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33 thoughts on “Post Requests

  1. Hi, I don’t know if someone mentioned this, but maybe a post with all the different constructions that can be done around the game. Like the town center and the park and the swim center etc. Then maybe show how much they cost, how many sims you need to have to build them, how long it takes to construct, what level or completed quest is needed to construct them, what kinds of things you can do at the new site, and how much they add to the town value. Some things might be difficult to answer because I think the construction cost goes up when the town value goes up. Correct me if I’m wrong though lol but it might be a good post 🙂

    • Yes it would be a good post but it is extremely difficult, I would have to start right from the beginning of the game and keep a note of how much everything costs and how many sims it would take, right now I just can’t do this as I don’t have a spare device- I will do my best to get this done at some point though!
      I have created some posts of what you can do at each building though.

  2. Hi, I apologize if this post is already somewhere but I have searched pretty extensively and haven’t found anything helpful here or anywhere else; I was hoping to find out what happens when you spend the $4.99 to adopt [specifically] a teen. Do you get to choose what that sim looks like? I know most things you can change after the fact anyway, but skin color I don’t think you get to choose at least when you have a baby the organic sims freeplay way. So I’d like to know that, and I’ve also heard that the max number of sims per town you can have (please correct me if I’m wrong) is 34, and I want to know if you can still adopt a sim if either or both of the conditions of (1) having that max number of sims, or (2) being currently unable to add another sim until you level up, are true. I’m currently at 26 sims and need another level and a half before being able to add a new one the regular way. I’d greatly appreciate some help! I love your blog btw, being able to create a website that is so organized and helpful is a very admirable skill!

    • Sorry I don’t know a lot about adopting as I have not done it before so I can’t help you with the first bit- but hopefully someone else on here can!
      Yes that is correct, you can’t adopt if you have max number of sims for that level but if you were to try and adopt it would probably tell you that you were at the max
      Sorry I haven’t been more helpful!
      I’m glad you like it! Thanks!

    • I am at level 23 and my next allowed Sim is at level 24 but I was able to adopt a toddler despite not being able to do so using the regular crib because I had reached the max at that point. So EA will bypass validation of the minimum level for getting a new Sim since you are paying for it.
      However I don’t think it would work if you were to adopt a toddler as the 35th Sim though. 34 max per town seems a pretty hard core limit

      • Just found out that when I reached level 24 it would not let me add a new sim because my limit is reached and the next unlocked sim is at level 26
        So paying $5 to adopt allows to bypass the first life stages but the number of sims will catch up with you. All in all I would not adopt again considering you pay for something you would eventually get to for free

  3. Thanks for your very interesting and useful blog. I’d like to make a house for my neighbours to do all the tasks in -is there a list of all the tasks at neighbours houses so that I can make sure I have all the equipment?

    • These are all the things that I have in my social tasks house:
      Garden Plots, BBQ, Telescope, TV, Magazines, Phone, Foosball Table, Mirror, Auction Podium, Computer, Bookcase, Blackboard, Video Camera, Woodworking Table, Fire Hydrant, Soccer Ball, Fashion Studio, Easels, Guitar, Toilet, Sink, Shower, Fridge, Oven, Coffee Machine

  4. I got my first horse in Sims freeplay (yoohoo!) and I finally figured how to ride the horse. All blogs I have seen talk about horse hobbies like tricks, vaulting, etc and sometimes about caring for the horse with petting, feeding and grooming. But nothing on riding the horse

    So I got the horse to go where I want. Click on horse, choose ride; your sims will change and jump on the horse back and the plumbob is now over the horse head. From then on when you click somewhere the horse will walk or gallop depending on the distance. Way cool!

    Now I want to steer that horse back in his stall instead of him roaming everywhere. Kind of complicated because you have to manage the stall gates to open then remount and bring the horse in the stall (strangely there are no horse leads! Who ever heard of taking care of horses with no leads?) So you have to ride the horse in the stall, he won’t follow you in.

    Fine! All good! Ride horse it is then. Horse is now in his stall and i groom it so he’s all happy; then I lead my sim out of the stall (click the stable passage) and the stall gates open then close behind me. Victory! Horse in stall, happy and not roaming everywhere until…

    The horse moves around in the stall, step towards the gate, the gate opens.. and out he goes!
    What the…?!

