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40 thoughts on “Sims Mobile

  1. How do I use the land expansions? I thought I used the first one before, not knowing what it was, but now I want to add my 6th room and there’s so many weeds in the way. I’ve only played SFP and this, so it’s confusing. Thanks!

  2. – How do I get to have more than one house?
    – Will a couple end up living together?
    – How do I move windows and doors?

  3. What does the blue plumbob mean on Sims mobile? What does it mean if a sims doesn’t have a plumbob above their head?

  4. My baby in the Sims Mobile hasn’t grown up into a toddler yet and it has been about five days. What should I do?

  5. I have a retired sim in my home and I do events with their family members every time the pink family symbol shows up, but Tree of Knowledge is not checked off on my quest list. I’ve read about mentoring, but see no option to mentor anywhere or anything about mentoring in the event list of available interactions. You’re the pro I always seek Sim advice from, so I’m hoping you can help, please. Thank you for all of your wonderful tutorials and answers, they are very much appreciated!

    • At the start of a new day you need a retired sim who either had a career or hobby or both at your house then click on them and you should be able to find the event to either ask for a hobby mentoring session or career mentoring, you may have to scroll down a bit to find the right event
      You’re welcome and thank you!

  6. Hello from Indonesia! I’d like to sent you a friend req on the sims mobile. May I ask your invitation code? I’m on level 40, with sensibly swanky lifestyle level

  7. What sort of interactions can you do with child sims, apart from the options that come up when you click them (“switch outfit”, “praise”, “have a chat”,? What sort of objects do you need to interact further with them?

  8. I am wondering where I can find the trash cans where the missing hens are supposed to be. It’s in the 3rd day of winter fest part one of six. Thank you.

  9. Internet carreer, how to unlock it?
    I am missing items from the dancing llama collection 3/6- but it only shows 3; what to do?

    • I’ve gotten to a point where I can have 3 sims, and would like to start the baby quest. Once I can adopt will I need to have one of the sim slots open? I have 3 adults right now.

      • No you won’t need another slot for the child as they aren’t a playable sim, you would need another slot if you wanted to add another adult as you can play as them.

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