The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Preteen Sims

This is just a quick post to tell you about preteens.

How do I create a preteen?
To be able to age a toddler into a preteen you need to have completed the preparing for preteens quest
You will then be able to bake a birthday cake on a stove which takes a day and costs 5LPs. Once the birthday cake is made click on it and then you can click on your toddler and select the option to have birthday, they will then age into a preteen. This post explains in more detail birthday cake ageing

If you have completed the life dreams and legacies quest then you no longer need to bake birthday cakes, they will age automatically.

What is next?
They will probably look strange so take them to a wardrobe to change their hair and clothes.

How do I look after them?

Needs– preteens can look after themselves without an adult to help using the items below to increase their needs:
Hunger- fridge
Bladder- toilet
Energy- bed, chair, coffee machine
Hygiene- bath, shower
Social- talking to another sim, phone
Fun- lots of things including tv, computer and trampoline!


If you click on the preteen you will see the option to have birthday, only use this when you want to age them.

What hobbies can a preteen do?

What school do preteens go to?
Simtown elementary- once built you need to enrol them the same way you give an adult a job, use the preteen study desk to increase a preteens grade faster.

Pros: Can look after themselves without help from adults, have lots of hobbies to choose from.

Cons: They don’t make a lot of money apart from going to school and finding new collectibles in hobbies.

It would be great if they could plant or bake to make money too!

Preteens can interact with toddlers, teens, adults and seniors, they cannot interact with babies. Read the Relationships post for more details.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!


35 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Preteen Sims

  1. Certain timed quests are frustrating….can I get around them? Such as: Have a Sim watch a movie at midnight. I tried starting at 10pm and using a day long movie marathon, but it didn’t work. So do I have to set my alarm for midnight? That’s crazy.

  2. I was wondering if there was a certain time frame you’d send them to school in? I can’t find that info anywhere and that little circle is never click able. For toddlers too.

    • No, you can send them whenever. You need to enrol them though to be able to send them, once the elementary school is built, you do that the same way you would get a sim a job.
      Toddlers cannot go to school.

  3. I have a social task that asks for a preteen to have a triple hot fudge chocolate at a neighbors house. How do I do this? Thank you

  4. I love using your blog to help me in the sims freeplay. Could I have please your Game Center to add you as a neighbor because I am stuck on a social quest that says you need to “hug a cat”, I have 4 neighbors but the problem is they are levels before me and don’t even have babies in their sim town, some don’t even have married couples! I don’t want to become friends on Game Center with people I know nothing about! And I am only a few social points away from getting the night club. Anyway, I would like for you to consider adding me on Game Center, though I know you probably have multiple friends/neighbors and have no more space to add anymore. Right now I am on level 18 and I have 16 sims and 7 lovely homes, some created by me. I am posting this on this article because I am currently doing this quest. I am following your strategy of using 5 fashion studios. I wanted to ask If it is possible to have my neighbors come over to my town and use my fashion studios. Some of my neighbors haven’t gotten the promotions r us store so they can’t get the studios, but I want to help them complete the quest and have the long hairstyles. Also, I would love it if you put some articles on preteen, teen, etc items so I can know what to save up for. Sorry, this is so long!😳

    • I’m glad you like it! Unfortunately I have no space on my game center friend list to add anymore players, sorry!
      Yes it is possible for your neighbours to use your fashion studios
      I will make that post as soon as possible 🙂

  5. Thanks for responding, I’m glad my neighbors can use my fashion studio instead of having to buy the promotions r us store. I’m also pretty bummed that I can not afford the costume and swim store right now, it costs 250,000 simoleons when I have about 150,000. I’ll probably get the money fast but I am worried that I will spend all my money and not be able to buy the restaurant. I am on the preteens quest right now, so if I buy the costume and swim store for 250,000 do you have any idea how much the restaurant will cost? And if you have a costume and swim store could you send me a link to it because I want to see if getting it is worth the money.

  6. Hi once again. I have created my preteen and have been completing the social tasks just fine. Now I receive one I need help with. It is requesting that I have my preteen write in his diary in a neighbor’s house. Where do I find this diary? It is not in the preteen section of the house store, not an option for one in his bookshelf, not an option in his parent Sims bookshelf either. Thanks. –Jade

  7. Hi! I have 3 preteens now and I wanted to have Bree have a hobby. I gave her the ballet hobby. Since I don’t have the community center I went to my neighbors town and used theirs. So now she has the hobby. But when I went to the hobbies It showed her having the hobby but I couldn’t press it and see the collectibles! I did the warmup on the bar. And it didn’t show up in my hobbies for preteens! What happened?

  8. Your website really helps me a lot! Thanks!

    It’s really hard to upgrade the towers on the island. (Sorry I’m forgetting what they’re called, but one is Temple Of Bliss.) Is there a way to get the supplies to upgrade faster?

    • You’re welcome!
      There aren’t really anyway to guarantee you will get the materials quickly, any action you do could find you one so I can’t really tell you how to get them quickly, if you want to upgrade faster you can use LPs

  9. Hi 🙂 I was wondering, can toddlers, preteens and teens have colorful hair like blue, green, red, purple? I haven’t reached those stages yet, but bought some for the parents and was hoping I could do the same for future generations.

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