    Any way we can lock a horse in a stall? Me thinks only a Sim should be able to free a horse from his stall. My 0.02c anyway. Thoughts?

  5. Hi there!!

    I am an avid simmer and a huge fan of blog. I really like the House Post where you showed the different House templates avaliable to a player, but I was wondering, when you have the time, to make a post where show us your favorite house designs, designed by you. I don’t like having the boring regular houses, and I would very much like to have diversity in my different properties.

    • Hello,
      I’m glad you like it! I will do that when I have some time
      I don’t really want to just post my house designs though as they won’t be unique if everyone is coping them but I will design some new ones! 🙂

  6. Would you do a post on all objects that are for decoration only? I have found 2 so far and one I think I overpaid considering you can’t do anything with
    – toy stroller for toddler 4LP (!)
    – pile of teenager dirty clothes
    I’m sure there are others. Having a list would be great so we don’t waste LP thinking these objects can be interacted with. I’m peeved the toy stroller was found under toddler in the shop instead of under the decorations tab which is more what it is.

    • I will make that post as soon as I can but for now there are ways you can tell if the object is a decoration, look for a need symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the picture, you will notice the stroller doesn’t have one so it doesn’t do anything- hope that helps!

  7. Your site is so helpful! I look at it at least once a day. I play Sims Freeplay. My post requests:
    * A tour of the houses you can select from- Latin Villa, Scandinavian house, etc.
    * A list (with pics) of the new items you can buy at each new level
    * The contents of the mystery boxes – I know it’s random, but maybe your fans can submit a screenshot of what they got! I was disappointed with the contents of my 10-key purchase.
    * The amount of XP you have to earn at each level to level up to the next level
    * Any tips to earn Social Points faster?
    * A tip in the game say that Sims earn more XP doing things at their own house. How much of a difference does this make? I like having a “gardening” house but maybe everyone should garden at their own house instead?

    • I’m glad it helps
      -The second house guide shows you both these houses and many others, all other houses can be found in part one:
      – working on that one right now, it is going to take some time though to get to the highest level
      – also working on that one, it will be up as soon as possible
      – That one is near impossible, I have tried but I lost count almost straight away, sorry!
      – You can’t really earn social points that fast, you only earn them by completing social tasks or from buying them
      – It doesn’t make any difference for gardening or baking but for other actions, the longer the action the more xps you get at your own house, for example, if you aren’t at home using the stereo for pop you would get 15XPs if you were at home you would get 16XPs, the longest action on the stereo kids you will earn 275XPs at someone elses home and 302XPs if you do it at home but I will make a post on this 🙂

  8. Monuments on the island… What do they actually do? Seem to be waiting ages for anything to change

  9. Do you have pictures of your town and houses? and also, maybe you could do a post for what all the social tasks are

  10. I found out toddlers can interact with an adult in a pool. “Play in pool” and the adult will take him in the pool. Really cute! Maybe it can be added to the pool or toddler post?

  11. Another question on houses. When we build on a premium lot do we get more buildings or a pool in extra compared to building on a regular lot. For example if I build the Scandinavian house on a premium would it come with a pool or an extra building compared to building on the regular? I know it’s the case with the Latin villa? What about the roller skate pad house? Or the Scandinavian?

    • Scandinavian house I don’t know, I haven’t heard that it comes with a pool. Most of them apart from the villa and the Japanese retreat when built on premium plots just have a large empty space in the backyard.

  12. have you tried disconnecting your game from facebook? in general settings find apps and remove the sims freeplay, then reconnect and hopefully it will work

  13. My Sim also cannot enter the snow park toilet. I click on toilet door and a pop up comes up to “Use the toilet” for 30 seconds. But when i choose the option my sim refuses and the blue steps icon show up over the head.
    I have no such issue with the rest of the snow park items like the fridge, coffe machine etc
    No issue neither in “Use the toilet” in the new shopping mall at the entrance under the escalators
    and no issue in the community park toilet.
    Just in the snow park.

    Do you experience the same? Any idea?

  14. Shoot. I moved the furniture around and added some to make it nicer. But the pool is the same. Would you still like the pic?

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