go snowboarding a lot at the snow park- 8 hours 20 minutes

Tryout for snowboarding league is the longest option

I want to surf as often as possible at the beach- 9 hours

Surf on boogaloo board is the longest option

*I want to read a lot of sports stars bios- 4 hours

Click on a preteen bookcase and select sports stars bios

I want to find snorkelling treasures at the beach- 6 hours

Snorkel at reef is the longest option (costs S300 each time)


*I want to write up lots of season statistics on a computer- 1 hour 40 minutes

using a computer, select the option

I want to catch loads of fish by fishing at the park- 1 day

24 hour fishathon is the longest option

I want to spend as much time as possible diving at the swim center- 1 day

All day dive is the longest option

I always want to go figure skating on the ice hockey rink- 12 hours

At the snow park, go to the ice hockey rink (click on one of the dark circles)

*I want to go to work at the stadium everyday- 6 hours

Get that sim a job at the stadium and send them to work


*I want to bake a lot of banana bread for athletic energy- 20 hours

Click on a stove, click baking, select banana bread

*I want to talk to lots of other sims about life as an athlete- 8 hours

Click on another sim, select the option

I want to act as the lifeguard all day long at the swim center- 9 hours 30 minutes

Protect the innocent is the longest option

I want to practice sleeping!- 19 hours

Hibernate is the longest option

I want to practice using a computer to train my computer video sports skills- 2 hours 20 minutes

Sim City is the longest option

I want to dance to a stereo- 5 hours 30 minutes

Kids is the longest option

This is an incomplete list right now, it will be updated so if there are any life dreams missing from this list then just let me know what it is, how long it takes and what option to select and I will add it.

Thanks for reading!

GeekyEntertainer Animal Fanatic

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34 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Sporty Life Dreams List

  1. Thank you! Super helpful. I’ve found the longer options for some of the personalities/life stages, but not all and a list is a great reference.

  2. To generate life orbs, esspecially the sporty, geek and entertain one, I would always create an adult sims directly, choose the do job option(eg scientist) and send them to work every day. After work, it is all about gardening. When become adult, I would choose for him to sleep or gardening. Whether it is the least time consuming, i dont know. However, you dont need to worry much about how long open the game once( The game is getting boring in this point). Also, it shall be the most effective with generating simoleons. Dont get what you want on life dream menu? Just tap not now and try again and again. It must appear

  3. Two minor corrections/additions:

    For the adults Relaxing Skate dream, you can actually do ANY of the skating options. They all count. I really like choosing this one, because it gives so much flexibility in terms of time. If I know I can check the game several times an hour, I choose the short option and collect trophies. If I’m going to be away, I choose the longer options. It’s one of the easiest dreams for this reason.

    For the elders dancing to stereo, if you have the cheapest stereo, the Kids option is 6 hours, not 5 hours. That makes it a little bit better for leaving the sims dancing overnight or while aphid are at school/work.

  4. Hi! When I chose “go diving” as a preteen life dream the bubble indicating you are fulfilling a life dream was not available at the swim center diving boards or at the diving boards at my houses. I am wondering if “go diving” means diving at the beach instead of diving in a pool. Do you have any insight?

  5. Hi, I have “sporty Preteen” whose dream is “I want go diving! I want to get as good as Jacques Simsteau so one day I can dive 20000 leagues under the Simsea!” I don’t really know what to do. When I’m at diving center there is no life dream icon on any of diving options.

  6. I was just wondering if you knew if you have 2 sims that you select “talk about sports” and have them talk to each other, would it only count towards one of them or both of them?

  7. I’m sorry if someone has said this before, but you can also practice figure skating at home, as long as you have a pool and a weather machine. Just make it snow and your frozen pool turns into an ice rink :]

  8. on a rocking horse the only options that come up are Rock Out, Play Cowboys, and Rescue Damsel. what would Race be?

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